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Sums up the farce that is the tribunal well.

Same penalty as Hawkins round arming someone in the head 50m of the ball.

AFL Tribunal upholds Toby Greene ban

As mentioned previously Marsh in is due to short turn around and workload over the series of the bowlers. Not sure if head should have made way but his test battling is an echo of his first class batting, gets in, good at making 30 or so then gets out. Worth persisting with though for a bit longer. Marsh is also a right hand batsmen. Our lefties have struggled with Broad.

I actually would of considered resting Cummins. His summer workload with world cup and all tests has been big. They want to win though so want to keep him and Hazelwood out there.

Oval usually takes spin on day 4 or day 5 so Lyon will be required to bowl quite a few overs with Lamb shanks to help out.

Dropping Head for Marsh was a mistake

Eagles have a few players coming back from injuries. I hope there right as don’t want to down players during the game. Saying that injuries can happen to any player.

Bombers toweled us up the last two games before we beat them (undermanned) last game.
Hopefully we can’t get the job done but not confident by any stretch.

Collingwood, Richmond and the Hawks to name a few have dried Eagles scoring up for large parts of the game. No doubt Essendon will try and follow the same blueprint.

West Coast Eagles vs Essendon Bombers: AFL elimination final forecast

I don’t think a few were allowed to play as didn’t qualify for finals

West Coast Eagles vs Essendon Bombers: AFL elimination final forecast

Petrucelli needs to go away and work on the defensive side of his game.

West Coast Eagles vs Essendon Bombers: AFL elimination final forecast

It is being called a form slump but look at Warners record outside of Australia. There was a stat saying he has played 30 tests in England, India, Sri Lanka, WI and NZ and never made a ton. Looking more and more like a flat pitch bully.

Warner has lost the plot – and his off stump

I could not understand why he didn’t play the derby game. He needed time in the middle.

Warner has lost the plot – and his off stump

“Since we’ve been having it we’ve had the highest-attended final series ever, we’ve had the highest-rating final series ever.”
Nothing to do with Optus stadium replacing Subiaco hey Gill?

McLachlan defends pre-finals bye

The forecast is terrible. Will be lucky to get 3 days play. Pretty standard for Manchester,

The Ashes: England vs Australia, fourth Test preview, prediction

Its amazing that Wilson is umpiring again after his first test performance.

The Ashes: England vs Australia, third Test preview and prediction

Wouldn’t drop Lyon or Siddle. Siddle has had about 6 chances shelled over the two tests. Surely we have learn’t that English conditions aren’t all about express pace. Yes Archer has bowled well but Broad and Woakes have been just as effective.

Saying that the selectors definitely have some selection headaches

Why Australia must drop Nathan Lyon for the third Test

Not a Freo fan but Rosich has been the main problem. So far out if his depth and interfering in areas he shouldn’t be. Great decision for Fremantle.

Fremantle sacks Ross Lyon and CEO

Pretty much the only person he would trade with these days.

No one cares about McGregor anymore.

Shocking vision emerges of Conor McGregor punching an old man

Looks like day 1 in Lords will be rained out.

Alec – what’s your thoughts on Jack Leach? Us Aussies don’t know much about him but he seems to have started brightly.

The Ashes balance has shifted as Lord's duel looms

I feel like I was watching a different test match to Ronan’s description.
There were some poor batting like Wade planting his front foot but England bowled and fielded well and the ball was swinging and deviating of the wicket. There were some balls that stuck a bit. It was tough work at there. 350-400 is fanciful for par. It looked easier in the afternoon but I think that was a combination of the English bowlers tiring a bit without Anderson and Smith and Siddle getting themselves set. You could see Siddle was used to batting in English conditions playing straight and late and coming forward.

Edgebaston has been the best ground for pace bowlers to bowl first according to stats. Must have been a discussion about bowling if Australia won.

Steve Smith once again saves Australia from Ashes embarrassment

I think Holloway is definitely the greatest at 145 just eclipsing Aldo in his prime. Holloway’s cardio is insane, had take down defence is awesome and two great wrestlers / grapplers in Ortega and Edgar couldn’t get him down. His fight iq is great too.

Connor shouldn’t been in the discussion. Never defended a belt, not once. Had to cut masses of weight just to fight at 145. maybe the greatest marketer of himself!

Is Max Holloway really the greatest UFC featherweight of all time?

Starc call is reasonable. His red ball form hasn’t been that great. Has come off great white ball form. Pattinson knocking the door down as well as some other bowlers maybe better suited to English conditions. Still big call to drop him. Are we assuming Hazelwood is ready to come back in?

Jofra Archer in line for debut Ashes Test

Cole has been poor this season and was rightfully dropped

AFL top 100: Preview West Coast vs Collingwood

Brad Sheppard must have been close, had a strong game.

Luke Shuey game was immense.

Suprised not to see Nat Fyfe to, although Curnow smashed the clearances so not sure if that knocks him out

AFL Team of the week: Round 15

Multi millionaire setting up a go fund me page! I think it says all we need to know about Israel.

Folau is a narcissist.

Folau hoping to crowd-fund legal case against Rugby Australia

I think people underestimate the importance of Barass in defence. Not just in his role but the defence balance and what it allows the other defenders to do. Eagles definitely haven’t hit top gear yet but there is some good signs bar the Sydney game, where we never seem to do well. Barass would have had Buddy or Reid on the weekend.

Essendon game will be interesting. Another team that seems to have the Eagles number recently and historically we don’t seem to come back well first game after byes.

It be interesting to look at grand finalists and how they start the following season due to starting pre-season later.

The Eagles are a false flag contender

If true, surely Clyne role as chairman, which if it isn’t already, is untenable. He was front and centre for keeping the rebels and giving the finger to $50m. Rebels are nothing more then a money pit.

'Almost insolvent' Rebels may be unable to afford Super Rugby final

I thought Gaff was the Eagles most influential

AFL Team of the Week: Round 10, 2019

Is it any different to what Gaff did except for the fact it connected with the jaw and not teeth?
Gary’s has intent as it was the second punch he through.

Cats await decision on latest Ablett hit

How is this any different to what Gaff did? Gary connects with teeth same result.

Gary actually looked like he was trying to clock him in to head where as Gaff was trying to hit the chest. Either way terrible look for the game.

Is Gary Ablett in MRO strife again?