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Football writer and analyst with expertise in Liverpool FC and the Premier League and extensive knowledge in La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A and the Championship. Specific proficiency in player analysis and football finance. Currently studying Business and Communications majoring in Marketing and Digital Media at The Queensland University of Technology.



You’re right Ben is still a good player and an elite defender, but his inability to score outside the paint and from the line really hurts his team in the playoffs. When it’s half court basketball he really struggles and I think that’s why Giddey becomes the better player if he develops his shooting.

Why Giddey can fill the shoes Ben Simmons never could

Inman has been good, but he does go missing in some games where he can’t find space. Would argue Jay O’Shea or maybe even Scott McDonald who has been our best player by a country mile since joining for season highlight instead.

A-League season review: Brisbane Roar

BOS has been fantastic, but I feel as though Eze is the one who makes the their attack tick. Not to say losing BOS wouldn’t be bad, but if Eze left then there is a much bigger hole in the side.

Ebere Eze: The best player in the Championship?

Everyone of those organisations have stated that a ‘null and void’ season is the last thing they want to happen. As much as it saddens me to say, the financial impact declaring this season as finished
is too great. It would breach numerous contracts as well as put dozens of clubs in the football league in danger of administration from the loss of potential income. For me at least, it is just inconceivable to have the season finish as it is.

Jack Grealish: The key to Villa's Premier League survival

There are numerous examples of club’s being relegated from the Premier League struggling and even getting relegated upon their return to the Championship, such as Sunderland, Wigan and Stoke. Hull too have struggled since relegation, but this I believe is more down to Allam gutting the squad by selling their best assets rather than the particular style of football they play.

What is happening at Hull City?

Yeah it’s a real shame. Do you reckon sacking Hodgson will give you guys more of a chance at survival?

Roy's boys in danger of the drop, as relegation looms large at Selhurst Park