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What a great article! Well done Patrick! As a teacher myself, I’m really interested in David’s program. Thanks again!

David Gower is leading the way off the field

And of course Steve Hansen. He doesn’t know anything about rugby and is in on the conspiracy theory as well.

Where Australia vs Argentina will be won and lost

I think it was a bit of friendly fire. Glad he’s up walking around but it looked awful him lying motionless on the ground.

Grant's debut for the ages powers Maroons to memorable State of Origin series win

Anyone got an update on Cody Walker? That look absolutely horrible for him.

Grant's debut for the ages powers Maroons to memorable State of Origin series win

I’ve thought that myself. With Pivac on seriously shaky ground at Wales the WRU might come knocking. We all know they love an NZ coach as well.

There's no way around it anymore – Ian Foster must go

Great story. Just shows even more what a special bloke/coach he is and why players want to play for him. Razor’s comments earlier this year about trying to help out the Lions as he just wants to get that experience of international rugby tells you a lot about Hume and his attitude towards coaching/rugby

There's no way around it anymore – Ian Foster must go

Malcolm Marx with the Boks is a prime example of that.

Dave Rennie's influence starting to shape the Wallabies

My favourite was “union fans can afford cable”

New broadcast deal puts Rugby Australia on cloud Nine

Sadly, as a NSW fan I have seen too many of those MoM performances by Smith and Thurston. Thurston’s Game 1 of the 2010 SOO at Stadium Australia was the most dominant performance I’ve seen in the flesh in any code. First time I’d been to SOO and I took my dad and he just could not believe it. An absolute star and even though he caused the Blues huge amounts of pain still someone I thoroughly enjoyed watching play.

Parramatta's greatest NRL team

Cheers mate. I’ve seen footage of Lewis in Origin but was too young to remember. MoM 8 times is rather impressive! I wonder who the next would be? Smith? Thurston?

Parramatta's greatest NRL team


Parramatta's greatest NRL team

Great work Boss! Pardon my ignorance as I was far too young and I’m not trying to be controversial here but I genuinely want to know and you seem very knowledgeable on the game. If Kenny was seen as superior to Wally in the Australian team, whilst also having a winning record against him in SOO why is Wally so revered, and why is Kenny not held in the same regard? Again, genuinely curious and really want to know!
Also, what were Jason Smith’s off field discretions? I knew the bloke loved the Winfield lung darts but was there much more?

Parramatta's greatest NRL team

He did get kicked out of the MCG last summer for skolling a beer though. 😂

Five talking points from Bledisloe 4

I got massively told off by my wife for letting out an emphatic “yes!” After that kick as she said she didn’t want our daughter to me like me when watching sport. She then let out a “F me!” After the Koribete hit and did I say anything??? No, as I know my place

Wallabies win Bledisloe 4 thriller in Brisbane

Can’t agree with Brown on the bench but stoked to see Finucane there. He’s a quality player and someone I think will make a big difference. I think the Blues’ “centres” are still a big weakness though. Wighton was very poor there on Wednesday and Gutho’s miss on Capewell was a shocker.

Keary dumped, Holmes returns as Origin Game 2 teams confirmed

He did have a wonderful bit of banter early on “Cleary to Keary, maybe we should get Lote Tuqiri out there as well” I thought that was pretty funny

Six talking points from State of Origin 1

That’s a disgrace for this year to be charging this much for a test match. Even before the team was named, $150 for the cheapest seats! No wonder rugby is stuggling with numbers!

Reece Hodge at 10 as Dave Rennie makes huge changes to Wallabies team for Bledisloe 4

Thanks for the scoop Paddy. I’m sure Steve Hansen is now waiting for your call as he seems to rate him but Old Shag needs your eyes which have watched Hooper closest.

Australia seems to be living in another world when it comes to the All Blacks

Outside of the Crusaders, who are quite frankly freakish with their ability to stay competitive, no one in super rugby has managed to stay on top for any period of time. It’s the nature of sport. It is cyclical unless you’re the Crusaders or Storm in the NRL

Bledisloe III: The game none of us needed

What about the Reds winning in 2011 and the Tahs being the dominant team in super rugby and winning in 2014? The brumbies made the final in 2013 and very nearly won it against a top shelf Chiefs team coached by one D. Rennie. We then came third at RWC 2011 and made the final of RWC 2015.

The issue in my view was a lot of our talent got enticed overseas due to cheika’s dogmatic approach and player’s saw the writing on the wall. We also have poor coaching structures throughout rugby and I know as I’m a junior coach! Australia is the most competitive sporting market in the world and like it or not most people are fair weather fans. If the teams start winning the crowds come back. Look at the bandwagon for the Reds this year!

Bledisloe III: The game none of us needed

Not sure why Rennie has done this. Maybe he doesn’t share your love of capitals?

The Wrap: Wallabies mauled by resurgent All Blacks

Wow! I’m gutted Brett. You’re such a talented and passionate writer about both Rugby and Cricket and will miss your contributions immensely. Good luck with your next moves but know that The Roar will be a little bit poorer for your absence. Cheers mate. 👍

Welcome competition in the rugby broadcast rights race - and a farewell, for now…

With the rain predicted I think Cleary certainly has the edge over Hughes with his kicking game being exceptional this year. But I think with Smith running the show for the Storm they will get up and send him out a winner.

Cameron Smith becomes the GOAT if Storm clear Panther challenge

Gotta be El magic. What a kicker he was

You don't have to like him, but you do have to admit Cameron Smith is rugby league's greatest ever

Thanks Tim. I’m a Souths fan and NSW fan. I have watched Smith et al cause me immense pain in the rugby league realm But I absolutely love watching Smith play. His calm nature belies a fierce competitor. I will be sad when he hangs up the boots. And feel so fortunate to have watched him play.

On another note, I always love your articles and thoroughly enjoyed your spots on the Game of Codes podcast so thank you. Have you ever written any books? I’d love to get my hands them if so. 👍

You don't have to like him, but you do have to admit Cameron Smith is rugby league's greatest ever