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Was at the game in Dunners and then went back to after match with ABs. Talking to a couple of them and both their comment was that game was more physical than any game they had played against SA . Looking at the structure of how Fiji played was different to any I’ve seen them play. I would suggest any win against them is a good one and currently , the ABs are not the leading team in world rugby.

All Blacks to unleash Mo'unga at 10 for second Fiji Test

Enjoyed your article . I actually enjoyed the game as well , I actually think the wobblies aren’t as bad as what a lot seem to . I noticed a change of game plan 1/2 way through the first half which I took to be a novelty for them to actually adapt . I think there are signs of good coaching and and signs of Mckellar starting to show . Yes ,they go wide to fast , yes ,I couldn’t understand the French not being pinged for lazing around. I thought the law was the tackler has to roll east or west . Yes , there frequently was no clear release but it was actually ,given the speed of arrival as to who was the tackler. I actually , through wine coloured glasses, wondered a couple of times in maul defence that the French ,enmasse, swam up the side of an Aussie drive and took out the ball carrier.
I think they are missing a heavy ball runner in the backs and that exacerbates the issues you comment on.
But all in all ,things aren’t that bad !

Four things the Wallabies need to change

Bobby ,which kick was poor , the one that Wright didn’t manage to force, the one that Kellaway couldn’t quite get to or the one that he put onto grass that the French bloke put out for a line out around the 22 in the last 5 or so, or was it the error when he slightly overrun to not score . Totally understand that you have far more insight that WG , it stands to reason as you post here so much .
Personally it reminded me of Crusaders/All Blacks making positive attempt errors, better than rinse, repeat ,fail, rinse, repeat ,fail .
Ill take that performance over many Ive seen .
Loved the game .

WILL GENIA: Why I'd opt for Noah and Tate, and loved Hunter's 'ballsy' play

Totally agree KCOL, with out a foundation it’s very hard to build anything that will last . Australian strength always used to be the ability to coach smart but with out a base where do the coaches learn?
How many AB ( and probably lots of other countries)coaches were school coach’s?
Where do the future learn to love a game if they aren’t exposed to it ?
Trickle down economics never works, why do people think trickle down sport will?

Super Rugby AU thrashes the Trans-Tasman competition in rugby's ratings war

If you were the national coach advisor for RA and had direct influence into each Australian Super team , what would you advise the coaches on to concentrate on in relation to tactics and or select which players on ? Team by team .

Get your questions in for Issue 17 of Coach's Corner

Tacking ewes, that doesn’t sound fair.

The Wrap: Five-try Wainui reveals Super Rugby’s bald truth

Comfort eating, I do it with beer and wine.

Back to back row: When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Might have a slightly round tv but I thought both Naisarani and Uelese looked a bit pudgy around the middle, possibly due to uncertainty at the Rebels . Harry’s style may also consign Samu to an also ran . Maybe this is what Rennie saw about Samu and Naisarani last year?

Back to back row: When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Same way as everything is fixed , start at the top and work your way down.

Michael Cheika dismayed by shoddy Waratahs defence

Thanks for that . I totally get the complexity issue ,the viewers ignorance issue and a few beers not necessarily lifting our intelligence but the thing I found most interesting was your comment on not enforcing certain things like offside, if play is not affected. As a player I invariable knew when I was offside , if it wasn’t enforced I would be offside as much as I could . If the ref pinged someone then we adapted . I sort of get what your saying re this but surely a whistle early sets the standard , this I would also apply to being in front of the kicker and a few other quantifiable penalties , would it not be better to set the standard early ,when its probably not at a critical stage rather than towards the end of the game?
I do appreciate anyone who refs as I know its a tough gig .

A referee's view - well, mine anyway

I read your comments with interest Jacko, some show good insight and thoughts . Some I’m not sure whether it’s banter or something less.

The Wrap: Reds take their learnings to break Australia’s Super Rugby duck

Isn’t this more of structural(coaching ) issue rather than an individual issue . I would agree that Aus sides don’t necessarily have the same depth but I still believe in the the right structure it makes all things easier and individuals look and do play above what they would be if they were playing in the other team. Plenty of examples about players being superb at some levels but not kicking on at a higher level.

Is there a way, way back for Australian rugby?

The most depressing(amazing?) thing was the post contact meters by all NZ sides , speed ruck? running at weak shoulders? running at spaces? , no wonder they could off load onto players in motion. I think the Aus attack was quite good quite often , there are some great cattle out there playing well . The talent may be spread a bit thinner than NZ sides but to me I think the real difference is the defensive systems aren’t controlling the attacks, plus mindless kicking doesn’t help that much.

What to look for when the hope disappears so quickly

Arrowtown, home of the Arrowtown RFC but more importantly home of the Fork and Tap.

Coach's Corner Issue 12: Can Taniela Tupou keep it straight for Super Rugby Trans-Tasman?

Cold , huh – 5 here! The scrums remind me of 2 magnets held the wrong way being pushed together , the force has to go somewhere and that shows why front row angles change . A single photo only shows that instance and not the full sequence which explains a lot of the comments on scrumming straight.

Coach's Corner Issue 12: Can Taniela Tupou keep it straight for Super Rugby Trans-Tasman?

Not to mention world class trout and also a lot of mullets.

Get your questions in for Issue 12 of Coach's Corner

Personally , with the exception of beer wine and good food, less is usually more . The separation is good as it builds on the local derby . I think of the Ranfurly Shield , it was games that provinces looked forward to and planned for , sometimes over years. Was talking to my son in law(sort of) a couple of years ago and asked him who held it , he said Im not really sure and then he said ,”ahh we actually do”, he was a player in the team that held it . To be fair he’s part of the team that needs a bigger cabinet but still….

The two lingering questions from an incredible weekend of Super Rugby finals

Why does it appear that coaches in Australia, not all obviously , but even to national level accept players fundamental technical issues ie , ability to pass left to right , poor goal kicking , poor line kicking etc, these are trainable and repeatable tasks ,doesn’t necessarily make you brilliant but certainly helps make you better at them . I was bought up on both sides of the ditch and played poorly in both NZ and Aus , certainly on the NZ side was the view if you couldn’t get the basic right you certainly wouldn’t be going up levels hence I just concentrated on playing for Arrowtown.

Get your questions in for Issue 6 of Coach's Corner

The fundamentals of PE are “ what do we get out of it .” It doesn’t have to be now but can be down the line .
The best thing is to provide the picture of what it can achieve if done properly, it requires the sellers to complete a full and exciting package . There’s sadly, huge examples what has been done poorly in the Aus rugby world both at national and some state levels.
The current mob running the cutter at AR at least seem to be aware everything is not good and blaming others is not the way to pretend that with a bit of luck it will come right.
I read that the NSW board decided that due to finances they couldn’t spend on bringing in players , no doubt if they ran an airport they would invest in the lounges and tell the engineers just to put every second bolt back in the planes . At NSW level I suggest a coup is warranted.

Why would private equity invest in Australian Rugby if it doesn’t include the National Rugby Championship?

Isn’t that more about coaching tactics rather than players ?
How refreshing to finally have a number of goal kickers what are actually useful as well as players that are actually good at kicking for touch.
Whilst , once my blood pressure drops, I don’t really worry to much about the game score but rather enjoy the contest , Isn’t it great to see teams have actually realised that at the end of the day the aim is to score more points , anyway you can , and that running rugby is great in theory but that only exists against Italy or if you earn the right first . Who would of thought this……?
ps really enjoy your articles

Why the Brumbies still have reason to smile after their defeat in Canberra

Interesting , imagine the wider impacts if you have 2 players taking on the half back role .

The ripple effect is a wonderful thing for rugby union (Part 2)

It’s a shame Donald is American otherwise he would fit in perfectly as the CEO.

Clarke promises to stamp out RA factions

I would start the letter
“Dear Twiggy , we know that we ,AR, haven’t always seen eye to eye but ….

Right then Australian rugby, let’s get on with things, shall we?

Pretty sure that a defender doesn’t need to get out of the way of a player running at him , with or without the ball.
Saying that , it wasn’t a good look dropping his shoulder for whatever reason .

Where it went wrong for the Wallabies against Wales - and no, it wasn't the refs

I don’t think that’s accurate or are you saying Foley is same speed or faster than Koriobete ? Im guessing Koriobete saw the distance and just cruised it .
I agree that Foley had a better line over Cooper on the line out overthrow. Foley at his consistent standard of the last few years offers nothing except periods of poor line kicking , very average distance of kick and predictable passing . Cooper’s kicking ,defence , passing is far better .

The Wrap: Foley TKOs Cooper as Australian conference tightens up