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Eleven test players in the last 20 years and only a couple of truly world class players (Gillespie, Lehmann). A few of the 11 are one test wonders as well (Cullen, George, Manou, Wilson) – more then any other state in this period. This is a very complex question to which there has been many suggested answers over many years – flat wickets, too many grade teams, too many imports………There has been too much reliance on the messiah type coach to come in a deliver a Shield. It has to be a deep seated off-field issue as the conveyor belt of coaches and players, a lot of whom are very talented have just delivered the same result.

Why can't South Australia produce quality batsmen?

No, I can honestly say I never saw it.

I don’t look at Cricinfo these days since they changed their format

Obviously the topic stood out to others as well

Edgbaston 2015: End of an African era

Totally agree that it is unwise to rush these two into the test side. It is an easier decision as it is not really needed at present making it possible to really manage them with kid gloves.

They both need to demonstrate that they can bowl in 4 day cricket consistently for a while before being considered for test cricket. Forget about worrying if they can bowl four 1 over spells in 20/20 or 10 overs in one dayers, get them plugging away in whites. Not only will it help fitness but they will learn a lot. With the amount of flat decks around, learning about bowling to a plan and being patient will serve them well in the highest format.

Rushing Pattinson and Cummins is unwise

Justin Langer deserves a lot of credit for turning the ship around. A good culture and work ethic can really produce results. The state on the other side of the Nullarbor could learn a lot from this.

The Warriors are building a cricket dynasty in Western Australia

Let’s hope Head’s first-class career is akin to Steve’s Waugh test career, where at the start, he didn’t make a ton for years, but then still averaged 50. Travis definately has talent but the madien 100 is becoming a bogey.

I think Ludemann is a fair way behind in terms of higher selection. He had a couple of shoddy games at Glenelg late in the year behind the stumps, which is not the norm for him. Whiteman’s has struggled a bit this year but Nevill must be next in line.

Who knows if Ferg will be around for next season?

10 wooden spoons don't begin to represent South Australian cricket's failures