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Maybe I’m reading this wrong. But there have been numerous 50 point games in the NBA just this year. James harden had a 50 point triple double a few weeks ago. Kobe scored 81 against Toronto 10 yrs ago or so?

Cambage is a superstar in basketball but to say she’s the first person to score 50 since Jordan is not correct.

It’s an exciting time for women’s sport anyway and I hope it continues to grow and inspire.

The best women's sports moments of 2018

The chricton million dollar figure comes or came from South’s. Not gonna put a great deal of stock onto what they say.

And if you think the roosters are paying a million dollars for 2 wingers both over 30 then wow.

The 2018 NRL team of the year

Because no one does?

And perhaps they have a squad of 26 atm is because Robinson is seeing what juniors his got and dangling the chance of a spot in the top 30 to motivate?

The 2018 NRL team of the year

And if your aunt had balls she would be called your uncle. The what ifs are pointless. Roosters are premier’s.

2018 in review: Rugby league

The comp is close. Top 8 finished in what 2 points of each other? Top 4 all finished on the same amount. How much closer can it get?

A common-sense salary cap solution the NRL will never adopt

Great article.
Jose definitely isnt the only problem with United but he was responsible for many of them. Lack of development in players, isolating the likes of martial, Sanchez and Pogba. Poor recruitment and playing a terrible style.
Whoever gets the job needs a guy between him and Ed Woodward. A guy who knows football and can plan

Manchester United's problems run deeper than Mourinho

There is maybe 10to 12 players who move early each year, not the epidemic that you make out.
2 yr contracts would be a disaster. The knights and Ponga for instance his been there one year so in your system the knights are now fighting to keep him. How can any club develop a squad when they can never plan beyond the next season.
You mentioned the 3 teams who keep making the gf, who is the roosters, storm and who? We have one of the fairest comps in the world. There is not one sporting competition in the world that is 100 percent even. Clubs like the titans or the tigers just have to improve and stop blaming others
Also you say the likes of Gould couldn’t be a part of the points system which is fair his the head of the Panthers. The problem is everyone with the necessary experience and knowledge have a well documented history with a club or clubs. So how could the public ever really see it as fair?

A common-sense salary cap solution the NRL will never adopt

To me I possibly lean slightly to Pearce cause his a bit easier to build around.

I do wonder if there has been 2 guys so heavily effected in league history by a rival number 7. (Cronk)

Who would you rather? Mitchell Pearce or Daly Cherry-Evans

To me it is either incompetence or a pretty huge oversight.
Is it harsh? Possibly. Especially as people like Bellamy, O’Sullivan or Steve Folkes received no such punishment.

The Flanagan thing I’m pretty comfortable with the call. He knew the conditions and willfully ignored them

NRL hands down massive punishment to Cronulla and Shane Flanagan

Tend to agree about the squad makeup. They were supposed to be Newcastle’s team now they are 90% imports. Browns done an average job so far. Give me enough time and all the cap and I’ll buy my way outta trouble eventually

Brown needs to be black and white about Newcastle's finals prospects

Not sure that’s a great path for the league to follow. I’m sure the dogs don’t feel that way. If it was the roosters or the Broncos who had done the same I don’t supporters would be so aww shucks about it.

And is Norman gonna solve anything for the dragon’s?

Brown needs to be black and white about Newcastle's finals prospects

I want to know can the knights do whatever they want?

They have had Klemmer and now reportedly Kurt Mann move there with years left on their contract. Newcastle have to be approaching these guys. And the NRL say nothing cause Newcastle is what the loveable loser with 3 of the last 4 wooden spoons?

Brown needs to be black and white about Newcastle's finals prospects

You make a good point. Centre play was much more evident this year compared to the last few years. Early ball to the centre became a real feature of some teams attacks and signals to me that we might slowly be returning to old school football.

Next the ball playing lock. Think Victor Radley, Cameron Murray and maybe Ryan matterson depending where the tigers choose to play him

Who would you rather: Latrell Mitchell or Joseph Manu?

Yeah totally agree both Mitchell and Manu can still read the game better when defending especially Manu, for me this is what makes Inglis better he is fantastic in defence.

But Manu has improved very quickly with the Roosters in defence and was part of the best defensive group in the comp. The internationals could have just been a lack of knowing who was around him or outstanding English play. Tbh I have seen very little of the highlights to the game.

Who would you rather: Latrell Mitchell or Joseph Manu?

I think Manu showed in the test match that he can get very close or outplay Mitchell.

The reason I bring up the Roosters retention is because I fell the Roosters will have to make this choice very soon. Regards to the number 1 centre in the game I’m happy to say Inglis is the best in the game still but these 2 are close and getting better still where as Inglis is not.

Who would you rather: Latrell Mitchell or Joseph Manu?

I am talking more in today’s game.

The Inglis V Mitchell comparison has been done alot and people always romanticise the past and the players from the past so didn’t really want to attempt that

Who would you rather: Latrell Mitchell or Joseph Manu?

The interesting part of this choice is that could soon become a real choice for rooster desicion makers.

Do they pay Mitchell close to a million and let Manu walk? Can you pay a centre a million dollars?

Do you take Manu as the cheaper option?

OR do you move Keary to 7 try a rookie at 6 and hope that the money left behind by Cronk might be enough to keep both?

Who would you rather: Latrell Mitchell or Joseph Manu?

Yeah totally agree Fifita has been a perfect fit inside the Sharks pack and the others have covered well for him and allowed him to thrive.

Who would you rather: Andrew Fifita or David Klemmer?

Cheers for the feedback. I wrote the article and I’m still not sure who I would take, I think I’d lean just toward Klemmer for his simplicity of game and consistency. But a game winner like Fifita is rare in the front row is very appealing.

Who would you rather: Andrew Fifita or David Klemmer?

Cronk managed to help the Roosters to win the GF.
I wonder if he had signed with the Knights or the Tigers and he failed to make the 8 or win a GF what people would be saying. He had failed? He was carried by Smith and Slater?
This article to me shows that Cronk really couldn’t win.

Was Cooper Cronk's back-to-back brilliance really that good?

Robinson has been truly blessed with the players he has coached. Politis has given him every chance to win premierships and he has managed to pull it off. The impressive part for me even though he had players like SBW, Cronk, Maloney, Jennings and Mitchell at his disposal defence has been the key to both premierships.

How Cooper Cronk enhanced his legacy

Pretty pumped!

I think they are a good chance few teams falling back like the Storm and the Sharks. Teh biggest concern for me is they are losing a bit of depth in Matterson, Fergo and O’Sullivan could be an issue especially in the halves.

How Cooper Cronk enhanced his legacy

Agree 100%, Robinson, Politis and Cronk have all justified their choice and have a real shot in going back to back (Even though history says otherwise)

I would have agreed I always thought that he was slightly behind Thurston, Slater and Smith before this year but with him winning a premiership outside of Melbourne and being so important at Origin (QLD losing both series he hasn’t played in the last 9 yrs or what ever it is) I am more than happy to say his skill set matches theirs and that his legacy and career may have exceeded the other 3.

Cronk reminds me of Kobe Bryant obviously talented but his greatest asset was his work ethic and devotion to winning.

How Cooper Cronk enhanced his legacy

I am fine with Johnson being called the key player, I understand the reasoning 100%.

Smith for me is the key, The Storm without Smith really struggle when he is off or injured

The one player who has to stand up for each team to win the premiership

I think Bennett and the Broncos have possibly the most interesting storyline coming up. If Bennett wins the comp again it really stuffs the CEO and the rest of the board

NRL finals: Tomorrow's historic premiership storylines today