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I don’t think they should trade for a star. Hypothetically, they could have a realistic chance at the likes of Bradley Beal and Victor Oladipo if they wanted to, but I don’t believe they should. They already have Curry and Klay, another star is not what they need, they need a bench.

I 100% agree with needing a sixth man who can score. That needs to be their main priority this offseason.

I mean, they probably will TRY to ship Draymond. But I don’t see any team willing to take a washed star on a 100m contract who needs some of the best shooters ever to be a good player. Trading him would be more of a salary dump for the Warriors then a trade to improve the team.

Can the Golden State Warriors return to their former glory in 2021?

Thanks man!

I’ve had Lakers in 5 since the start. After today, my prediction remains the same. I don’t think the Lakers will sweep, the Heat are a passionate team and will be able to take one game. But with Dragic potentially out for the series and Bam playing hurt now, I don’t think they can win the series.

Anthony Davis, LeBron James and the Lakers show out in Game 1 to take an early series lead