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I’m curios of when the form slump for Sayers happened? He has been pretty consistent.

Teenager Wil Parker has all the right ingredients to be the future of Aussie leg spin

I hope Andrew Deegan gets a bit more game time for the rebels to see how he go’s at super rugby level. He could be a handy backup 10 while Harrison / Lolseio continue to develop at super level.

Who are our best Wallabies prospects beyond 2020?

So from the comments below it sounds like Louwrens isn’t Wallabies illegible. Would need 3 more years.

Got me thinking, considering he has been moving about is he eligible for any country? Or as he was born in SA and lived there to 16 before moving to Perth, does he still qualify for SA? Even though not living there for some time. Or does the same residential rules apply?

The problems with the Waratahs' spine

Weren’t the sunwolves going to be charged a fee to play super rugby that no other club was going to pay in the millions? Pretty big reason the Japan rugby union gave saanzar the finger.

The Wrap: The Sunwolves and Super Rugby’s shame file

100% correct

RA confirms national club competition in the works; NRC future unclear

Still a lot of NSW fossils in power positions that think Shute Shield is the be and end all. It seems they have been successful in getting rid of the NRC and rumors about a national club championship. But National as usual means NSW and QLD and maybe one club from Canberra / Melbourne. Because that’s going to grow the game.

RA boss expects Fox Sports broadcast bid

Like throwing darts at a dartboard in round 1

The most last-minute announcement we've ever made: Super Rugby tipping is back on The Roar

With Hooper at 7 who is a full game player be interesting to see where he comes on. Especially with Dempsey on the bench too.

Super Rugby Round 1 teams: Four new faces for Waratahs, Nawaqanitawase to start

Carlo Tizzano is one to watch. Did really well for Australia under 20’s. WA lad.

Super Rugby Round 1 teams: Four new faces for Waratahs, Nawaqanitawase to start

Promotion then relegation was the beginning of the end for London Welsh.

Does add another element to the season though. I assume other championship teams are against it as it stops them ever getting up.

Will relegation in the north promote rugby in the south?

Cheika had Coleman at the Tahs and saw him as surplus to requirements. So your Cheika identifying him is completely incorrect. Is was only after his strong performances at the Force that Cheika picked him. Cheika and talent identification should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

Will relegation in the north promote rugby in the south?

Turner is woefully out of form as mentioned by Ronan and as a result probably down on confidence. He was obviously given a chance as the incumbent and what he did in India last time. He needs to go back to domestic cricket and find some form.

I can remember when Agar was a finisher. I remember him coming in for the scorchers and hitting big and winning a few games for them. His batting has seemed to have regressed. He has looked all over the place recently. His bowling has been pretty good though and his fielding is excellent. His batting is probably not good enough at the moment to be in as a all rounder.

Someone below mentioned Jye Richardson. His bowling has been excellent particularly his variations. Not sure who’s spot he would take to get back in though.

Turner and Agar leave the Aussie middle order weak

Not to mention the descriptions used about the Texans. I suspect the writer is quite young.

Why the Tennessee Titans are Super Bowl favourites

Except WA probably have the strongest team on paper..

AFL officially confirms State of Origin match

Great write up. Definitely some interesting times ahead re quarterbacks.

Intrigue abounds in 2020 off-season quarterback watch

Love the NFL.
The conference system keeps it interesting too. Some may argue it rewards teams with poorer records. E.g. NFC east this year. But it meant every game still counts in that division.
Due to times I don’t get to watch many games live. How good was NFL on a Sunday (Australian time) on wildcard week.

Try the NFL for your footy fix

Mahomes wasn’t even the best quarterback this season. He is good though.

Have you watched much Lamar Jackson? Desean Watson another to watch, his play to setup the winning field goal yesterday for the Texans was supreme.

Why Patrick Mahomes is the best footballer on the planet

I think the question is can he fix it? He hasn’t been able do it in 180 first class innings. Only 11 hundreds, 44 fifties. Saying that he is only 25.

His complete lack of match awareness in his first innings against NZ was worrying. He rode his luck in the night session. Then his second innings dismissal was absolutely baffling.

It’s all in the Head for Australia’s talented number six

Victorian $$ run the games? Tell me again how many Victorian clubs are propped up by interstate money? Cut that tap off and we would see the end of 3 or 4 Victorian clubs.

We even get sent to Tasmania to play so certain Vic clubs can make a little bit more coin.

The AFL fixture is biased towards Victorian clubs

The problem is super rugby. Its clear in Australia that people connect more with domestic competitions. Look at AFL, NRL, BBL, A-League, NBL. Local teams playing local teams and friendly times. Yet Australian rugby still persists with a competition played across 3 continents (down from 4) and wonder why they don’t attract any new people. Flogging a dead horse comes to mind. Most non-rugby people don’t even know it exists. The comp has zero penetration to non-rugby people and even rugby people have lost interest.

Money matters a huge concern for Castle and RA

Agree 100% In that test match across both teams there was 4 x 50’s (76, 97, 60, 95), 1 x 100s and 2 x 150’s. Suggests it was pretty easy going.

Travis Head test average aligns with his first class average. Lots of starts around 30-40 but very rarely go’s on with it.

I don’t know what the answer is but the recent test matches in England there was a genuine contest between bat and ball which made for great viewing. There has been lots of wickets at QLD Sheffield shield games at the GABBA this season so you can’t tell me they can’t produce a wicket with a bit more in it. Maybe a stronger Pakistan bowling line up would of got more out it?

Australia are two middle order batsmen away from balance

“giving a woman authority over hardened Wallaby campaigners.”

Point 1 above pretty much destroyed Marks credibility.

The Wrap: Australian rugby’s strange parallel universe

I heard there was some loophole via 7s. Not sure if true though.

Samu Kerevi open to Fiji switch

That was my pick for 6. Has been taking quite a lot of wickets. Only question is his batting strong enough for 6.

VOTE: Who should Australia pick for the first Test vs Pakistan?

So you revert back to only Waratahs and Reds. So only two teams for players to player at super level and achieve the remuneration that go’s with it. How much talent are we going to lose overseas then? How much talent will go to league where there is 16 teams chance to make it.

The definition of insanity is trying to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
Australian rugby is not just NSW and QLD! Do you think people in Canberra, Perth, Melbourne and the rest of Australia are going give two rats about these two super rugby teams? If you want rugby to continue to be a niche sport go down this path. Its about time we get some truely national representation on RA board and make decisions for the best interest of Australia rugby not just two states.

A strengths-based plan for rugby in Australia