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Some people don’t like facts to get in the way of a good excuse.

Super Rugby finals Week 1 fixtures: Who plays who, where and when?

When Pulver caved in to Cheika to create this short termist law it subtly devalued the wallaby jersey. It says, ok you turned your back on the jersey to take the cash on offer in Europe, but we need you, you are bigger than the jersey. Australia still failed to bring home the cup, or any silverware since. And more and more players have left since.

The top nations in the world in recent years – NZ, Ire, Eng – have no tolerance policies. Wales have tightened theirs and have also improved. Australia and South Africa?

If you keep your best players at home you can manage their workload and travel. You can bring them into camps. You don’t have your veteran hooker flying around the world to play in England on Rugby Championship rest weeks. You have your veterans teaching and mentoring your kids in Super Rugby.

More importantly you are all in it together, you have prioritised the jersey, nobody is an outsider, And you are more likely to be successful.

Is it time to change 'Giteau's law'?

Good question. Especially when you see Brodie being allowed two seasons in Japan by Tew.

The most interesting quote from Johnson was:

“The New Zealand model is all about creating great All Blacks and everyone club and player knows that but it doesn’t happen in this country.”

A very serious situation if true.

Wallabies tried to keep Kerevi: Johnson

I totally agree Nick and as a left field choice would add your most reliable ten Lilo to the mix. His smarts and calm head outweigh his lack of pace for me, I just don’t rate any of his competitors. And what a story it would be after his health problems.

Going forward, you also have to look at which of those Brumbies coaches are making the difference. I’d start with the scrum coach.

Take note, Michael Cheika: Canberra must be the Wallabies' power base in 2019

Good humble comment Cantab.

I thought the article showed way too much disrespect for the “also rans.” For instance the Chiefs have two wins and a draw against the ‘Big Four” including a win in BA while a South African win there isn’t out of the question.

But I’d still be most surprised if you guys didn’t “threepeat”.

The Wrap: The Super Rugby cream rises to the top

The Rebels fall away badly every year of course. I was surprised that you were so confident of them in the article, especially given their 2/6 form.

My theory is that the forwards work so hard to overachieve early doors, then run out of gas. Mind you, Quade isn’t the most reliable ten…

The Chiefs have had to overcome a terrible injury list this season and if they do enough on Friday their qualification will be thoroughly deserved.

Top four sorted, next four might not change either

As I posted a few weeks ago, the Rebels’ merger with the Force greatly improved their early season form, but they are still a disaster at the end of the season. The Chiefs are up and down so they have an outside chance, but with Brodie, Cane and Harris back and a ton of ticker I’d back the kiwis.

Six talking points from Super Rugby Round 17

The bloke has done a fantastic job to keep the vast majority of our top players at home, sticking to his guns on the overseas selection policy and maximising revenue without compromising player welfare. He also resisted all the pressure to sack Henry in 2007 and look how we’ve thrived since. Comparing him to the likes of Pulver and various South Africans he has been so stable and canny.
He’s handing over a good ship.

New Zealand Rugby chief Steve Tew to step down after World Cup

I’m not sure whether you can read my short comments history, but I’ve previously posted the way “hard man” Lowe liked to pick on backs. For me, he brought shame to the jersey.

Not that the French needed much inspiration in that area of course…

Should New Zealand have really won the 2011 Rugby World Cup?

And if the eye gouging had been spotted the French would have been down a player. Best to move on.
Now how’s that Wayne Barnes doing…????

Should New Zealand have really won the 2011 Rugby World Cup?

There’s a big difference between emigrating as a kid, for non rugby reasons, like Joey Carbary, and going overseas to increase your earnings playing sport, like Bundi Aki.

Phil Kearns reckons the Jaguares should not be in Super Rugby

Paulo, I’d just like to thank Argentina for adding a different culture, passion and playing style for Super Rugby. Good for the world game too.
It’s great that you are offering us kiwis some proper competition, which sadly the Aussies aren’t able to do at the moment. (It’s not your fault they have too many teams.) It would be great if you won the competition this year.

Phil Kearns reckons the Jaguares should not be in Super Rugby

Unfortunately the Rebels seem to tail off at the end of every season after a promising start, from memory they lost the last three games last year and their last six the previous year after leading the whole comp.

I don’t watch enough Aussie Super Rugby to make an informed assessment but suspect that depth is an issue. Your teams were more competitive when there were only three of them.

The Rebels have left the Australian conference door ajar and it could cost them

Good post Peter!

I agree to most of that, although the loss of experienced players and coaches each year has certainly taken its toll on the Chiefs and Highlanders, who aren’t what they were. Just look at the coaches – Mauger is no Joseph or Brown and Cooper is no Rennie. Then you have a scrum coach like Hoeft, who brought through Tu’inufiake, Hames, Harris, Moli, To’avao and Laulala into the All Blacks, off to Japan and look at our scrum this year. Mind you, the Crusaders have done alright out of Blackadder leaving!

The other point is that we have done a fantastic job of selling the product abroad. We get millions to play overseas outside of the test windows or to have Adidas and AIG on our jerseys. But the system is set up against us. We don’t get paid a penny to play at Twickenham, where they ramp up the prices when we play there such is the demand. We also don’t get paid anything when foreign clubs poach the players that we have paid good money to develop.

Six talking points from Super Rugby Round 14

I’d go even further and have a clear policy like NZ Ireland and England, the three top Nations in the world for most of the past few years. We lose the odd top player, but not as many as Australia and South Africa because the jersey keeps most of them home. I’m not interested in anyone who doesn’t value the jersey.

If you only select home based players, the experienced guys mentor the youngsters, driving up standards, and you don’t give other countries that intellectual capital. You can also manage their travel and workload, call them up for camps and input into their club coaching. That easily makes up in the long run for the players you lose.

Six talking points from Super Rugby Round 14

Great article IW! I like the idea of that pre season comp, and would love to see the struggling Kings and Cheetahs join Rapid Rugby and eventually a play off game for promotion relegation against the bottom SR team.

Problems and solutions for rugby's new and existing tournaments

I come from the same place in the main, I’m constantly amazed by my failure to get my English rugby mates into Super Rugby. They just don’t have any skin in the teams.

The English clubs have benefitted from British Telecom paying over the odds so they can fill up their schedules, because Sky has most of the soccer. Their pay TV is a loss leader to attract broadband customers. Yet they still keep on making those losses because they keep on increasing their expenditure.

Rugby needs globalism, not traditionalism, to reach its potential

Cheers Wal. Yes, some sites can be pretty tedious with all the trolling, here you get people talking about rugby.

I’m obviously getting too used to English banter, I’ll be careful in future.

Why the Wallabies' props are no longer in a bind

Hi Andrew,

You are right, in both hemispheres it’s test rugby that makes the money. For example in England every club except Exeter loses money pretty much every year. For a sport to be successful it needs tribal loyalty but apart from a few outposts like parts of the East Midlands and the South West you only get that among a small number of die hards. Club rugby is niche; Sarries and Wasps don’t mean anything to the general sports fan. For example the recent European Cup final, which featured an English team, attracted less of an audience on free tv than an early round rugby league challenge cup match on the same day, I am told.

The place where you get that connection is test rugby. There is an automatic loyalty to your country and there are big crowds and tv audiences in Europe. That includes places that we need to embrace like Georgia, who get massive home crowds.

For me, the big spending, loss making clubs, especially those funded by billionaires and groups of multi millionaires who demand immediate success for their club above anything else to justify their investment, are the problem not the solution. They take the best players out of, for example Australia, Tonga or Fiji, without paying a cent back into the rugby programmes that developed them. So Australia and South Africa are weakened and you no longer get Samoa and Fiji in the knockout rounds of the World Cup. And even England and France suffer from their players being exhausted, injured or retired due to too much club rugby.

The solution that makes sense from both an economic and sporting point of view is to strengthen test rugby globally. Control those deficit spending club wages. Set up a scheme whereby clubs put money back into rugby in the places that they got their players from. Play more games between tier one and two nations. Make sure that players are available for test duty and properly looked after when there. Scrap residency qualification for test rugby, unless the player immigrated for non rugby reasons as a child. It has to make sense to strengthen the only part of the game that the average sports fan cares about and that makes money.

Rugby needs globalism, not traditionalism, to reach its potential

You’re not wrong, indeed Hansen has put some of our props on notice to buck up their ideas.

BTW it appears my previous post was deleted… I thought it was pretty innocuous banter, but are the moderators pretty strict here?

Why the Wallabies' props are no longer in a bind

A world class Wallaby scrum? I can remember a few dominant tests when Ledesma first started, before opponents and refs figured them out, but not since then and certainly not last year. I wouldn’t put too much on early season form, wise props will be peaking in October. I will believe it when I see it.

We will hear talk of a mercurial English centre partnership next…

Why the Wallabies' props are no longer in a bind

On the other hand, the Rebels have lost three of the last four, including the Tahs in Sydney and the lowly Stormers at home. They aren’t usually strong in the run in and they finish against the Crusaders and the Chiefs, who will have Cane and Brodie back. You have a good chance!

Five weeks to go: The Super Rugby run home

Lowe specialised in picking on backs. Paul Carozza when he had dived over for a try. Matthew Cooper gouged when pinned in a ruck. A shy teenager Jonah Lomu. And he gets a job at the NZ Herald on the back of being a hard man!

The best Rugby World Cup bolters of all time

Cheers Peter. English language, eh!

The best Rugby World Cup bolters of all time

He had been playing test rugby for at least five years before the first Rugby World Cup so it would be pushing it a bit!

The best Rugby World Cup bolters of all time