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I think she’s too strong for Rose. If she can do that to Andrade she can do it to anyone. Suarez will be a good test with her wrestling. I think Zhang is probably the most well rounded at Straweight right now. Yep, Song Yadong is definitely another exciting product. Plenty of good talent to tap into over there, I don’t think they need to rush to bring them over to the US when they build solid Chinese shows and a good ppv.

East or West? Weighing up Zhang Weili's next move

Dillon Dannis is not his MMA coach, he helps him out with BJJ and grappling. He is also an incredibly disrespectful and arrogant guy who thinks he is as important as Connor and probably had that coming.

John Kavanagh is Connor’s MMA coach and is one of the gentlemen of the sport. Check out his interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast, he shows some great insight into the whole situation.

Nurmagomedov versus McGregor: The downside of a UFC blood feud

I thought Cejudo won rounds 2, 3 and 5. His wrestling was on point. I agree that he shouldn’t get a fight with TJ. DJ deserves a rematch! It was a great fight.

Cejudo makes history against Johnson

No issues with the stoppage, Cody was out on his feet.

McGregor v Nurmagomedov: a battle two years in the making

I will wait until I actually see them in the Octagon together before I get excited about this fight. I have been let down too many times before! That being said, the press conferences should be fun.

McGregor v Nurmagomedov: a battle two years in the making

How is Rousey being received by the WWE fans? Has she made a smooth transition from MMA? I know very little about WWE these days so I’m interested in how she is going. Has she done better than CM Punk did in the UFC lol

Money In The Bank 2018

Arzani was a breath of fresh air, having a go at the ref for clear fouls and taking the game to them. Cant believe he wasn’t put on earlier. Where was Timmy!

Did Bert van Marwijk's tactics cost the Socceroos a win against Denmark?

Should be a good one, I’m backing Whittaker in another decision.

Robert Whittaker ready to solidify his name against Yoel Romero at UFC 225

I really wish they just made this a free fox sports show with edgar v t-city as the headliner, that wouldv’e been a great show, we wouldnt have to shell out 60 bucks and would be rewarded for our fight pass subscriptions.

I’ve heard that even if a PPV does badly they still usually make more than fox sports shows but I wish they focussed a bit more on quality over quantity with their PPVs like back in the day.

I also feel as though the Reebok deal is a hindrance on creating stars as everyone just looks the same. like that episode of the simpsons where they get school uniforms.

The UFC's pay-per-view problem

I totally agree that they should focus on quality over quantity – I don’t believe they should do PPV every month and should separate them a bit more.

I also feel as though its harder to make stars with the Reebok deal as everyone just looks the same and they cant be individuals.

The UFC needs to pay Cris Cyborg back after saving UFC 222

one thing we can agree on is that Jones is a total screw up.

Life after Jon Jones: Daniel Cormier looking to make a statement

Ed, that’s a good prediction for the fight, i see it going the same way.

Hopefully if the golden snitch is right well see him back soon.

Aside from jones, DC has gone through the division with relative ease and LH is looking a bit thin at the moment. hes been through rumble, gustafasson and silva and his wrestling and overall game is the best in the div in my opinion (aside from obviously jones).

I feel as though DC gets a bit too much hate from the fans and gets overlooked.

I could be wrong though, ozedemir is a beast so well see what happens.

Life after Jon Jones: Daniel Cormier looking to make a statement

yeah I agree, a long way to go but he has the potential to join those guys, if not surpass some of them.

Jones will always be considered the goat of LH in my opinion, but with drug use forever hanging over his legacy, it gives DC a chance to possibly move above him.

Life after Jon Jones: Daniel Cormier looking to make a statement

can’t wait for this one, most exciting heavyweight title fight in a while!

UFC 220: Can a rising superstar top a rising legend?

Jones is the greatest modern day or WME era threat (if you will) to DC’s road to becoming the greatest. DC has wins over legends of the sport including anderson silva and josh barnet. He’s also beaten rumble johnson twice (one of the scariest dudes to ever compete at LH) and with a win over another scary dude in ozedemir, he can start building his claim. Those guys you have mentioned are all legends, no doubt, but Cormier can stake his claim amongst them, especially without Jones around.

I think he has already superpassed Rashad at least, though. Rashad never defended the belt and lost his last 4 fights in a row.

Life after Jon Jones: Daniel Cormier looking to make a statement

Gibbs and Gibson are good signings to sure up the midfield, loose Cameron’s speed but I think its worth it for them in the long run.

Crows face another contract crunch, but they're built for sustained success

A good example of selectors showing patience with promising young talent and being rewarded. Hopefully, they give other players like Bancroft the same chance.

Are the Marsh brothers here to stay?

A Union would be a great thing for the fighters, however considering the public bickering that the fertitta bros and white have had with union groups, they would do everything in their power to stop it.

UFC versus fighters: Will the tide turn?

Its no doubt a smart business decision by the UFC, countless pro wrestling fans would buy a UFC PPV for the first time.
Whether he can fight? remains to be seen.

No, we're not being Punked by the UFC

There a pros and cons, at least the smaller guys won’t have to go around hunting for sponsors. It will also make the sport look a bit more professional, without dogy law firms and loan dealers all over the back of fighters shorts

Fighter uniforms: The UFC tightens its grip

How about Frankie v McGregor? seeing as though Jose is going to be out for ages…

Frankie Edgar may have paved the way for Conor McGregor

It’s going to be epic that’s for sure! I doubt GSP is going to come out of retirement though. He seems preety content to be away from it all and he really doesn’t have anything to prove since he is a certified hall of famer and the greatest WW of all time.

UFC plans to host their biggest ever event in Australia

I’d agree, Velasquez is unstoppable right now. But werdum is not one to sleep on. World class bjj and a striking game that keeps getting better…

Aussie Mark Hunt on the verge of history

I’d have to agree, jiu jitsu is important, but being well rounded is even more so.

I love seeing how grappling is evolving in the mma and generally as it’s own sport.

Fighters are training everything and we’re seeing dudes with dynamic wrestling and bjj games, not to mention judo. Look at how ronda rousey blends her bjj and judo together.

metamoris is a good example too, guys like Garry tonnon are killers at both wrestling and bjj

Jiu-jitsu and only jiu-jitsu the key in modern MMA

Yeah, although hes a kiwi, he has lived in Australia for the last 20 years or so. He chooses to represent Australia as he claims NZ never respected his accomplishments.

He was doing really well today and dropped Werdum a couple of times. Big knee out of no where put him away.

Aussie Mark Hunt on the verge of history