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I like Burns but like S.Marsh think he is better suited coming in at 5 or 6 as they both open for their shield teams this makes them perfect for these positions but neither has shined as an opener at test level.
As S.Marsh has shown they are good at partnering an established top 4 batter and stopping a calapse, and are able to handle the second new ball when it arrives.
Khawaja is a natural number three but his form has dropped after a great start for his shield team.

Bancroft and Khawaja in danger of being dropped from an unbeaten side

I think if hazelwood can find his mojo he will be just as challaging as the poems with the pink ball. If stark gets the pink ball reversing then the Aussie bowlers will be just as difficult their English counterparts and game could be over inside 3 days.

England fall in a heap at the Gabba

Do you leave Bancroft to open or move Marsh up, I personally feel more comfortable with Marsh coming in at 5 or 6 rather than opening. I also think Handscombe needs to get some runs soon.

Maxwell keeps Ashes recall hopes alive with double ton

I think what makes Mitchell Johnson series so special is he was for one bowling on absolute roads offering very little to the bowlers. Two he was coming off a hiding after showing glimpses of what he was capable of he finally showed us what he could do if he got his line and length right. Man he was absolutely brutal during that series. I think for the first test he wasn’t even given the new ball.

The six greatest performances in Ashes history

Agreed Botham 81 should definitely be in the list

The six greatest performances in Ashes history

Agreed rebellion, welcome to the team Bancroft. Wade will be lucky to be in a shield team next season.

Double ton gives Cam Bancroft one foot in the door for Ashes selection

Rediculous comment, the selectors will have narrowed down contenders for the contentious positions in the team. Those being keeper, 6 and now unfortunately opening partner for Warner. I think the captain has every right to have input on who he feels will help him execute the game he wants to win. I don’t think it should be absolute and if the selection panel are unsure of who to go with out of 2 players then the captains call could be used to help decide. I think this is what happened with Wade over Neville, I think it was the wrong call but I can understand why it has gone down that way. There hasn’t been a keeper to force their hand out of this poor decision yet but Wade even more atrocious than usual is doing that for us.

Steve Smith gets a say in selections, but it's not final

As a bulls supporter it is painful to watch him bat atm. He is a young lad who’s early technique has been exposed and it’s now on the selectors to help him and support him. I think think best way they can do this is release him from a possible confidence shattering ashes series and leave him in the shield where there is a gluttony of world class bowlers for him to get it right. If he can he will come back into the team with plenty of time and be the man to soak up 200 balls leaving our number 3 and 4 to feast on the old ball.

The glaring technical flaw that's making Matt Renshaw a bunny

The article states that the bowlers are bowling to each other, as far as I can see all the test team starting bat’s and prospects are batting in this round of the shield. Once the team is announced I’m sure they will unleash their bowling plans on our own bat’s in the nets first.

Australian pace trio forced to hold back in nets

I would even argue that once a batsman gets his eye in at the WACA, it becomes somewhat of a batsman’s paradise have a look at Warner’s record at the WACA has absolutely pillaged runs there.

I would agree that Hobart would be the hardest as it consistently has something in it for the bowler, I think the Gabba with the new ball and cloud cover can cause many a batting collapse also.

Time to jump on the Bancroft bandwagon

I have to disagree with your comments surrounding usman, in my opinion he is one of the best batsman in the country batting in Australian conditions and was clearly the most assured of the bats during the first rounds of the shield.
I also think our bowling attack is capable of taking 20 English wickets no matter how flat the track is so the need for an extra assured bat at 7 would be of more benefit to the team. Someone like Bancroft to steady a ship in case of collapse and to let our bowlers bat naturally for 20-30 runs each knowing the guy at the other end isn’t going anywhere.
I do agree with the rest of your team and Maxwell at 6 for the first two games if he doesn’t work out a poor batsman at 6 makes sense I think any of Cartwright, Lehman, pattenson would do a good job.

Who will be in the starting 11 at the Gabba?

This is game has not been picked up by any of the FTA stations. You could subscribe to a free 2 week trial for foxtel now and stream the game. The other northern tour games are being televised on SBS. Problem solved 🙂

Japan vs Wallabies preview and prediction