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Has the forward lost his role in the game?

6 Mar 2012

Ever since the contested scrum disappeared from rugby league, we’ve had an awfully big (and frankly, quite ugly) elephant in the room.

Does Adelaide really need the rugby codes?

29 Jun 2011

After watching the Adelaide Oval international some time ago now, I was forced to confront (again) what it is I don’t particularly like about Adelaide, which seems to come to the fore when I see and think about the Adelaide Crows.

Limiting what constitues forward movement

3 Mar 2011

This is my first article for a while, so bear with me. Quite a simple premise actually: why is that in all football codes the law-givers, makers and shakers have uniformly conceived that you simply cannot move the ball forward at whim… a free market of movement of the ball/man if you will?

Who invented the idea of a goal in sports?

24 May 2009

I could answer this one myself and say that we’re never going to know. It was probably some kid in deepest, darkest Africa. It’s possibly been with us as long as we’ve played all kinds of games, well before the notion of playing with a possum (foot) ball was in anyway articulated or expressed.