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Manchester City, Western Sydney Wanderers and Geelong Cats fan here. Follow New Orleans Saints (NFL), Chicago Cubs (MBL) and New York Knicks (NBA). Also have a soft spot for the crazy gang (AFC Wimbledon).



We have the formula for success! Give young kids minutes and develop them. Put the experience around them to fast track it. Sell these guys and ladies overseas and generate revenue! Our national teams will benefit

Skoko on Olyroos: 'I don’t think people understand how big that is'

Agree wholeheartedly. More women in A-League coaching spots is a must

Equity in women coaches and leadership roles is the key to advancing women in football

Olyroos will play on 7Mate

Prime-time Matildas set to kick off Olympic extravaganza against ancient rival

That would be a great appetiser for the World Cup.

Though it may be better to have it in India (Covid permitting), and really boost the profile of women’s football in such a hugely populated country. This in turn may mean more eyeballs for the 2023 World Cup down under?

Growing the W-League fan-base is more important than ever

Macarthur FC is the retirement home

Macarthur FC sign former Socceroos goalkeeper for inaugural campaign

Interesting scenario. I have a friend who is a Brisbane Roar fan but if the Strikers come in, he may change as He lives 10 minutes from Perry Park.

The confusing thing about A-League expansion

I am pretty sure they went for Gallop so they dont have to have a football person in football. If the FFA were smart they would tap Andrew Demtriou on the shoulder and offer him a nice little package

Time for the beautiful game to be bold

The Wanderes became popular in season 1 purely due to results on the field which were fortunately enhanced by a fantastic atmosphere at the game. Both went hand in hand. Sadly some in the RBB got ahead of themsleves and thought its about them. Now the team is struggling the RBB feel they are more important. It always happens in supporters groups.

At the end of the day the RBB are a very important part of the WAnderers and lets hope for the good of the game they are back.

The beauty about being a Wanderer

Shame the negativity surrounding last Sundays match. I remember going to the a league opener last year when 60,000 turned up and in 2014 when 40,000 turned up at the SFS. I took a mate there who had never been to a game and he was blown away by the atmosphere and the electricity of the crowd. Sadly this issue has reared its head when the A league is struggling.

I am keeping faith though. After Sunday things will hopefully get back to normal with the Wanderers. The Socceroos can put on a good show at the World Cup which will boost soccer. A league expansion will be announced in October this year meaning a fresh wave of excitement. The Matildas will have a red hot crack at the World Cup next year.

Hopefully this is another blip on the road for the world game and we can keep powering forward afterwards.

Record numbers of kids playing the sport all goes well for a bright future.

Red and Black Blockheads

I like the idea of a conference simply due to the fact it will cut costs and make it easier for W league players who are essentially part time footballers.

Expanding the W-League in a global market

True but Southern Expansion have been by far the most local of the bids. I think they are a shoe in for the next round of expansion.

Geelong is finally on the world game map

Geelong is coming on in leaps and bounds. Whilst the region is thriving i think they are about 5 years away from a serious A league bid and prob 10 years away from actually getting in. I think a W league team or NYL team is far more feasible in the immediate future.

Geelong is finally on the world game map

I dont agree there has been no advancement. Look at this:

That is a $300M investment. More than any of the other owners are putting in?

They were ready to bring a W league team in this year.

They have people with football credentials backing them.

They have a base of around 40-60000 registered footballers in the St George/Sutherland/South Coast region.

They obviously will make a huge dent into Australian football including grabbing Asian fans.

Sounds like a major threat to me.

It's time for football to stop being treated like an exclusive club in Australia

Chris am well aware of the numbers for soccer football….i am well involved in it. Why then are the 1.2 million not transferring into a League fans?

Bagging out the AFL, the most successful code is not a way to hide soccers problems…you hardcore soccer fans are the ones bringing up AFL all the time and accusing people you dont agree with of being afl fans??? which is again very immature.

How a first and second tier could work

But apparently our resident expert clique says everything is ok?

A-League at the cross roads

lol thankyou very much for showing your lack of credibility…

“I’d rather ALeague appeal to diehard football fans – even if it means just 10k turn up to matches each week – than appeal to people like you, who find nothing about ALeague to bring them joy.”

You have proven exactly what i have thought about you and some other soccer diehards.

You want to be an exclusive club. You are happy to get 10K hard core rather than 20K including casual fans. Speaks volumes about how selfish you are and your lack of open mindedness to grow the game. The A league wont survive if we just have 10K hard core fans. Can you not understand that?

Saying i dont get any joy from the A league because you dont like what i say is completely childish and immature. I am sure i wouldnt be involved as much as i am if waht you said was true.

I enjoy putting people like you in your place cause you are a funny lot who are one of the major problems soccer faces and one of the reasons the game doesnt grow. Oh and its spelt soccer not “sokkah” LOL

If you want an exclusive club id suggest you go and start your own private organisation where you and your clique of mates can go and talk about how the world is against you.

This is a public forum where i will express my views how and when i want. If you dont like what i say, tough luck.

Anyway not wasting anymore time on a person whod rather 10K in hard core fans than growing the game and attracting more.

The A-League needs injection of life

LOL is that all you got?

Bit dissapointed tbh

Nah its not nonsense. Clearly you are closed minded and find me a threat on this site lol Doesnt worry me one bit. Attacking me to try and discredit what i write isnt working lol all you and your clique of mates have to say is that im talking rubbish or have no knowledge of football or i hate a league lol nothing constructive, just childish attacks. Speaks volumes of your lack of intellect and more importantly proves one of the reasons why soccer struggles compared to other sports i.e. an exclusive boys club who think they know everything and are afraid of anyone different who comes along.

The A-League needs injection of life

@Chris saying i dont like A league or W league is just a lie and obviously very childish. Grow up. People are allowed to critique soccer and suggest ways to improve it.

I have admitted i dont watch every A league or W league game and admit its boring. So what? Doesnt mean i hate it. I have a life unlike some hardcore fans who are obsessed with the game and think because they are they have more of a right to a say because they consider themselves custodians of the game…what a laugh that is.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion not just you.

You need to also be open to ways to grow the game.

How a first and second tier could work

He is also getting his clique of mates to comment on his behalf hahaha funny how you all think you’re a “family” or something and are protective of each other lol Its sad you all think you know what’s good for football whilst continually ignoring the games struggles.

Saying someone doesnt like football cause you dont like their suggestions and making that up is completely childish and immature. My articles are putting forward suggestions which people are welcome to disagree with. I dont think any of my articles are malicious or negative to the game but rather realistic and suggestive of ways to make things better.

How a first and second tier could work

kAngajets have we got stats on how the Star Wars round went? The a league is going so well they had a Star Wars round. Have you got stats to show how that impacted the crowd

How a first and second tier could work

GLAD you think everything is ok. But we have others to think about. You seem like one of Those people who just ignores everything and pretends all is ok. It isn’t.The a league crowds are down whereas the W league Is growing and we need to take advantage of that. The A league has had to give away free tickets to kids (which is a great idea) but giving away freebies when the a league is well established is a concern.

Sorry Punter but soccer has failures? The A league hasn’t shrunk, the Socceroos barely made the World Cup, our governing body is under threat from fifa…we have a burgeoning junior system yet what pathway will they have with the way things need are at the top?

The AFL is booming. Have a look at the crowds at their games. Who cares no one else in the world watches? Irrelevant really.

How a first and second tier could work

Well the reality is you all are sooking cause someone new is coming along and having a different idea hahaha I’ve yet to see you say anything constructive?

For example what do you two think we need to do to make the a league and w league better?

How a first and second tier could work

Hahaha so you havent seen me before? So? What’s that got to do with anything?

You obviously have a little clique going and like typical old school soccer fans don’t like anyone else coming in you see as a threat. Then you blame everyone else (e.g. the afl) for soccers failures. One of The reasons soccer hasn’t performed as well at the high level
Is due to people like yourself who can’t let go and see anything or anyone new as a threat.

By the way I do watch W league just admitting I don’t watch it that much. Hence why I was proposing ways to make it better rather than people like you who just want to complain and not do anything hahaa

How a first and second tier could work

Melbourne City will do well signing this gem. She is a superstar of the future.

Life on the fringes: Emily Kenshole's W-League story

There has been a 22% increase in the average crowds to W league games and i have no doubt part of that is due to double headers. AVerage crowds sit at around 1800 compared to around 1500 last season. The W league crowds at double headers are measured I believe by checking the turnstiles when the W league game is on. The fact is more people are exposed to it which is great . I was at the W league game at Marconi Stadium in December when Perth came to play the WAnderers. The number of kids and adult wanting to see Sam Kerr was great. SHe should be used to market so many more games.

How can we expose the hidden diamond that is the W-League?