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Starc only played one test out of five. He can be frustrating at times, but geez, the selectors did under sell him. Very strange how Marsh and Siddle were in the same side. In fact it was a weird test match by Australia. The players looked disinterested. They got what they deserved.

England win despite stunning Matt Wade ton

I agree, it should start now in September. Most likely Fox won’t have the rights in the next tv cycle. I am hoping it’s a ten/Optus partnership. If that happens, then you won’t have to worry about Fox’s interests in other codes.
This weekend, there will be no NRL or AFL on Sunday. It might be finals football, but there’s less football games. Do some smart scheduling around the two codes, and it can work. Bring in Thursday night football for the first month.

Is it time to start the A-League season in September?

Lodge is averaging 157 metres per game. He is not everyone ‘s cup of tea after what he did off the field, but he goes ok. Other forwards like Gillett, Glenn, Ofahengaue, TPJ, have all played rep footy.

Unb-Eel-ievable! Parramatta blow away Broncos 58-0

That was embarrassing by Brisbane. I do feel for the very knowledgeable Bronx fans on this site. Chin up lads. The sun will shine tomorrow. Broncos will come back. It will take time.

Anyway, they got beaten 58-0, not by the Roosters or Melbourne, but against a fifth place team, which gives a perspective of far they are off the pace from sides in the top 2 or 3.

Brisbane were very lucky to make the eight. Only 11 wins and a negative for and against. They were beneficiaries of making the eight thanks to the collapse of a few sides around them like Penrith and Newcastle.

Brisbane has a great forward pack, but it has three hookers and no halves.The thing i would do is offload McCullough and bring in someone like Sezer. Broncos need an experienced half. Don’t rely everything on Dearden. Let him find his way. Have a look at Parra. Moses is the dominant half, while young Dylan Brown is settling in.

As for Boyd, thats a tough one. He has two years to run on his contract and is 32. I am not sure how Brisbane is going to deal with Boyd.

Unb-Eel-ievable! Parramatta blow away Broncos 58-0

One of the reasons why Canberra can go all the way is because they are strong defensively. Stuart going from a big pack to a mobile pack has helped. And Bateman has to be the buy of the season.

Canberra have a winnable game against either Souths or Manly. Although both sides have beaten Canberra at their home ground.

Would love to see Canberra in a GF. That would be refreshing.

Btw, another dismal Dragons loss, this time in the women’s comp. Gotta be Mary’s fault.

Six talking points from Melbourne Storm vs Canberra Raiders NRL qualifying final

I did write an article about the 50 point stat a couple of years ago.
Parra have done alright this year. To be fair to Arthur, he was smart with his recruitment. He bought Paulo and Lane for some size in the forward pack. And he got wingers who can play as forwards like Ferguson and Sivo.
But geez, look at Parramatta’s road to the GF.
Week 1: v Brisbane- home
Week 2: v Melbourne- away
Week 3: v Sydney Roosters- away
That’s a fairly easy draw… :shocked:

Win or lose today, Parramatta are the NRL's walking dead

With Steve Waugh, during that period before he got his first century, he was younger than Bancroft and Harris, plus he was a genuine fifth bowling option. I can understand why people want to compare Mitch Marsh with S.Waugh.

Plus he did show some promise. Against the West Indies in 88/89, which featured an attack of Ambrose, Walsh, Marshall and Patterson, he averaged 41.

Out of Harris and Bancroft, the one I’d persist with is Harris. Averaged 37 against India and Bumrah. Also was the leading run scorer in the SS. While with Bancroft, he looks all at sea with his technique.

Archer and Curran rip through Australia

Maybe not Penrith, but I do agree that the forwards from other sides have performed better than the Burgi. Cam Murray has carried Souths forward pack on his back.

Six talking points from Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs qualifying final

They should’ve picked Warner when he had some first class form behind him. Instead the selectors rested him during the tour matches.

Archer and Curran rip through Australia

Bancroft has played 10 tests for an average of 26. That’s plenty of chances. Meanwhile Harris is in his 9th test and is averaging 25.

When you combine the scores of both Harris and Bancroft in this series, it’s roughly the same as Warner’s in terms of runs and averages. Neither of them are scoring runs to put pressure back on Warner to keep his spot.

But you do have a point about Burns. He should’ve been in the squad. My consistent argument with Warner is he has hardly played any first class cricket over the last 16-17 months.

Archer and Curran rip through Australia

When it came to picking the batsman in the Ashes squad, it is hard to be critical of the selectors.

They picked Smith, Warner and Khawaja due to their experience. Head was selected after having a good start to his test career.

Harris and Wade were picked as they were the top two leading run scorers in the SS.

Labuschangne was picked due to his great form in County cricket. Bancroft might have got lucky to get selected over Burns, while with M.Marsh, the allrounders spot was more of a luxury than a necessity.

In a way, I am glad that Pucovski wasn’t picked. He was preserved for the future.

But all in all, the selectors mostly got it right with the batsman in the squad. Unfortunately, barring Smith and Labs, the rest have been awful.

Archer and Curran rip through Australia

Then who do you pick? Warner was an established test opener before Cape Town and Wade was second in most runs in the SS.

And you can include Harris, who was the leading run scorer in the SS.

So Christo, who do you replace them with?

Archer and Curran rip through Australia

Souths can still come back next week and beat either Cronulla or Manly. It’s a winnable game. However in the week 3, they will have to travel to either Melbourne or Canberra. And that’s a tough trip either way.

Personally, I think Souths have the forwards. The problem for Souths is the Burgess boys have been inconsistent. Maybe it’s a good thing that one of them is leaving.

I am glad you mentioned Liam Knight. He is one forward who has been consistent in recent times. He has improved. He just needs to back it up next game, next year and beyond.

As for the Roosters, they have embarrassed plenty of sides this year. Verrills is a good young hooker. I’ll go the early crow by saying that Verrills will play for NSW.

Six talking points from Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney Rabbitohs qualifying final

It’s hard to say what the 2020’s bring. There may not be the same amount of future immortals playing, but there could be depth in terms of future hall of famers.

Why the 2020s will be a decade to remember for the NRL

His batting shouldn’t be a bonus. When you bat in the top six, you are expected to make runs.

Humble pie all 'round as Mitch Marsh rips through England

Well done to Mitch Marsh. His four wickets have kept Australia in the game. But of course, his big test will be when he comes out to bat.

But what a bizarre opening day. Australia elects to bowl first on a good pitch, just three days after they bowled an almost full day at Old Trafford. Then they selected Siddle over Starc, despite the fact that they picked M.Marsh. And Lyon only bowls four overs.

Just shaking my head with some of those decisions. Obviously they celebrated too hard in Manchester. Too much alcohol has affected their decision making.

Humble pie all 'round as Mitch Marsh rips through England

You raise a good point about the fifth bowling option. There’s enough part time options in the top 6 to bowl 10 or 15 overs between them. Actually i think Labuschagne can bowl the 10 or 15 overs himself. He is a very capable leg spinner. He already has ten wickets.

Dropping Head for Marsh was a mistake


The Roar’s Glenn Mitchell tweeted that in 1992 against Sri Lanka, Mark Waugh had scores of 5, 56, 0, 0, 0 and 0. At the time, he was averaging 33 with 2 test centuries and wasn’t dropped. Also Australia had so many batting options in that period.

Warner has 21 tons and averages in the mid 40’s. Warner’s record buys him time….for now. Plus, Australia doesn’t have the batting depth of the 90’s and 2000’s.

Some people may not like Warner, including yourself Qwetzen, and that’s fine.

However, you have too look at the alternatives to Warner. There is no real standouts to replace him. The only way to replace Warner is if Harris, Bancroft and others start scoring runs.

Dropping Head for Marsh was a mistake

Western United will give the A League a much needed fresh look, but Bankwest will give the WSW and the code a different dimension. The last few years, the WSW were the Travelling Wilburys. Now they could have a fortress on their hands.

Parramatta has won 8 out of 10 games. When I went to watch the Dragons, the crowd noise is on another level. After the game we walked onto the field, and I was saying to my brother-in-law, this stadium can be a fortress for both Parramatta and the WSW. It has that cauldron like feel about it.

So when the WSW are trailing with ten to go plus stoppages at Bankwest, don’t write them off.

How valuable will Bankwest Stadium be to the Wanderers?

Hey Scottie, thanks for the talking points articles this year. Geez, it’s finals already!

Cronulla were back to their grinding best against the Tigers, and perhaps they may have unearthed a winger named Ronaldo. If Moylan is fit, who do they drop, Ronaldo or Feki?

Manly is starting to run out of troops at the wrong time of the year. I cant see them beating Cronulla, but they’ve had great year regardless.

Brisbane finished 8th and were lucky to make it with just 11 wins and a draw. Not expecting much from the Broncos, as they are too inconsistent.

So Souths avoid going to Melbourne in week 1 with a double chance, however if they lose against the Roosters and Storm do the job against Canberra, then the Bunnies will head towards the pathway of having to go down to Melbourne for a sudden death preliminary final. And Souths don’t have a great record in Melbourne.

As for Gould, I would be surprised if anything of significance comes out of it.

Seven talking points from NRL Round 25

Your last sentence sums it up. The things is, do we have people in the independent commission capable of ‘growing more money’?

The death of a Sydney NRL club is inevitable

I will be confident when Stokes is out.

Australia in box seat to retain Ashes today

Not sure if using the crowd metric is the way to go, especially when Brisbane is the only team in a city of well over 2 million people.

Like I said earlier in the week, Nine doesn’t have the right to relocate or discontinue teams. And please, quit the argument because they “pay the bills”. The NRL over the years has allowed Nine to pick their teams and time slots. They have got away with one hour delay replays, 42 minute matches, Thursday night football, Friday night Broncos and night time grand finals.

And on top of all of that, in the past, Nine would show NRL matches in Melbourne after midnight.

Since 1992, Nine’s coverage hadn’t helped the growth of the NRL. Yesterday there was an article about Ten/CBS been interested in the NRL.

I really hope there is a change of network. NRL fta coverage badly needs a freshen up.

The death of a Sydney NRL club is inevitable

Not sure if Anasta and Finch are going to excite me. :silly:

How to fix rugby league commentary

I was watching Parra v Manly last night. When Sivo scored, the whole crowd chanted SIVO, SIVO, SIVO. It sounded awesome. However when the chant was happening, Anasta and Finch were talking over it.

Sometimes you got to be silent at moments like a crowd chant or a viking clap, and give the fan at home, a better viewing experience. Silence can be just as golden in commentary. Richie Benaud was good at it.

How to fix rugby league commentary