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Saints in box seat to take 8th if they defeat the Crows this week. The draw favours them. What a shock that would be!

AFL Power Rankings 2019: Round 19

Josh, Essendon 11-7 not 10-8.

Five talking points from AFL Round 19

Surely in a case like this the Emergency Umpire / Goal Review Umpire should alert the Central Umpires that a goal has been scored and they should stop the play.

Another score review farce robs the Bombers of a goal

I too am a great fan of Brown. Not so sure about dumping Stewart. He too has had to struggle through injuries and could still became a very valuable forward target. I rate him above Laverde who also is plagued by injuries. At the end of the season some tough decisions need to be made and maybe one of these 2 or even both will be in the trade mix.

Mitch Brown is the most underrated player in the AFL right now

Justin, an excellent assessment of Mitch Brown. Essendon would have been in a lot of trouble without him. Sadly, at times, injury has limited his impact but he is now a very important element in Essendon’s progress.

Mitch Brown is the most underrated player in the AFL right now

McKenna’s trip to Ireland at this time was arranged and approved pre-season so don’t accuse the club of being weak on this. If we want the best from our Irish recruit(s) then we must respect their family links. Cut them off from family and we could lose them. The homesick factor is a big issue for interstate players and more so for those coming from overseas.

If Essendon keep their belief, anything is possible

If Essendon keep their form they could make the Top 4. Win all 5 they could end as 2nd. Most likely scenario is finishing 5th and playing a home final against Adelaide, Footscray or Hawthorn, Lose to Footscray and Collingwood and they may miss the 8. Lose to Fremantle as well and they’ll definitely miss the 8. The result this week will be critical. Lose and they’ll be history. Win by 60+ and they could leapfrog Richmond or Collingwood. I expect that Richmond will defeat Collingwood and Essendon plays Collingwood in final H & A. Many possible scenarios but only if Essendon win next 2 weeks against GC and PA and favourable results in rivals’ games will there be any real sense of their possible final position might be.

Broken Bombers might finally have what it takes

Yes, great bunch of youth coming through. Although in the 2nds at the moment and having had an interrupted pre-season, Begley seems to have improved significantly since last year. Could he be the Bombers “Cripps” or “De Goey” next year. He seems strong enough but just needs to build his tank. What do you think?

If Essendon keep their belief, anything is possible

Good speculation Nathan. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to dream? It is a distinct possibility that the Bombers could win the next 5 because the Colliwobbles have returned. However, the Bombers have danger games – Bulldogs and Port so although I dream with you I am afraid the bubble will burst. A month ago I was afraid of meeting Collingwood or Geelong, but look at them now! The biggest threat come finals will be Richmond. Maybe they are still a bit soft with players returning and now is the time to strike because if they get a top 4 position they will be mighty hard to beat. In the meantime, let’s dream on!!

If Essendon keep their belief, anything is possible

As a Bomber fan I think you are too kind on the Bombers this week. It’s time for their injury toll to explode with so many key talls out against a team that has them in abundance. This is the recipe for a slaughter. The caviat to that is if it rains the whole game and the Bombers small fleet get on the move. All said I expect a slaughter but will watch the game with my fingers crossed.

Adelaide vs Essendon: Friday Night Forecast

In recent weeks I have watched Hartley in the VFL. In the backline he has been very solid but when moved forward he’s been a surprise packet and goal kicker. I would love to see him in the AFL forward line (CHF) and his long accurate goal kicking could help the Dons forward line find some potent structure.

Essendon are red hot, but is their form real?

If the Score Review eliminate the howlers then it is a valuable tool.

In comparison, there are many marks that were finger touched by an opposition player in a marking contest which are allowed and subsequently a goal followed. Where’s the weekly uproar? How many “advantage, advantage” calls have we witnessed after everyone stopped then some player decides to test “advantage” and races in to an uncontested goal. Where’s the weekly uproar?

The problem with fingernail touches, “Oh, I saw the finger move” – well is it not possible the finger moved for some other reason? Escpecially when the image is all blurred? Was the finger, [erhaps, already moving in that direction? Possibly. Let’s not over react. Put it in an overall context where obvious touches and deviations impact the decision ratjher that 45 seconds of a very blurred vision of a maybe or maybe not decision.

Don’t get rid of the score review, just review it

2000 not 2010.

Are Richmond actually set to miss the finals?

Tigers will make the Finals, as will Essendon but sadly Lions will drop out, and so will Freo.

Are Richmond actually set to miss the finals?

West Coast will go down tonight. 6 changes = unsettled line-up. Coach not happy with their form. Tippa to kick 3, Brown 3, Orazio 3, McKernan 2, Laverde 1, Heppell 1, Bellchambers 1 and Zacha 1. Essendon 15 goals to WC 12.
Bring it on!

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 14

Since Collingwood VFL won’t be in the finals there’s no chance of that. He either comes in or it’s next year. Maybe in his absence Colliwobbles will return and the Pies miss the finals!

Ten weeks for Jaidyn Stephenson? You've got to be kidding, AFL!

The decision against Stephenson matches the seriousness of the offence. There can be no tolerating any gambling by players and officials on AFL Games. They are all trained, grilled and warned well ion advance that this sort of behaviour will not ever be tolerated. Any such gambling opens the door to organized crime, game fixing, brownlow fixing, goal kicking fixing and a host of bet fixing such as 1st goal, numbers of goals etc. It must be stamped. Must not be allowed to grow. Not allowed to be treated softly. I applaud this decision by the AFL to guarantee the integrity of the AFL competition. Nevertheless I do feel sorry for Stephenson, but I guarantee he’ll never try this again!!!

Ten weeks for Jaidyn Stephenson? You've got to be kidding, AFL!

An example needs to be set and reinforced – no betting by players in the AFL! Betting increases the possibility of result fixing and must be wiped out. Heath Shaw’s case should be the basis for a decision and make sure this ugly aspect of the game never returns. Put him out for the rest of the H & A but then let him return for the finals.

Jaidyn Stephenson under investigation over AFL betting

Stratton’s pinching highlighted for several weeks i.e. Cameron and Fantasia, is a cowardly kindergarten bullying tactic that needs to be stomped out! It’s a disgraceful act that brings the game into disrepute. A fine is insufficient. He should be ent to the tribunal and scrubbed for a week with the addition of a strong warning if there are repeats.

Ben Stratton's controversial 'pinching' tactics on Fantasia- dirty, or fair play?

Stratton should be banned for 1 week for his dirty pinching tactic plus severe warning from AFL for bringing game into disgrace. His tactic over several weeks is kindergarten stuff and AFL should act. Just plain dirty!!!!

Hawks and Bombers commemorate their history with a 3QT melee

Knights was terrible in the way he handled Houli. Houli would come in, get 20-30 possessions and after an Essendon loss Houli was demoted. Knights kept dropping him so Houli left and became an All Australian Richmond Premiership player. That summarizes how good Knights was and he had to go. Maybe a great Assistant but no-one has wanted him as a coach after that. Maybe Woosher is on his final legs at Essendon but deserves a final crack at it next year. After all he was great in recovering Essendon out of the drugs disastrous slanderings. He gave us some respect again and this is shown in membership growth. If he can’t do it next year then he must go, unless he feels that he himself needs to step aside at the end of this year. He is a premiership coach and deserves this final chance.

Essendon vs Hawthorn: Friday night forecast

Isn’t that what the article says? No correction needed it seems unless alreasy corrected before I read it!

Essendon vs Hawthorn: Friday night forecast

Josh, another talking point from Round 11 is the Rising Star Nomination.

The nomination was given to Stack (Richmond) with 89 ranking points at 70.8% efficiency, but should have been given to Clarke (Essendon) with 109 ranking points at 78.3% efficiency.

Stack played OK but didn’t rate in the Coaches votes. Clarke, in only his 2nd game, dominated Cripps, one of the AFL’s best midfielders, helping to ensure an Essendon victory as well as being rated the 2nd best player on the ground by the Coaches.

Surely, Stack is a rising star, but this week the best of the young brigade was Dylan Clarke and those making the decision were not basing the weeks nomination on this weeks performance. What do you think?

Five talking points from AFL Round 11

Carlton should confirm Bolton as coach for the rest of 2019 announcing no decision will be made on the coach’s future until season’s end. Nevertheless, quietly checking the availability of a suitable replacement in case they decide to release Bolton.

Hiring and firing in the AFL: what to do with Brendon Bolton?

Yes Essendon has been frustrating and hot and cold. Is the coach totally the blame? I think not. He has created an exciting brand of attacking football but our 3 CHF options are all injured – McKernon, Brown and Stewart, then having Smith and Fantasia out for several games each, it is hard to be what you want to be but yes you still have to find a way to win and that’s what they did Saturday night against Fremantle. We played ugly defensive football against a very defensive team, and we beat them. Winning ugly is not beautiful, but winning ugly is better than losing. It shows Worsfold can put a diffirenet plan into operation when needed, and we did. And we won!

Careful Essendon, don’t bite the fans that feed you