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No, the argument is that you don’t discard one of the few blokes in the country who has the ability to change the dynamic of an innings in order to bring in another plodder, simply to cover for other failings in the batting lineup.

Maxwell’s ‘cameos’ are not ‘resulting’ in losses. If our top order was working then he’d be putting the icing on the cake, and if our top order’s not working then we aren’t going win much regardless of what Maxwell does or doesn’t do. Better to give yourself a chance of a competitive total than just accept sub-par scores.

Not sure where you got 10-25 balls either – he faced 61 balls in the series for two dismissals, at an average of 30.5 balls (basically half of a 10 over partnership) and 42.5 runs per dismissal.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

He does have x factor, which none of our other leading spin options really possess. Sort of a risk-reward type player. He could cost you 80 runs with the ball and in the field, or he could jag three quick wickets and win a game.

Australia's ODI approach falls behind the pace in more ways than one

I agree that Faulkner needs to keep stringing together good displays before he is recalled but you’re downplaying his BBL efforts too much. The Klinger decision was poor but the ball itself wasn’t bad. Swung in late and beat the bat. The field was set for leg side protection. Turner was moving outside leg to hit through the off side. Faulkner followed him to cramp him for room. Lucky wicket but smart bowling.

Richardson looks technically sound with the bat but that hardly makes him ‘every bit as good as Faulkner’. A List A average of 15.5 (SR 80) in 24 matches and only 39 runs from the 63 balls he’s faced in ODIs so far. He’s got time on his side but he’s nowhere near ready for the responsibility of batting at 8. Faulkner’s technique is solid and he has the power to find the fence. That’s what we’re lacking.

I’d happily have Agar at 8 though. His broken finger came at the worst time.

Faulkner is ready for an ODI return

Lynn and Short both bat top 3 in JLT and BBL, while Maxwell bats at 4-5. Yet you have Maxwell opening, Lynn 5 and Short 7.

I don’t doubt that Maxwell could get us off to a quick start but he is too valuable as a player who can accelerate straight away against the old ball with the field spread. We just don’t have anyone else in the side who is capable of that. He’s more valuable to the team further down the order.

Conversely, Short and Lynn are strongest with pace on the ball and the field up. Neither is a good runner between the wickets or a good starter against spin, and both like to build their innings early on. They are similar types of batsmen to Stoinis.

If you want both in the side then I would go:

S Marsh

with Maxwell floating, to be injected when the run rate needs to be lifted.

Faulkner is ready for an ODI return

What? In this BBL he has 15 wickets from 9 games at an average of 17.4 and an economy of 7.9, bowling primarily in the powerplay and at the death.

Faulkner is ready for an ODI return

I’d be happy to have Zampa and Agar in the same side. Agar’s batting at 8 would be handy too. Unfortunately Agar got injured at a crucial time.

Australia's ODI approach falls behind the pace in more ways than one

Well, done, Quetzen. A lot of snappy lines that say almost nothing. That’s actually really impressive.

I’ll happily let the other readers judge our respective credibility based on these comments.

Aaron Finch is Australia's biggest World Cup worry

I’m pretty sure what just happened creates even more uncertainty, Don. Getting picked in a squad of 13 then having it expanded makes it less likely that a particular person in the original squad will get a game. Better to start bigger and whittle it down closer to the time.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

Then pick a slightly bigger squad. If there’s any chance that one performance or an injury is going to push a player in then make sure they’re included.

In light of their inclusions you can only imagine that Patterson and Richardson were close to the original cut. They could easily have been in announced in an extended squad. Feathers in their caps, and the selectors come out of it looking smarter. Win/win.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

Fair call. It reeks of selectors not having any confidence or consistency in their own selection process.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

Lol nice try, Q. Last seven ODIs? He’s only played three in almost a year! By your logic Finch is still in good form because he got a couple of tons six months ago.

In those three ODIs Zampa hasn’t taken a wicket (he wouldve had a couple of not for catches dropped off his bowling) but his overall economy across those matches is 4.92. That’s exceptional and he’s been better with each outing, to the point where he’s outbowled Lyon.

Throw in the fact that he played 2 T20Is vs India during that period as well, taking 3 wickets (including Kohli and Rohit) from 8 overs at the ridiculous economy of 5.5 and the only conclusion you can draw is that the kid has found form. Anything else is just bluster.

Aaron Finch is Australia's biggest World Cup worry

I remember the days when almost all players had to force selectors into that corner just to make the team.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

That’s not the problem, Don. The issue is lack of logic in bothering to pick the so-called test squad before the tour match, given that they’e just changed it anyway. They should have waited, or at least picked an expanded squad initially.

No harm done, just a bit silly.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

I don’t disagree re Richardson. It’s just a massive kick in the guts to Tremain, who was on the cusp of a debut.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

3 or 4, yes. But no arguments from me. It’s the selectors you need to convince!

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

Lol. I actually like the look of him as a future test player. He just hasn’t earned selection yet.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

Also, I’m surprised there hasn’t been more made of Richardson leapfrogging Tremain into the squad. No issues with Richardson’s selection in isolation but gee Tremain has been hard done by.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

I’m skeptical that he will play. He should play, because he is in better form that any of Burns, Renshaw and Labuschagne, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the selectors just added him to keep the public happy. One of Burns or Renshaw will open with Harris, while the selectors will probably feel that Puc and Marnus did enough to warrant a spot.

Suspect it will be:


If they actually play Patterson (over either Labuschagne or Pucovski) and Richardson (instead of Siddle) I’ll be over the moon.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka

Paul, I will thrilled if we somehow make the final four! Hopefully the India and Pakistan ODIs will help us settle on a first XI.

Aaron Finch is Australia's biggest World Cup worry

He should’ve been given the opportunity to bat down the order in the India tests. Burns should have opened, with Finch at 5 in place of Handscomb.

Now Burns looks all over the place after weeks of no red ball cricket and Finch’s confidence is at a low ebb.

Aaron Finch is Australia's biggest World Cup worry

But Zampa’s not out of form… Quite the opposite. His confidence is through the roof.

Finch is 100% the biggest worry. We’ve finally found some reliable middle order batsmen in Marsh and Handscomb, we’ve unearthed more fast bowling talent in Richardson, Stoinis has vastly improved as a death bowler (which will take some heat off Starc) and we actually have a couple of genuine spin options. But none of that is a recipe for regular success if we’re getting off to awful starts.

Aaron Finch is Australia's biggest World Cup worry

And SOK, who has 16 wickets at an economy of 6.95…

I think they’re doing okay though because they have enough batting ability in the likes of Hughes, Henriques, Silk, Vince, Philippe and Curran do make reasonable totals, and enough bowling talent to defend them.

Given the gulf in consistency so far between the Hurricanes and everyone else, second spot is a reasonable ranking for the Sixers. I can’t think of anyone else I’d have ahead of them.

A clear favourite has emerged in the BBL, and we’re close to knowing the challengers too

That’s basically my line of thought. It could also just be injury related, I suppose. He’s been in and out of the side with back issues. Hard to know.

At long last, Pat Cummins will have the new ball again against Sri Lanka

Two final ball thrillers. Healy’s clutch runout to force the super over was brilliant.

Three bad surprises in BBL|08 so far

I was going to mention Meredith too. 13 wickets in 8 matches with an economy of just 7.19, despite the fact that he regularly bowls at least one over in each of the powerplay and the final four overs. He’s overshadowed Jofra Archer (9 wickets, econ. 8.05), who has been a little disappointing so far, and James Faulkner (13 wickets, econ. 8.17).

Three surprise BBL standouts