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Bruce Ried, Ryan Harris and now James Pattinson. Careers that remained unfulfilled due to injury. Actually those three could’ve formed a decent attack too.

Pace star retires as Nathan Lyon suffers concussion

Mooy goes to the bench. He is slow and is currently playing in the Chinese Superannuation League. He should’ve stayed in England for at least another year or two to be sharpe and match harden for a potential world cup in Qatar.
If Australia had more depth in the midfield with players getting regular minutes in decent leagues, then Mooy would be out of the squad altogether. The lack of competition has kept him in the squad.
As for the game, Arnold outfoxed himself from changing his formation and picking an unbalanced team. He should’ve played two wingers and try to catch Japan on the counter. And the frustrating thing out of all of this is that Australia were 6 or 7 minutes away from getting a point.

How does Arnold fit Mooy, Rogic and Hrustic into the same team?

RIP to Norm Provan. I am just glad that he became an immortal before the inevitable.

Forever an Immortal: rugby league icon Norm Provan dies aged 88

Congrats to the Redcliffe Dolphins. Welcome to the NRL. Their jersey is predominantly red, so in a sense, the Steelers are back!
Is it possible that they could expand Dolphins stadium? Also, the Dolphins should look to tap into Sunshine Coast as far as players and support is concerned.
Also can’t wait for Redcliffe v Cronulla. Dolphins v Sharks.

Dolphins in, Redcliffe out and Wayne Bennett to coach

Great post and a great attitude.

Dolphins in, Redcliffe out and Wayne Bennett to coach

The team lacked balanced. Rogic, Mooy, Hrustic and Irvine all started. You can’t have all four of them on the pitch together, especially when you play with a back four too.

Just go back to basicc away from home with two wingers, attacking midfield and striker in the final third. Mabil and Boyle are scoring regularly, so why change?

Arnold was trying to be cute with his selections and in the end, he outfoxed himself. And in the prevoius campaign, Ange had his three at the back which wasnt successful.

My advice to Arnold is to just keep it simple in the future. Japan were good, but they have played better in the past.

'Really great, intelligent football': Arnie's weird boast as Socceroos' Japanese jinx continues

And the concern I have is they will pay overs for some of those off contract players.

Revealed: Dolphins recruitment plan and marquee hit list for 2023 NRL debut season

Not a bad idea to bring in players for Intrust next year and test them out. And i reckon they should be allowed salary cap exemption for next year and possibly 2023, to help them build into an NRL club.

Revealed: Dolphins recruitment plan and marquee hit list for 2023 NRL debut season

This game for Australia is a ‘free hit’. They have won their first three games, and regardless of tonights result, Australia would still be in a good position.
Now correct me if i am wrong, but Australia hasn’t beaten Japan in 12 years, but still manage to qualify for previous world cups.
If anything Japan’s loss against Oman at home is proving to be very costly. It’s the same opposition that Australia beat on neutral territory only a few days ago.
As for tonights game, I’d expect Japan to come out harder and on the front foot. They have to, because they need the three points. Maybe Australia’s best hope is on the counter attack. Anyway, it would be nice if Australia gets a result. However if Australia go down, its not the end of the world.
PS: I miss seeing our national team playing at home. Fingers crossed they are on home soil against Saudi Arabia next month. NSW reopened yesterday, so who knows.

The Socceroos must be better against Japan

Perhaps Redcliffe’s biggest signing is Wayne Bennett. Next year, he would be watching the Dolphins play in the Intrust QCup and he would cast an eye over the players in their current system.

Redcliffe may not need to recruit an entire squad.

Revealed: Dolphins recruitment plan and marquee hit list for 2023 NRL debut season

Do the Dolphins have players in their current system that can step up to NRL level? If they don’t have a marquee coming through, do they at least have players that could play a role, eg a backrower with high work rate, but isn’t flashy like Fafita or Kikau.

Ideally in a 30 man squad, 10 of those would come from within the system, and recruit the rest.

Revealed: Dolphins recruitment plan and marquee hit list for 2023 NRL debut season

Next year, Qatar will host the world cup. In the lead up, migrant workers have died whilst building stadiums.

You can say once again “refer to the article’s fifth paragraph’, but it does highlight another example. You can’t just cherry pick with Newcastle.

Also it’s irrelevant what the big teams think of the takeover. In their self interests, they don’t want another contender for the epl title.

But at the end of the day, you can’t blame Newcastle or their fans. To succeed in the EPL, you need money, and heaps of it. The governing body of the EPL has allowed capitalism, where they encourage venture capitalists to come in.

Plus with no salary cap, the same old few teams always wins.

How do you compete? Man U dominated for a long time. They had the most money. So Chelsea decided to bring in Abramovich. Few years later, Sheikh Mansour became City’s owner, and now Newcastle with the Saudi’s.

In the end, the EPL did rubber stamp on the takeover. Don’t blame Newcastle. Blame the EPL system, where capitalism is more important than morals and football.

Quid game: Why Newcastle’s Saudi takeover turns my stomach as much as the Netflix classic

In a run chase, he either drops down the order, or rotates the srtike. In 1984, WI chased down 344 on the last day, with Greenidge 214* and Gomes 92*. Gomes just chipping away, while Greenidge went ballistic at the other end. Street could learn something from that.

DAMIEN FLEMING'S First Ashes Test XI: 'In an ideal world he doesn't play', 'the one we've waited years for'

I’d like to see Street lift his strike rate up before being considered. His strike rate is 30. It looks as though that he is not looking for singles and rotating the strike. And therefore is placing pressure on his partner to do the scoring.

If Street can get it towards 40, then he can be an asset for the test side, as he chews up alot of deliveries.

DAMIEN FLEMING'S First Ashes Test XI: 'In an ideal world he doesn't play', 'the one we've waited years for'

Geez Boyle is really becoming a key player. He has now scored 5 goals in 8 appearances. Very handy coming from a winger. As a player, he is very direct. Mabil is also doing well with 6 goals in 18 appearances.

Compare it with other wingers like Kruse and Leckie:
Kruse- 5 goals in 75 caps
Leckie- 13 goals in 65 caps

HISTORY MAKERS! Socceroos charge on with record 11th straight World Cup win, as Japan falter again

Maybe both sides paid tribute to Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts, with ‘Paint in Black’ kits. On a more serious note, Souths finished lower, and should’ve wore white shorts, and alternative jersey where there is white on the sides.

Guts, game control and a gift from Cody Walker: Grand Final talking points

Congrats to Penrith. Their third premiership. And geez, they did it the hard way. After losing to Souths in the first week, they narrowly beat Parramatta, Melbourne and Souths. Either game could’ve gone against Penrith.

Panthers were always in control with the kicking and field position, whilst the Bunnies did well just to hang in there the whole game. Football is a game of inches. Had Walker found his outside man, then who knows. Instead his pass found Chricton. And Reynolds conversion wasn’t too far off from the sideline.

It was a gutsy grand final from both sides. Penrith had a tough month of football, while Souths were still competing without Mitchell.

Also congrats to everyone involved in the NRL. They completed another season during this pandemic, with the last three months based in Qld.

Guts, game control and a gift from Cody Walker: Grand Final talking points

And remember: gamble responsibly.

Postponement still an option for NRL grand final

I’m sure over a period of time, the Covid vaccine will improve. Today we need a double dose. In the future, we might only need one dose.

Postponement still an option for NRL grand final

Umm, the NRL could still postponed it as late as tomorrow. This pandemic has thrown up different twists and scenarios. An example, an entire Origin series in Qld.
However, Qld, today has just recorded two local cases. So with two days to go, it looks likely that the GF will go ahead with 50 to 75% crowd capacity.

Postponement still an option for NRL grand final

I agree. The roll out of the vaccines has been incompetent and state premiers have different ways of dealing with outbreaks.

Postponement still an option for NRL grand final

Grand final needs to have a crowd in some capacity. Having the trophy presented in front of an empty stadium won’t feel right.

Postponement still an option for NRL grand final

I wouldn’t be elevating Labuschagne to open. I’d leave him at three, because you would have to find someone else to bat there. Labuschagne at three, Smith at four, if it ain’t broke…..
Picking two keepers in the top seven with Ingles and Carey is a gamble, The selectors did that last summer with Wade and Paine, and the result was a home series loss against a depleted Indian side.
The side i would pick at this stage would be Pucovski as one opener, while the rest of the top six is as follows:
3. Labuschagne
4. Smith
5. Head
6. Green
Now i am not convinced with Head. He does come up with some weird and wonderful ways of getting out, but there’s not many options. However if Head is disciplined with his shot selection, he can be in the side for next 6 or 7 years. It’s up to Head if he wants his test spot.
Now lets talk about the other opening spot to partner Pucovski. You have mentioned Shaun Marsh. The selectors most likely wont consider him, not because of his age, but the fact that he has been an inconsistent, enigmatic player, whose overall test average (34.31) is slightly better than Warners away test average (33.17). Plus, S.Marsh has had a few injuries throughout his career.
Of course Warner’s away average copped a beating where he played in the UK Ashes in 2019, a series where the selectors should not have picked him. He just came back from serving a 12 month suspension and had very little first class cricket under his belt leading into that Ashes series.
However, Pierro, let’s be honest, the real reason why you don’t Warner in the side is due to the events that unfolded in South Africa. It has nothing to do with Warners form, age or recent injuries, otherwise you should not had considered Shaun Marsh, who is older, inconsistent and injury prone. And look, it’s perfectly understandable. Sandpapergate is perhaps the lowest moment in Australian cricket, and Warner was central in those unsavory events in Cate Town.
You are viewing it from an emotive sense. Whereas i am looking at it from a pragmatic point of view in terms of batting alternatives to Warner. I’d love for someone to score runs and put pressure on Warner to hold on to his spot. And that’s how it should be.
Btw, I am not on Warner’s side or a fan. Thanks to him, I lost interest in cricket for a fair while after SA.

We need to stop carrying David Warner

“To allow outsiders into a room and they’ve got phones out filming … it’s mind-boggling to see these guys make these poor choices.”

Smith probably didn’t explain himself correctly here, and he could be taken out of context.

'Extremely disappointing': Cameron Smith's stunned reaction to Storm's 'white powder' trio

Who are the options?
“No we don’t need to provide a replacement list”. That’s because there isn’t any replacements at the present time. If there were, you would’ve named one or two players.

We need to stop carrying David Warner