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Co-host of the Coast to Coast Footy Podcast, WC Eagles Fan, Bentley Cricket Club number 5 bat who specialises in bowling full bungers.



yeah so where are these so-called statistics on Rance? just saying stats prove it doesn’t actually do it. And Sydney Stack aside, there’s not a lot about Richmond’s game that I particularly like.

The AFL landscape after Round 6

Who would have thought that recruiting mediocre hacks like Hall, Pittard and Polec wouldn’t lift North. Didn’t play the kids last year, now locked in with these guys. Going to be a long next 8 years.

North Melbourne's worst losses under Brad Scott

This is one of the worst takes ever written. The last quarter had countless incredible moments on both sides under extreme pressure.
The first half is part of the narrative, it was high intensity, GF football. If this is how you watch footy then time to take up something else champ.

A close grand final does not a classic make

I really think you need to pivot the thinking here from “most deserving winner” (something you’ve manufactured) to simply “most deserving host”.
Using the Hawks of 1991 as an example…..doesn’t even make sense given the game wasn’t even at the MCG.
There are so many flaws in this article that its really just propaganda.

Grand Finals at the MCG are unfair? That's rubbish

Yeah I much prefer the “he’s alienated the entire club and our game plan stinks, but we will stick by him regardless” approach Fremantle are running with

Where do Geelong go from here?

Yep this is great analysis. The coach has been propped up by the strength of the side for years – the recruiting staff can’t do much more than they have with Kelly, Menegola, Stewart and other recruits they have unearthed. But they have underwhelmed consistently. Definitely the 8th best side this year.
In a parallel universe they have a different coach and have won 2 or 3 more flags in the last 7 years.

Where do Geelong go from here?

Doubt it, but like I said in the article, I certainly expected them to finish there. They have over performed expectations significantly, which in my opinion is based on getting the best out of mediocre players coming to the end of their career, and doesn’t take the club forwards despite the wins.

How to waste a season, North Melbourne style

Not basing it on one week, but since you mentioned the bulldogs. They have most of the ingredients for a sustained premiership tilt, whilst North are building their future around who exactly?

How to waste a season, North Melbourne style

Worked pretty well for the bullies on the weekend…. Against, uh, North?

How to waste a season, North Melbourne style

Offer me the Saints job and the North job and I wouldn’t touch the kangaroos with a ten foot pole.

How to waste a season, North Melbourne style

hahha great response Monga.
2nd youngest list, but not reflected in the average age of the side. How many games have they gotten into their young players? very few.
In regards to tanking, if you are playing your best players knowing they can never deliver you success, where does that leave you? No where. You are either in flag contention or building towards flag contention and quite frankly North are doing neither.
Small market teams are rarely upwardly mobile, unless they draft a superstar to build around. It’s a simple fact that recruiting superstars is virtually impossible.
Overall I haven’t any regard for my own meaningless preseason predictions – just calling out the fact that a rebuild was promised, but a few early wins with veterans altered the course and it was either delusions of grandeur or an inability to hold their nerve. And what will happen next is clearly that a generation gap will occur, when the veterans leave and its only less than 50 gamers to take their place, rather than a natural succession plan.

How to waste a season, North Melbourne style

Yep, it’s why I called for “careful folding”. Durdin alongside Thompson or Tarrant. Use the experience wisely but not at complete shut out of the youth. Mitch Hibberd seems to going well at VFL level, can’t get a game over blokes who will simply not be part of North’s next flag.

How to waste a season, North Melbourne style

haha I don’t think Ben Cunnington is worthless, I just think it would have been a better outcome for the midfield to not rest on him and Higgins solely this year. And you’re right, I’d never say it to his face.

How to waste a season, North Melbourne style

Its great to see Milera break out recently – even more than his numbers imply, just in how he is seeing the game unfold, the decisions and the movement when he has ball in hands

Wayne Milera: From fringe forward to dashing defender

Yep for sure Reuster, Simmo deserves significant credit but I think Mitchell has been as important as any Assistant in recent times

Memo St Kilda: Give Sam Mitchell the top job

I agree with your pure speculation Damo! Which is why I think maybe the Saints need to throw a big tempter in the form of the top job, which comes a year or two earlier than whatever the Hawks might be keeping an eye on

Memo St Kilda: Give Sam Mitchell the top job

Thanks for reading Liam.

I would say that these leagues exist solely as a construct of the public interest and as such this information slots squarely that space. Participating in elite level sport will always come with a level of access way beyond normal life.

Contract transparency is very much accepted and embraced in US sports, and whilst Australians are clearly more sensitive about it, access to this information would be normalised pretty quickly.

Time to end the AFL's salary cap speculation game

genuine farce

Naitanui faces one-game AFL suspension

Very very good read!!

I’m hoping the Bucks can get the series W, and Thon can keep swatting shots!

Love the idea of the jazz progressing and I have a theory that the Warriors were happy to drop a game to the Spurs just to try and stretch it out for Steph’s return vs the Pelicans.

You wanted entertainment? The NBA is delivering

These guys are great! hahahaha give it a listen and all feedback welcomed!

Coast to Coast AFL Podcast: Episode 1

Warner is happy to give it out all day, and someone mentions his missus and he flips?

Classic sook behaviour – he should be able to handle whatever is thrown back his way

In defence of Davey Warner

Would prefer to see 2 sides removed from the competition to be honest. There are enough sides and the skill level is too diluted

Where should the AFL expand to next?