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What now for the Lakers?

This season has not been a good one for the Lakers, and in the last few days it has gone even further downhill with Magic Johnson stepping down and Luke Walton being fired and going to the Kings (why was Dave Joerger fired?).

Not sure you can argue Burgess should get off cause moylan got up. Still a bad tackle

Maloney, Burgess to fight at NRL judiciary

They were fantastic on Friday. But the broncos had them at 6-0 for a large part of the first half.
Roosters beat them earlier this year with a bench full of rookies. Melbourne are beatable

Who can really challenge the Melbourne Storm this season?

Plenty of teams are ready to challenge. It will be interesting to see if Melbourne have another gear cause I think they will need it.

They have basically been the only team unaffected by injury so if South’s, roosters, raiders or Manley are fully fit they all can take it to the storm.

Who can really challenge the Melbourne Storm this season?

Not saying Canberra can’t win the whole thing but in the next month they can lose it. They have the toughest run home possible and if they drop a few they might find them self in 5th or 6th and history says you don’t win from there.

Then there were three – and the green vote is rapidly gaining momentum

Is that rebuilding? I think rebuilding is developing young players and taking losses while you do it.

What you described is salary cap management and recruitment?

Manly and Canberra debunk the rebuild myth

Good article.

Not sure I agree if I’m picking a 2nd rower from who I have seen I’m going with SBW.

Is he the best 2nd rower in the world currently he very well might be and it’s amazing to see the difference in the sharks with his 2 comebacks this yr

Wade Graham is the best edge forward of all time

Not sure I agree with the term rebuild in the nrl.
It suits sports that have a draft where the only way to get younger is through the draft or trades if you are lucky. Canberra have gotten good imports from England and obviously addition through subtraction with the 2 big props leaving.

Manly shows that Des is a genius! Bit still they might have the best front row in the comp and the turbo Bros with a class 7, good spot to start from.

Knights to me have spent their money really poorly. Eddrick Lee for 3 yrs? Why? Besides ponga, Pearce and klemmer they haven’t bought well.

Manly and Canberra debunk the rebuild myth

Not sure that patience is the key for the Knights.
Pearce will be 31 next year and father time is still undefeated.
More importantly though is Ponga will have played 2 yrs of first grade for the Knights with no finals games played why doesn’t he start looking at Brisbane or the Sydney clubs or even the All black if continual failure is just accepted by the Knights

The key is patience

We will convert you still!

Dear rugby league

Would never be able to thank him enough I don’t think. Him and Arthur Beetson might be the greatest Roosters ever.

Dear rugby league

I love the rivalry that Souths and the Roosters have. Its always a great lead up to the game with my dad.

Very jealous of all those signitures that sounds amazing. I met Adrian Morley when I was about 12 and I was very nervous

Dear rugby league

I should have mentioned how important Rugby League week was in my education about the only thing I read growing up

Dear rugby league

Gotta have someone to hate if you really want to love your club

Dear rugby league

Thanks for the story!
I have recently moved to Victoria and the lack of coverage has been eye opening to me!
Really don’t understand what 9 is doing but that could be for another time.

Dear rugby league

Thanks Rory, I will do my best.

Dear rugby league

They are great memories! Thankyou for sharing. I hope the NRL make some old games more easily accessible one day.

Dear rugby league

Yeah I gotta agree its much more common to see a Kobe jersey, a Shaq jersey or no a Lebron Jersey then seeing Knicks jersey. MSG still has a pull but its clearly not enough to attract big names anymore.

I have real fears for the Knicks next year I dont think any of their signings will improve the team that much. Randle is a 6th man to me, Gibson and Portis are both gonna be stealing minutes from each other and Payton is not really a upgrade at the 1 for me

Has the Knicks' aura faded?

Cheers for sharing your memories! Great to hear.

Family and the ongoing love for the game is awesome.

Dear rugby league

I think chasing Irving or Kemba would be a big mistake the Lakers need depth. The superstar race might for now be over with the Raptors winning and the Warriors being without a few next season.

Instead of blowing it all on Irving or Kemba I think they should chase the likes of Pat Beverly hard defender great shooter, Danny Green same descriptor, see if Rondo wants to lead the bench, Robin or Brook Lopez, Patrick Mcgaw see if he can go 4 for 4, see what JJ reddick is up to.

Irving or Walker to join LeBron and Davis in Hollywood after blockbuster trade

That may all be the case but to me this seems similar to the Klemmer deal which I also didn’t like. Clubs cant be talking to players before their final year and I think that in the Klemmer and Roberts cases this rule was ignored and forced their respective clubs to release them.

Wayne Bennett lied to us, signed James Roberts and then got pants'd by the Eels on Friday night

I agree Roberts would have known he had another contract lined up but to me this is very similar to the Klemmer deal that the knights and its not a good look Bennett had some interesting quotes I thought saying the time they took to make a decision on what they wanted to do as well as saying the reason for misleading the media was because they wanted to talk to James with no pressure which is fair but also they aren’t allowed to.

I wonder if Bennett in Roberts ear contributed to how Roberts played in his last few games.

And its official Shane Richardson doesn’t run Souths, Bennett does.

Wayne Bennett lied to us, signed James Roberts and then got pants'd by the Eels on Friday night

I can’t see how Souths have followed the rules. Roberts had 2 yrs or so so left on his deal didn’t have permission to talk to other clubs and signed with Souths 2 minutes after being released. How were Souths allowed to have contact with Roberts?

Broncos should be furious and Greenburg should do his job. Hey maybe someone should start talking to Ponga now if thats within the rules now

Wayne Bennett lied to us, signed James Roberts and then got pants'd by the Eels on Friday night

Roberts had 2 yrs to go on his deal I believe? Was released by his club and 2 minutes later has signed a new deal? How is this allowed?

Souths or anyone aren’t allowed to be talking to him this is basically the same as the Klemmer deal to the knights and the NRL can’t just sit and watch.

What stops the Tigers or Dogs talking to Ponga now?

James Roberts signs with Rabbitohs after being released by Broncos

Morris and Hall are both mid 30 yr old wingers? You think anyone wants them for 500k a yr? Crichton for a mil that figure comes from Souths and the media I will ignore that.
No significant loss? The Roosters lost a host of players in 2012 and they were also a bad team at the time. Last cpl of years they have lost the likes of Pearce, SKD, Guerra, Napa, Moa, RTS, Jennings, Maloney, and a bunch of others.

Matty Johns guesses aren’t evidence. They are thought bubbles for what a player might be worth on the open market. They weren’t on the open market meaning the Roosters don’t have to pay them anything like what Matty Johns might wanna say.

15 other club supporters can say what they want its not evidence.

I can say the 14 GF the NRL had objective and allowing Crowe to ring the bell and play the Souths song before the game proves it! Is that evidence?

Trent Robinson is one of the great coaches of the modern era

Proof, evidence, fair trial something you bang on about all the time.

A roster is obviously important no one is gonna argue that it isn’t but plenty of good teams have struggled with the wrong coach.

Brown at the Dragons? McGuire after the 14 season, Green with the Cowboys recently? Brian Smith with the Roosters before Robinson took over.

Trent Robinson is one of the great coaches of the modern era