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Manchester City, Western Sydney Wanderers and Geelong Cats are my favourites.



Not at all dismissive. I just don’t like the idea of women’s football tarnished as a whole. The way it’s been described is like this behaviour is rampant in women’s football. It makes it look bad as a whole.

While it’s shocking and terrible it does happen, my point is overall it’s safe. And that view stems from talking to a lot of women involved in women’s football be they at social or elite level.

We must never forget that women's football is worth it

I see his point. It’s a tough one.

We must never forget that women's football is worth it

I assume you mean Mary Konstantopoulos. This is a difficult issue as there is no clear idea exactly what happened and the context. Anyway, I want to focus on the positives in women’s football in this.

We must never forget that women's football is worth it

I think the online trolling of some players has been disgusting. Just because these horrid behaviours has come to light doesn’t give people right to spread malicious rumours about individuals.

There needs to be a proper investigation done privately and then the findings released publicly at the right time

We must never forget that women's football is worth it

The investigation will happen in due course.

Meanwhile I can’t wait for the new season

We must never forget that women's football is worth it

Always love the way the Japanese play. Just don’t like it when it’s against us haha

Japan too slick in the end. Probably should have won by more. We need more pace in defence.

We just don’t have the creativity to me, and too many sloppy moments! We need that energetic flashy player. We just lack that at the moment.

Oh well, still top! Hopefully a positive result against Saudi Arabia and we are almost on the plane to Qatar.

'Really great, intelligent football': Arnie's weird boast as Socceroos' Japanese jinx continues

What do you mean? Those who follow W-League talk about it. Women’s football isn’t as popular so people don’t talk about it as much. The issue with the women is the team changes substantially every year. There is no stability so people are not going to hang the team out to dry.

But trust me, in the coming seasons more and more are going to make management accountable for lack of success in the women’s team.

Wander women team of the decade

Really enjoyable read

'Every game I left two tickets for Ferris Bueller': Australian cricket's underrated comedy genius

What do you mean free pass? The Wanderers need a W-League team and they sign players accordingly?

Yes it’s bad they only made finals once thus a large amount of this team come from that 2019/20 season.

Just because they made a finals series once don’t mean they shouldn’t have a team of the decade?

It’s not the players fault. The management are the ones who don’t take it seriously. The players do the best they can with what they have.

Wander women team of the decade

Sarah Hunter, who you signed this year, is a gun. She was great last season for us.

Wander women team of the decade

Thanks Waz.

Yeah I think they are doing the same with the women’s program they are doing with the men.

Building from the ground up.

They have an academy type program now for the ladies which is FREE. It started this year but was sadly interrupted by Covid.

The boys NPL programs are all FREE.

The plan is to Build from the ground up with local talent. The catch is to not make finals for a few years. So hopefully the plan reaps rewards.

In 2019/20 we invested and made finals. Last year with Covid made it difficult. This year i hope we have one or two more star quality players.

But I think our program needs to be judged in 2 years.

Wander women team of the decade

I think in NSW they will open it for everyone on 1 December including those who are not vaccinated. So I’m guessing they may see it as a non issue.

Before judging those who aren’t taking vaccines, we need to understand why?

People should be getting vaccine advice from their GP. No one else.

Personally I’m double jabbed but wouldn’t force it on anyone else. It’s their doctor who should decide.

The government also has the right to prevent people not vaccinated from getting out perhaps for their own safety as well as others.

This issue goes beyond football

Wander women team of the decade

Yeah. She was a very good player for us.
It’s a shame a few of those players didn’t play together. We may have made more finals.

Wander women team of the decade

Give it a rest mate. If I want to support wanderers I’ll do that. Mind your own business.

Wander women team of the decade

I’m a Manchester City fan and will always love them. But the lack of competition these days makes it harder to follow.

The good thing in Australia is we understand the need for all clubs to be able to compete. Be they rich or poor, big or small. It works well in our landscape and we have thriving comps like the AFL and NRL.

What the Premier League and its 'soulless embrace of capitalism' can learn from Aussie rules

Sensational game of footy! Well done both teams!

South Sydney marches on and on

Soulless is the best way to describe that game

'Bright, shiny but lacking emotion': The inside story of 'ridiculous' Grand Final they want you to forget

Enjoy the game buddy! Should be a great clash.

South Sydney marches on and on

If anyone wants to sign on for 2022

South Sydney marches on and on

By all accounts WU were just using this to get to AAMI Park. They apparently had little intent to use Lakeside.

Western United forced out of Lakeside by South Melbourne

I get why they are doing this. But W-League was a sensational brand name!

'It's just football': Rebrand spells end of the W-League

Patience is the key. WU have been around for 2 seasons and not had a proper home. Macarthur FC have had only one Covid ravaged season.

Give them both time.

No reason why Canberra and a second Qld team can’t come in.

Wollongong would be a sensational thing for fans at least. Great away day.

Football Australia needs to acknowledge two big mistakes

Health will always come first. I doubt that we will start as planned. It might be ok though to push it out closer to the start of the summer holidays. With not many high profile sports from end of September, sports fans will be chomping at the bit and the A-League and W-League will be Ready and waiting.

When is it safe to start the A-League and will anyone turn up?

Use the money coming from the TV deal and also some of the equity coming in. Also lots of sponsors jumping on board towards 2023. Take that money and invest it. We have to be reasonable and realistic of course

No more excuses for W-League coaching poverty

Thanks for your input! Agree coaches should be judged on results. Logically the harder you work the better youd be.

No more excuses for W-League coaching poverty