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Yes, Storm fan. Yes, happy about result. But seriously, that call. So biased. Normally, able to distance self from commentators, but Gould. *allows self hyperbolic reaction* OMG. Just so bad. Nails much shorter after Panther comeback, so well done them. Was not confident coming into game. Felt gutsy effort. Good control and experience counts for much.

Four talking points from the NRL grand final

Sub-editors can rarely resist a pun.

Ricky sticks it to critics

A behind the back pass that’s not a forward pass. Nice work.

JOC wows at Wallabies training with this utterly filthy round-the-back pass

I’ve always felt that the casual engager with the game benefits from clear explanations from the knowledgeable “rusted on” fan. The new rule has its place, I think, but clarity over its application is somewhat lacking. Often, for those who follow the game, it’s hard to tell why the six again call is made at any given stage and therein lies the problem.

Does the new rule lead to a better game?

I agree with your disagreement as I don’t think Lynagh was either one-dimensional or unskilled. I enjoyed his work and the way he played, I just have a distinct memory of him being initially selected, and him stating, because of his boot.

Rugby must now pull together, not apart