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Thought I’d better offer an explanation to this article.

I thought he played well against the Kangaroos so I agree that the timing wasn’t great. I submitted this article before the match so I certainly wasn’t basing it on Saturday’s game and feel as though I got a bit unlucky there.

The purpose of this article? There is no purpose, like many articles, I just wanted to see what the general consensus was. To be honest, while the article was unnecessary, I still stand by a lot of what I said. The role of a midfielder is becoming more refined as the game develops. While he isn’t bad at the contested ball area, he isn’t your bash and crash inside midfielder. He also isn’t a silky-skilled outside midfielder, like many other players lacking in size.

Greene has been touted as a future Brownlow medallist by a lot of my mates – admittedly, that’s probably not enough reason to write an article about it.

Toby Greene is one of the AFL's most overrated

You have a strong point. I still think that the VFL is a stronger league than the WAFL.

Best state league performances from AFL players

I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. The guideline changes are disrespectful and insulting to the children. Perhaps I am a little harsh but I think there is a survival of the fittest element. If children can’t handle losing, perhaps they should go off to another sport. I agree that it can dent a child’s confidence if their team is thrashed, but that’s what the mercy rule is for isn’t it? I am concerned at where the line will be drawn. These guidelines are understandable for children aged six, seven, eight and nine. But I am not talking about those age groups. It is being introduced to U10s and I know for a fact that the AFL representatives in my local leagues were strongly considering introducing a non-scoring, ladder policy into U12s and also making changes to the U14s. It wasn’t too long ago when I was at this age playing for points and I loved it. I have done plenty of work in primary schools and there is definitely a shift towards an “everyone’s a winner” attitude. The kids hate the fact that they are made to be fools by taking the scoring away.

Political correctness gone mad in junior football

I tried out for The Recruit and was in the same group as Waylen Manson. Being from the Northern Territory I bonded with Waylen quite a bit (he has spent a lot of time in Darwin playing football). He is a really nice guy but so awkwardly shy. Living in the big smoke of Melbourne and playing AFL football would seem like a whole new world for Waylen.

The Recruit will entertain, but can it deliver a star?

I actually prefer the old version of the Dockers song to the current one. The one with the “Freo Heave-Ho” introduction.

18 footy theme songs in 18 days: #11 ‘Freo way to go'

2013 certainly won’t be Richmond’s year to challenge for the premiership but hopefully the side can learn a lot from what will be their first final series. I think the added improvement on second-string midfielders such as Reece Conca, Brandon Ellis and Nick Vlastuin is what will take us forward as a team. Added improvement from Vickery would also be nice as I think the big man Ivan Maric is probably slowing down a bit with his troublesome groin injuries.

Can a team from outside the top four win the flag?

Believe it or not mate I actually do think they would take the game more seriously (and not rest 10 players) if it was a derby. Travel is less of a factor and there is definitely more pride on the line in a game like that. And that applies not only to the Dockers viewpoint but perhaps we would have seen a more spirited West Coast outfit.

What to do about dead rubbers, and Round 23?

Yeah mate good article. Coaches at AFL/State level place a major emphasis on avoiding the turnover zone, which is between 50-70m out from the attacking goal (where most back flankers are situated). This is where I reckon the power forward can play a big role for a side as they can provide an option for midfielders to bomb it in for them. Good observations.

AFL games are no longer won or lost in the midfield

Disagree with that analysis Les. Obviously we are no certainty to make it but I think you are underselling the side a little. Realistically, we are strong favourites to beat St Kilda. We shouldn’t have any trouble with Gold Coast (despite our terrible record against them) and North Melbourne is probably a 60-40 game in our favour. I also think the Fremantle game is very winnable. No doubt Sydney and Hawthorn will be massive challenges but we had easy wins against them last season so a win is certainly not completely out of the question. Brisbane and GWS should be wins and the Carlton and Essendon games are probably 50-50. Time will tell I guess but I have my fingers crossed.

Tiger army finals bound?

Thanks for the feedback mate. I mentioned the Winmar incident because I wanted to point out a specific racist moment in the game. Obviously Johnson, Farmer, James and co. have done plenty for Indigenous football. I believe Winmar and Long’s actions sparked a damatic change though and this is why they are highlighted.

For the record, I am a passionate Richmond supporter and I don’t believe I painted Collingwood as a leader in improving Indigenous relations. I pointed out a couple of racist incidents that the club/supporters/president are guilty of and rather focus on all the negatives, I thought I’d acknowledge that the club has turned the corner and is now doing its bit for Indigenous footy.

Thanks for reading.

Australian rules football and improving Indigenous relations