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There are good reasons to be nervous about the 2019 season especially on how the new rules will work and what impact, positive or negative, on our favourite players and teams. Some rules appear destined for success, eg 666, hands in the back, ruckmen taking possession at the bounce and the kick-in. Others are in doubt such as the runners rule and the extra 50 meter rule. Time will tell. Another rule, not a new one, ie giving the ball straight back to the one who gained a free kick, makes me worry that the new rules will not be administered consistently. How often do we see a free awarded, and the opposition player with the ball just puts it on the ground and runs off. This is particularly noticed when the ball is on the boundary. Whatever happened to the 50m penalty for that? If current rules are not consistently enforced, how can we trust the new rules coming in?

Why the AFL is secretly nervous about season 2019

Mostly agree but a few adjustments needed to reflect departed players, increasing age, new arrivals etc. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Richmond drop a few places as their form in the 2nd half of 2019 was not great. Adelaide are still a risky tip and based on last year could be a bit fragile as well as pushing the age limits on a few of their stars like Walker and Eddy.
Ladder prediction:
1. Richmond
2. Collingwood
3. Melbourne
4. West Coast
5. Adelaide
6. Essendon
7. Geelong
8. GWS
9. Hawthorn
10. Sydney
11. Port Adelaide
12. North Melbourne
13. Brisbane
14. Fremantle
15. Carlton
16. Western Bulldogs
17. St Kilda
18. Gold Coast

The more we learn, the less we know: Predicting the 2019 AFL premiership ladder

Expect Daniher back for Anzac Day.

Joe Daniher set to miss the start of 2019 season with nasty calf injury

The AFL Grand Final is the master showpiece for the greatest football gave on the planet. It must be aired in prime time – the evening.

What’s wrong with a DAY Grand Final?

1. Most viewers of the GF are NOT at the ‘G’. They are watching on TV so the best TV time with the biggest global audience is the only way to go.

2. Day-time viewing on TV is frustrating with the game going IN and OUT of shadows and sunlight, often missing a second or two of vital action while the cameras try to adjust.

3. Tradition is fine when it works. When it doesn’t, change it. In a digital era, a day GF doesn’t work, spoils the magnificence of the occasion and detracts from showing the best game in the best conditions for the millions who cannot be at the ‘G’. Sufficient tradition is to keep it at the ‘G’ as the premier sport stadium in the country.

In defence of grand final tradition

Hi Cameron. Mostly agree, but disagree on Heppell, Merrett and McGrath.
The one thing I really question is Ambrose. Why on earth do the Dons have him in the mix? I have never seen him as a positive contributor. He gives away too many frees. Essendon would be much better served having Ridley in the team who seems another good intercept player who may develop in the Hurley model. He’s my tip as a contender for the Rising Star this year. Agree that 6th is about right but could surprise and end up 4th or 9th!!

2019 AFL season preview: Essendon Bombers

Aaron Francis is looking good, but the real excitement is the development of Ridley, and the next one coming through Zerk-Thatcher. The player that is vital to step up is indeed Francis, expecially with Hooler missing the first month.

The player from your club who needs to step up

Both teams managed their lists in view of their own needs and preparation. Essendon maybe more so. However, the Cats definitely looked sharper, and by the last quarter both teams seemed to be just going through the motions ie like a training exercise without any intensity or interest in the result. I think both teams got what they wanted from the game and both have 17-18 days to get ready for the real thing. Can’t wait.

Cats beat Bombers in last pre-season hit-out

Luke Ball was no Judd or Ablett but still a high quality very productive player. He starred in the GF that St. Kilda lost – oops – only to half time, then the coach wouldn’s play him in the 2nd half. Cost St Kilda the game! I would have had it at my club, and Collingwood got good value from him.

Are the Adelaide Crows winning the Patrick Dangerfield trade?

Josh, Is there a Roar Tipping Competition this year?

Ten AFL talking points from JLT week one

I agree Riewoldt is a fantastic player and has been for years, but this list is looking at 2019 and I think (just an opinion) that de Goey and Cripps will surpass Riewoldt this year. I would still think Jack will be top 15 but the inclusion of your new new star forward will diminish Riewoldts importance – just a little.

The Roar AFL Top 50 2019: 10-1

No need to get nasty, but decades go 1-10, 11-20, etc, not 0-9, 10-19. Learn your maths my friend!

The big question hanging over the Essendon hype train

Sorry Seano, a decade is 10 years not 9. 2020 is the end of the decade. 10’s go 1-10, 11-20 etc, so you still have 2 years to get there. Also 2000 was the last year of the C20 and 2001 was the first year of the new century and new millenium. Your Bombers will be a better chance in 2020 while their target this year should be to win at least one final.

The big question hanging over the Essendon hype train

Thanks Lachlan. I don’t like the Mickey Mouse AFLX, I love real football. I remember the State of Origin from back in the 1960’s (ages me doesn’t it?) and the chance to see Bobby Skilton, Jack Clarke, Hadyn Bunton, Polly Farmer etc representing their States.
The reality today is that clubs don’t like it as they fear injuries to stars and to have SOO before the season proper could mean many withdrawals due to players not yet full fit. It’s a problem but maybe pre-season is not the best time. I would prefer a mid-season SOO, as it was in the past and put the best talent on show. Give the selected players a huge financial bonus for playing.

The one move that would re-energise the AFL pre-season

Josh, when it comes to the Rising Star, a player who could be a serious contender is Jordan Ridley (20 y.o.) of Essendon. 23 disposals, 5 marks, 5 tackles, 6 x 1%ers and 78.3% efficiency in 77% game time. A young defender with good flair, anticipation and mark. I think he’s gone past Francis and perhaps is currently being overlooked because he’s already in the system but only played 3 games.
Sam Walsh (18 y.o.) had 28 possessions, 5 marks, 4 tackles at 75% efficiency, 1 x 1%ers and 80% game time.
All of this in the same game, same condions.
I really think Ridley should be looked at as he will be a star, as too will Walsh and may indeed be the rising star. Ridley has already produced those stats and better in the season proper. Walsh is yet to do so. Sadly, media hype propels opinions and making “the call” far too early. Let’s see what the season holds and who can rise and shine throughout the season proper.

Ten AFL talking points from JLT week one

I understand your reasons for having Riewoldt and Bontompelli in top 10, but if we look at impact for 2018 and expected 2019, I would have both Cripps and de Goey ahead of them both. This would push Riewoldt and Bontempelli into low teens, and they are indeed great players, but the importance of Cripps to Carlton and de Goey to Collingwood outweighs the impact of the other two. In 2019 these two “beasts” will show the value and impact of their strength and skills.

The Roar AFL Top 50 2019: 10-1

The one that stands out as a “miss” is Cripps. He and De Goey should be top 10 maybe even top 5 for power and influence this year. Both are mid-forward brutes who will dominate the AFL for years to come and may even be Brownlow winners and MVP winners. They may not be pretty, but boy can they influence the play and the results. I only wish we had one of them!!!

The Roar's 2019 AFL Top 50: 20-11

Shie;’s benefit will not be in goals kicked but in the number of forward entries he provides enabling others, ie the forwards, to kick more goals.

The big question hanging over the Essendon hype train

Essendon team tonight has 9 playing who will not be in Round 1 team, and there are 5 Round 1 certainties not playing tonight who will be included – Stewart, Fantasia, Hooker, Bellchambers, Myers. Good article Ryan and the concerns you have are shared by many Bomber fans. However on the Backline there is a young developing breed that could bypass the current Backliners eg Ridley, Zerk-Thatcher, Redman, McNeice and Jok, The interesting selection tonight is Long in the back-pocket. Could be a surprise, or the beginning of the end for him.

The big question hanging over the Essendon hype train

Ha! No logical reason for your assessment, just pure emotion.

The big question hanging over the Essendon hype train

I’m an AFL Fan-atic. I played the game, love the game, and watched AFLX. Sooo disappointed. Couldn’t get excited. When I watch AFL don’t dare ring me, I won’t answer. Last night I kept looking at my phone and hoping it would ring. No atmosphere, a few tricks and a couple of interesting moments, but I was bored. Here in Jakarta I want to show my local mates what a great game we have in Oz. Forget it, AFLX is not the answer.

Now how about a real interstate carnival pre-season, that would get the excitement up!!!

The AFLX sure has some work to do

Great job. Well done. Loved it!

A letter of intent to the AFL

Bring in Agar to smash them to bits in first 4-5 overs. adds depth, and a handy break when bowling.

Australia need a bowling all-rounder in ODIs

Great read Nick. It stirred my interest to see how it reflected the actual ladder positions and win/loss ratio, but was disappointed in the end as I was left with speculation rather than some concrete results to confirm the analysis. Are you going to follow-up with these results?

The four offensive factors in Australian football

Enjoyed the article William, I just disagreed with your reasoning. I enjoyed the banter, your reasoning etc which after assessing your arguments actually strengthened my belief that the Bombers will finish 5-8 with an outside chance of top 4. A lot will be revealed in the !st game against GWS. It will tell us a lot about both teams prospects for 2019. I will be nervously waiting that game and expect Essendon to win by 12-20 points. However, if they lose by 30-40 points it will be a warning that maybe Essendon is still a bit short to challenge. That game will be an important step up or down in 2019 expectations.

Essendon aren't the finals lock you think they are, and here's why

You are selling Bellchambers short. Look at the ruckmen facts:
8th top for hit-outs (only 16 short of 3rd)
7th top for disposals
5th top for marks
6th top for goals
Not elite, but not bad either!

Essendon aren't the finals lock you think they are, and here's why