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Haha. Yes. Had my share of poor quality feeds in Cape Town. As well as some good stuff. Love CT, but always looking over one’s shoulder as a visitor.

But have also hired a car and driven through the remoter parts of the Western Cape and one can certainly get some A-class quality meat-based meals away from the likes of CT, Stellenbosch/Franschhoek etc.

South Africa is so much like Argentina – the meat diet is crazy! But oh so yummy!

Warner set to be big winner with leadership ban overturned as BBL fights to remain relevant

Like an uber-expensive, poor-quality cut of tenderloin at a Camps Bay restaurant 😱

Warner set to be big winner with leadership ban overturned as BBL fights to remain relevant

Hello JN (my favourite SA contributor!)

Look, personally I don’t have strong views either way re Warner and his ban.

It’s more so CA’s pin-ball approach to governance and management (in this case, CA is the ball and the pin-ball game is being played on a double-level pinball machine, where CA is susceptible to slipping down the sides without reliance on the side plungers to belt its ball back into play – phew! [Over-reliance on metaphors there with no real gain]).

It’s just that CA is all over the shop re strategy and consistency. It’s a history that just keeps repeating.

And from my perspective, I don’t mind fiddling with the ball in order to add some variability to the match strategy; it adds an interesting dimension to the game; as has always been the case re shining the bejeebus out of the ball on pants.

I don’t like bottle tops and the like – and I guess sandpaper is bordering on the edge there – but the sandpaper undertaking, whilst worthwhile of a sanction, shouldn’t have been a hanging offence.

Just want CA to grow a set and stand for something, on a consistent basis.

Now, if CA *is* to admit it overreacted, then it needs to come out and say so. And be very clear on why it’s retracting its previous stance (actually probably pretty easy as they can refer to both previous Board and executive, which have since changed. Corporate management 101 – blame the previous exec, without actually blaming them, but provide sufficient distance to be seen as being a fresh start.).

Warner set to be big winner with leadership ban overturned as BBL fights to remain relevant

Meg Lanning is a superstar.

Hopefully she can navigate through her current situation to a point where she is comfortable to get back on on the park for Australia and dominate again, as only she can do!

Australian captain Meg Lanning takes indefinite break from cricket

He had a long umpiring career for sure and spent quite some time at the very top of the international umpiring echelon.

There was a period I recall (maybe early 2000s?) where his form was down and he was widely pilloried re his decision making. But like any elite sportsperson, that’s not an uncommon occurrence.

He certainly contributed a heck of a lot to cricket and it’s always v sad when someone passes in an untimely manner due to an accident.

Vale Rudi Koertzen.

Good on him for being a contributor to the game at the highest level.

Cricket world in shock as umpire Koertzen dies after car crash

‘Taylor says a former manager and coach of the New Zealand team made comments that were unintentionally racist.

The manager told Taylor’s wife, Victoria, that in his experience players of Maori and Pacific Island heritage have problems managing money and offered his assistance”

This is rather confrontational from a white saviour’s perspective. If *they* actually can manage their own finances, where does that leave some of us re our approach of setting in place guidelines, policies and regulations re controlling indigeneous minorties’ financial management?

Next thing we know, we’ll have to abandon the approach of the cashless debit card for the one-size-fits-all indigeneous communities. Then where do we channel our energies?

I recall a developing concept – nailed in its infancy thankfully – whereby all early 50s males living in Perth’s south-east would be denied credit and be forced to use cashless debit cards as the only means of buying groceries. And also Spring seedlings from Bunnings. Thank goodness the majority-view prevailed and that didn’t get up!

I would have found that generic, blanket approach, rather insulting; leaving aside the feeling of being marganilised and persecuted. But I guess I shouldn’t know any better; perhaps best to leave it to superior minds to tell me what’s best for me re living my own life.

'Cricket in NZ is a white sport': Ross Taylor makes racism claims in new book

Fascinating crossroads for CA this summer.

CA really has only one shot in the locker re BBL, which is this coming summer. If they misfire, they are skrewed going forward.

CA either fires true re locking in policy per Aus player retention and o/s player attraction (simply has to be $ influenced in the face of UAE and SAF), or, it goes down the path of recent seasons re waning interest in the comp; in which case its cause will be unretrievably lost in the face of spin-off IPL comps and CA’s own reduced broadcast value for the next round of summers of cricket (primarily BBL-driven, though there is an Ashes and India Test series in there).

As for Warner; well, a lifetime ban, is a lifetime ban.

That’s the starting point. From there, we then explore excuses of convenience.

Failing to follow through/be consistent/stick to one’s principles, is not at all far from what most expect from CA: they truly are an inept organisation – they have have no “centre”.

So, no surprise if, after 5 years, CA says the “lifetime” leadership ban *really* only meant a 5 year ban.

Inconsistency, shooting from the hip, and mixed-messaging, is par for the course for CA. So no surprises re whatever they do.

Warner set to be big winner with leadership ban overturned as BBL fights to remain relevant

I feel that a game of Guess Who, is in order.

Do you wear glasses?

And in true Cluedo-style; are you indeed Mr. White, in the Library with the candlestick?

'Cricket in NZ is a white sport': Ross Taylor makes racism claims in new book

“The BCCI doesn’t contribute to ICC revenue, it takes revenue from the ICC. Its the sale of rights to the world cups to India that contributes the revenue.”

That misses the point. The BCCI generates 70% of the value that the ICC receives from its revenue (commercial rights and broadcast rights) by having India involved in events.

Yes it takes a revenue distribution from the ICC. However it’s only 10% of the $2.7b projected ICC revenue over the current 8 year cycle – although that is still at least double of what any other member gets.

Whereas, the BCCI’s current 5 year broadcast deal alone is $6.2b. Then add in the licensing fees from the 10 IPL franchises – the two new franchises last year paid $1.7b. It dwarfs what the ICC makes, even with India involved in ICC events.

So across multi-year cycles, that’s $270m the BCCI receives from the ICC out of the $1.9b its involvement generates for the ICC. Versus $10b+ the BCCI makes from it’s broadcast deals and domestic IPL.

Hence why the BCCI sees the ICC revenue sharing as an issue and come the new ICC revenue sharing period commencing in 2024, it will no doubt be pushing for a higher percentage of revenue. If it doesn’t get it, then the BCCI may well consider simply (further) expanding its own BCCI-controlled or BCCI-influenced events; the broadcast and other revenue is there in the market for events involving India or Indian product, but at present it’s seeing its ICC value generation mostly being distributed to other cricket boards.

And also hence why unilateral expansion of the BCCI and its related parties (IPL franchises) is a real thing. We’re likely only seeing the start of it this year.

The T20 revolution seems more to be about Indians gambling habits and T20 leagues in backwaters can provide that, all year round without affecting proper cricket.

It’s ranked 6th in the world re average attendance for all sporting leagues. It’s not just gambling, although there is a lot of money in that. And broadcasters aren’t just paying the BCCI (and ICC) simply because of gambling.

In contrast, CA’s 6 year broadcast deal is $0.8b (plus another $175m selling overseas rights for 7 years) and most discussion is that the next domestic broadcasting deal will be less.

“Its wrong to assume just because the subcontinent has a cricket gambling addiction and need cricket every day and hour that its going to catch on elsewhere.”

This also misses the point. The BCCI via it’s IPL proxies can, will and is starting to pay big money to cricket boards for establishing competitions or teams in many established cricket markets. And new ones.

As the new CSA T20 League and the new UAE T20 League show (both dominated by IPL franchises/Indian money and both of which will have up to 228 overseas players across the 12 squads, being paid up to $700k per tournament, both of which are playing as the same time as the BBL), not only is the cricket calendar being squeezed, but the IPL-backed comps are direct competitors to CA and unless CA can find a way to increase its revenue and pay players more, not only will it increasingly find it difficult to attract o/s players, it will face a challenge to retain Australian-based talent.

And if it doesn’t, the brand value of the BBL will reduce and so will the revenue it can attract from broadcasters and sponsors.

In light of CA’s current broadcast revenue ($800m over 6 years, or $130m p.a.), let alone uncertainty over what the next broadcast deal will look like, what do you think CA would do if the BCCI came to CA and said:

“-keep the BBL mostly as is
-keep the city names
-sell the 10 BBL teams to the 10 IPL franchises
-use their branding including nicknames
-allow up to 8 o/s players per squad, half from India
-and for that you’ll get $350m annually from the IPL franchises (that’s $35m per franchise – chicken feed really)
-plus you’ll have a much-strengthened BBL product to sell to your domestic broadcast partners
-and we’ll also share in your o/s broadcast rights which will increase from $25m p.a. to $200m p.a.”?

CA may be wealthy compared to CSA, but it’s dwarfed by the BCCI and could, if it were so tempted, become much wealthier.

The IPL comp in South Africa is one thing re domestic interest in India, hence why the IPL is investing there. An IPL franchisee-based BBL in Australia would be much much bigger re interest in India, even with the timezones not being optimum.

Should Cricket Australia implement a 100-ball tournament?

Hey Micko.

It’s been the case for at least a couple of decades.

It think India has 27-30 States. Each with a State cricket association.

From what I understand re India cricket politics, there’s a lot of “back room” posturing re which State Assn supports which particular BCCI exec (particularly the BCCI pres).

BCCI typically has a venue rotation policy amongst the 25+ Test-validated venues. Normally it operates on a rotation basis (of course, the bigger cities are higher on the rotation cycle).

There was a point, around a decade ago, where the rotation policy was corrupted, based on the BCCI Pres (Srinivasm?) favouring venue allocation of State Associations that supported his tenure; though I thought that had been sorted out and it was now back to a more “even” rotational approach.

How Australia can win its first Indian Test tour in five years

Hi Brainstrust.

My view is that the “IPL” expansion is now confirmed as a global expansion (we have, I think, 5x Knight Riders teams across tournaments, plus multiple other IPL-branded teams across these comps). Knight Riders in SAF, WI, UAE, IND, USA for example.

This “IPL-branded expansion” will continue to grow exponentially in the near term re commercial value – it’s feeding off itself at this point. And the commercial value is similarly growing exponentially.

On the other hand, CA is faced with – most likely – a situation where its next broadcast rights deal will be (much) less than the last deal.

So CA’s revenue is dropping, at the same time as the IPL’s (BCCI’s) income (mostly via media rights) is massively increasing.

That’s probably an unstainable situation going forward given CA will increasingly struggle to lock in top talent given alternative financial offerings. Particularly as the IPL branding becomes quickly globalised.

Unless CA can find the money (and again, its next broadcast deal is very likely to be lower than the last), it’s going to be paddling upstream against an overwhelming current of alternatives re player retention/attraction.

There will come a point where BCCI/IPL “share” (i.e. a share that CA could tap in to) of income opps (franchising via licensing and o/s broadcast value) even dwarfs CA’s domestic international (including BBL) revenue base.

So, I don’t think it’s a case of Australia as one of the “Big 3” wanting to reduce its revenue. I think that likelihood is already on the cards – it’s not a case of “wants” rather than reality.

The “Big 3” was a term coined around 2014/2015. Since then – with BCCI now contributing 70%+ of ICC revenue (and only going to continue to grow proportionally at an accelerated rate) – I’d now suggest the landscape has seismically shifted to a Big 1 (BCCI), with a Big-ish 2 (ECB and CA) + 3-7 other “Full Members”; though the reality is the rest of the other Full Members’ financial contributions are immaterial re influence. Indeed many of those are now linking into the BCCI’s IPL franchising as a revenue-guarantee.

Should Cricket Australia implement a 100-ball tournament?

Hi Sedz.

I’ve double-checked BCCI and CA websites. And have checked the four major Australian cricket tour websites. And also done a broad sweep of the web.

I’m not coming across anything from that research that references the venues (or dates) for the tour. Other than we know it will be in Feb/Mar.

If you have a link, please provide as would be much appreciated.

A Test in Bangalore seems unlikely, given the last Test India played was in Bangalore and BCCI has been sticking firmly to its venue-rotation policy in the last few years.

A Test in Dharmshala would be most welcome; and the HP State Association is due. So fingers crossed that actually does eventuate.

This next series in Feb/Mar (rescheduled from Oct/Nov 2022 due to the rescheduled T20WC) is a 4 Test series. The multiple series after that through to 2027 (in IND and AUS) are 5 Test series.

How Australia can win its first Indian Test tour in five years

Geoff Marsh was my idol as a kid also. To the point of stalking, actually. In fact, I stalked him outside the players’ race many times. I suspect my collection of Geoff Marsh photos way out-does the collection of Geoff Marsh photos in the possession of Geoff Marsh and his family.

There’d be legal consequences nowadays for my Jodie Foster-esque obsession of Geoff Marsh at the time.


How Australia can win its first Indian Test tour in five years

Agree with the majority of comments on here re Green.

He may yet to “go big” (tons) with runs in Tests so far. But he has gone big thus far with temperament, balls faced and match-influential innings.

His limited domestic FC career is a template re how quickly he can learn and capitalise with his batting.

22yo Green is currently only going one way in his Test career; that is upwards and onwards 👍

And he is absolutely a specialist batsman. Just because he is also an exceptional bowler, don’t let that deflect from his quality as a batsman by labelling him as an “allrounder”, as if that label by default diminishes his batting quality and capability.

How Australia can win its first Indian Test tour in five years

The best take-away from the interview is the question re the impact of T20 Leagues on the schedule:

“The time set aside has changed a little bit”

A Little bit??

What, the IPL expanding from a 4 week to a 10 week window? The BBL expanding from a 5 week to an 8 week Dec-Feb window?

The T20 Blast/Hundred expanding from zero to 5 weeks in what is comparatively a short UK summer window?

South Africa clearing its international schedule for 6 weeks in Jan/Feb to accommodate its new T20 League?

One has to sit back and (disconcertingly) smirk at the way they respond to these questions, offering nothing-answers that are clearly detached from reality!

Should Cricket Australia implement a 100-ball tournament?

Haha yes $250m (US). Not billion. Imagine if it were billion! That would be on par with what Tiger was being offered to join LIV Golf 😂

Here’s the Cricinfo interview published today:

Should Cricket Australia implement a 100-ball tournament?


So this talk about a 100 comp in Australia is ridiculous.

Where’s the product differentiation?

Globally we have 120 ball.

The UK has 100 ball.

The Caribbean will have 60 ball.

Blind Freddie could tell one that the maths alone re global comps – 60-xxx-100-120 – dictates that the gap in the market for CA is The Eighty. THAT is the pot-of-gold CA should be developing.

Should Cricket Australia implement a 100-ball tournament?

See the ICC’s recent comments on T20 Leagues, bilateral cricket and the ICC’s role in all of this.

The ICC has already acknowledged this is all out of its control.

Wasim Akram and Geoff Allardice gave an interview to Cricinfo in the last 48 hours and their responses say it all.

Re the IPL franchises killing CA’s revenue;

I think it comes down to how that’s commercially structured. CA may be able to “sell” a licence to IPL franchises to enter the Australian market in order to build their global brand (which then generates global revenue, based in India).

The question is what such a licence would be worth to CA as a separate revenue piece, plus what CA could then secure from selling “the product” as an o/s broadcast package.

CA’s recent Disney Star sell-off of rights of Australian matches into the Asia market is $250b for 7 years (personally think CA has sold itself short by committing to a 7 year timeframe; things will likely change quickly) could well be worth 4x times that if they had an IPL-based market.

So I think CA can definitely make money from IPL-based T20…

Should Cricket Australia implement a 100-ball tournament?

There’s a juggernaut happening right now. And it’s path isn’t the way forward that we want to see. But it’s doing nothing but accelerating at this point.

Perhaps it is just better to give over Australian T20 to it (feed the beast) and try and come in from behind and secure the red ball/FC elements of the game upon which our history has been built upon.

CA, trying to compete autonomously in the T20 space is probably going to achieve nothing other than a failed attempt to match the T20 whilst concurrently draining resources and therefore interest away from red ball.

But of course, the safeguarding of red ball/FC is dependent upon CA seeing that as their core mission; I’m not sure they do see that. I think the short term corporate-thinking approach of CA is simply about building revenue, derived from whatever source it can be extracted from.

Further to that, I think CA Board members and execs – who have red ball/CA as their DNA – simply think “red ball/FC will *always* survive, so don’t worry about that. Let’s just supplement it with other revenue drivers”.

It rarely works out that way. Take your eye off your core business and eventually that core falls away. But again, that depends on whether CA sees red ball/FC as it’s core business/mission.

Should Cricket Australia implement a 100-ball tournament?

Anyway, who’s Sam McCabe?

Should Cricket Australia implement a 100-ball tournament?

Sure. And I’m not saying I would prefer it to go that way, but I think it’s the way it could well go.

6-8 global T20 Leagues, each with a Knight Riders team etc.

May even end up with “premier” comps between each branded team (in addition to the nation-based Leagues – e.g. BBL) – i.e. a Knight Riders comp – with each winning team from each branding then playing off in a global tournament.

Of course, there goes the cricket calendar for anything but T20!

Need some nausea tablets? 😁

Should Cricket Australia implement a 100-ball tournament?

I can foresee T20 Leagues all going that way – i.e. consistency in branding driven by BCCI (IPL) money.

It’s T20; so long as the States remain focused on FC (maybe one dayers, if that remains a thing)

Should Cricket Australia implement a 100-ball tournament?

Unless the BCCI gets behind The Hundred concept, I’m not sure it probably has longevity – or at least not expansion potential globally.

If the IPL as a T20 format remains the BCCI’s preferred “very short” cricket format, then that is what will dominate globally – including domestically – as per the expansion we are currently witnessing.

Don’t see how a 100 ball comp is the answer to – what seems to be – a declining 120 ball BBL comp.

Should Cricket Australia implement a 100-ball tournament?

Haha. Actually that would be the 6th Knight Riders team.

If we’re going to have all these T20 League comps, there’s probably some sense to it being coordinated (i.e. IPL branding and part/full ownership, but domestically managed under licence from the BCCI) from a scheduling perspective and having team brands that are followed globally.

Would I as equally follow the Perth SuperKings? I don’t know, but maybe?

Should Cricket Australia implement a 100-ball tournament?

Can you link the websites with the venues and dates. Thanks.

How Australia can win its first Indian Test tour in five years