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What now for the Lakers?

This season has not been a good one for the Lakers, and in the last few days it has gone even further downhill with Magic Johnson stepping down and Luke Walton being fired and going to the Kings (why was Dave Joerger fired?).

The headline wasn’t mine and I’m definitely not blaming rugby league as a whole I think it’s much wider then that.

'Toxic': The way women are treated in rugby league must change

You must be furious with Dane gagai then?

'I didn't sleep': Cecchin reveals the one decision that's convinced him to quit again

Cheap young talent that would got them a pick and a close enough to 20 points from Hayward I take that deal and I think the Celtics take it to as it just removes their biggest weakness.

Is Rudy Gobert worth $200 million?

I think the Jazz could have got more from that sort of deal Robert Williams to back Favors up and hopefully develop him to take over and a 2nd rd pick and not having to pay Gobert 200 mill I am taking that deal if I am the Jazz.

Holiday would have been a great fit next to Mitchell. I think the Jazz have basically settled for finishing between the sixth and eighth seed for the next few years

Is Rudy Gobert worth $200 million?

His of course valuable, 2x DPOY always have value but he got played off the floor in the playoffs last year by Jokic. I mean if Gobert cant stay in the paint if he gets dragged out of the paint his basically useless. You can’t pay someone 200 mil for a guy who is so easily played off the floor.

Utah is always gonna struggle to get players come to Utah but they should try and trade for Kevin Porter jr cheap young talent being sold cheap by the cavs.
If I was the Jazz i would have traded Gobert to the C’s for Hayward before his deal to Charlotte and tried to bring in Larry Nance or McGee. Then saved up for a run at Victor Olidapo, Jrue Holiday or Kelly Oubre Jr but they are going to be stuck with this core now.

Is Rudy Gobert worth $200 million?

Yeah I think the Nets would be better if they could trade him but I think they’re stuck with him for at least this season.

Steve Nash’s job just got way harder IMO

Will the new-look Nets be better with or without Kyrie Irving?

Who knows how Durant would react. I think Deandre is pretty much untradeable as well cause you cant annoy those 2.

What sort of assests would a team already in contending be willing to give up? I mean say the clippers go Paul George for Kyrie straight up they get a playmaker they need. The nets get help on the wing and a guy who would be an incredible 3rd option who would I think fit really well. But the clips would be insane to do that IMO they don’t even know if Kyrie would turn up. He could legit just retire if they did trade him somewhere he didnt want to go

Will the new-look Nets be better with or without Kyrie Irving?

I think the answer is the Nets would of course be better if they were able to trade him for depth and defensive help. But his pretty much tanked his value to anyone willing to trade for him. If he was traded to the Clippers or whoever you have no idea if he would even turn up to play.

The other thing to consider would be how much would it annoy Durant if they traded the guy he went to Brooklyn to play with.

Will the new-look Nets be better with or without Kyrie Irving?

No way in the world is Gobert worth what the Jazz are going to pay him. This a old school big who can’t shoot or defend outside of the paint and if teams go small gets played off the floor. For a guy getting paid this much he should be able to stay on the floor when teams go small.

The Jazz could have spent 10 or 15 million on a different C and got pretty similar production imo. Go chase McGee or just play Favors there and use the money elsewhere.

Is Rudy Gobert worth $200 million?

He shook his hand? I saw him shake hands.

I dont understand, fans are always bitching about players laughing and joking with the other team after a game now they’re bitching about a player not wanting to cuddle and laugh with a player that they don’t know and have been going after for an hour. So what do fans want?

Big fan of Hetherington his a bit crazy

JWH slammed for post-match Hetherington handshake snub after fierce duel

Think this article is lacking. I would say Tedesco is either the best big game player in the game or in the top 2. His last 2 origin series have been incredible and should probably see him with 2 Wally Lewis medals which is insane.
Smith is a legend of the game but to say Smith is the best cause Teddy shrinks in the light isn’t accurate I mean it was round 7 the last 2 true big games the Storm and Roosters have played against each other has seen a convincing win in the GF and a tough win in a prelim which in both games the Storm only managed to score 1 try in each.

The guy who came 2nd Taumalolo I watched the Roosters V Cowboys and I havent watched the Cows much recently. But damn what is Green doing with Taumalolo? He is just a boring hit up merchent his amazing at it but seriously you cant get a little more out of him. An offload, ball playing, get him one on one with Keary or Flannagan?

Smith remains the game’s best player because Tedesco disappears in big moments

A bench with Corey Horsbrough and Lindsay Collins would bring a fair bit to QLD.
Collins would be a big chance if I was picking the team his improved out of sight since last year

The team Queensland must pick to compete with NSW

Tend to agree with the majority . Bennett is a top Three coach of all time with Gibson and Bellamy. Clubs struggling post Bennett is the clubs fault

On Brown I wouldn’t get him anywhere near a rebuild of a club at the knights it was three wooden Spoons and overpaying players to come, luck with the likes of Ponga working out, Cronk forcing Pearce to leave and getting klemmer to break a contract he shouldn’t have been allowed to

Is Wayne Bennett a super coach or a super fraud?

You’re now making a totally different argument.

Young people are making it their own way as much as they can but to say the game as easy it was 30 or 40 years ago is just inaccurate.

Addin Fonua-Blake's 'punishment' doesn't go far enough

I am 30 yrs old and since 2001 I have seen 9/11 as well as other terrorist actions. 2 wars that went for a decade or so take place that Australia has been involved in as well as civil wars like Syria, went through the GFC and now have a pandemic which no one has seen since the 1920s and what is looming as a depression. All this with global warming hanging over our heads.

Your generation paid for the house on a basic wage and could walk into a job with little to no education, and seriously young people can’t tolerate other ideas? Seriously where does the white Australia policy come from, the freaking out over Aboriginals asking for recognition, Adam Goodes or asking for police accountability or immigrants asking to come to a new country cause it isn’t young people freaking out it is the older generation who demand the respect but refuse it to anyone else.

Addin Fonua-Blake's 'punishment' doesn't go far enough

I found the Warriors win pretty funny not as funny as the Titans win the week earlier but still worth a giggle.

Seriously the way Broncos fans were complaining you would think they had been through 4 wooden spoon seasons in a row but nope just lost a few on a trot, they are lucky supporters haven’t gone for basically any other club in the NRL who have suffered through a rough year or 2 or 5.

The Broncos' decline is no laughing matter

First off go the Warriors they were really strong last night really good stuff especially without RTS.

The Broncos are a bit of a mess obviously, I dont think Seibold will get sacked today or this week but prove me wrong I guess. But Seibold’s use of his bench is still awful and has been since he started at Souths. Last night he had 1 front rower on the bench, Hass a guy who could end up being mentioned in the same breath as Lazarus and Beetson is being reduced to a workhorse who instead of coming of the back fence and scaring the sh$& out of a defense he is flat footed generally and just sorta pushing the defense a little before he is claimed. Seibold has to get better with his bench.

Probably not the biggest issue but does show a lack of ability to plan (last week he had 2 backs on the bench) and also adapt to the game that is going on before you.

The Broncos have slumped to a 15-year low after six losses in a row

Sure the rules, how many refs there are and the draw have all been changed for all teams for this second season but some teams get to start on 4 points.

If the Eels for example sneak into the 8 or the top 4 by a point or 2 then I can understand why some teams would be upset. This is a new season with all of these changes and to claim otherwise to me lacks merit.

No asterisk on the 2020 NRL season but excuses abound

Was a pretty tough and dour game. Dogs have got some worries though.

I don’t understand Smith in the centers his a big body that could get the sets off to good starts which Meany and Chricton can’t do cause of their size. Smith has the size to play wing and seems to lack the ball skills to play center.

Expectations for the Bulldogs' rebuild must be realistic

No issue with Folau’s freedom of speech but just like he has freedom of speech I have the right to call him an idiot for what he says,

When will players learn? Their behaviour impacts the bottom line

The NRL haven’t punished Folau though.

When will players learn? Their behaviour impacts the bottom line

The society we have in Australia I thought that was pretty obvious. But Izzy and yourself are more than free to head to those countries that support his views.

When will players learn? Their behaviour impacts the bottom line

Pretty impressive you managed to link Folau to this so congrats on that.

Society says that homosexual isn’t distasteful 30 or 40 years ago different story but here we are a more enlightened society one would hope. These 2 are just no where near being close to right its gross, undignified and grubby.

Also Folau was allowed to express his opinions just as everyone else was allowed to call him an idiot for having them.

When will players learn? Their behaviour impacts the bottom line

Oh yeah misread it thats my bad.

They would have have a drought at all you wouldn’t have thought. Slater and Cronk may have gone to the Broncos and won them a premiership or 2.

The what-ifs of NRL history

Central coast NSW holds a special spot in Bulldogs history.

The what-ifs of NRL history