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They’ve used Newsome at both 15 and 13 before. He’s definitely the one they see utility value in over Clark.

Walton has had some nice moments in the trial.

Lasila is yet to play but the comments from Penney that he already knows the systems and can play across the backline seem to me that he’ll be looked sooner rather than later.

I’m with Paul D that it should be off the bench though.

Super Rugby 2020 preview: NSW Waratahs

Dempsey is an even better fourth option at lineout behind Simmons, Holloway and Swinton!

Super Rugby 2020 preview: NSW Waratahs

As long as Penney can realise that Faulkner shouldn’t be in the 23 then I think the scrum will be ok.

Robertson, Bell, O’Connor, Johnson-Holmes and Talakai need to be the main props.

Walker and Faulkner the guys outside that group in case of injury.

Breen and Tauakipulu in the development squad for the future.

Super Rugby 2020 preview: NSW Waratahs

Hazel, Foketi gets focus because he’s never convinced he is truly up to the mark. If you had the choice for 13 of Foketi, Kuridrani, Petaia, English, Hodge or Magnay does he make your team?

Maybe in front of Magnay?

As such there will always be nominations for his position – Penney has run him and Hunt in both trials and I think that will continue we’ll have to see if Lasila, Moeroa, Beale or Newsome can offer an alternate.

I’m hoping an alternate comes from Lasila or Moeroa since we’ve seen what the others bring.

BUT that doesn’t mean I’m looking for Foketi to fail, nor does it mean I don’t think he’s currently our first picked 13. It just means that I’m hoping we can find a stronger candidate since he hasn’t shown me that he’s strong enough compared to his contemporaries in either attack nor defence.

Super Rugby 2020 preview: NSW Waratahs

He said he’d prefer 8 just a couple of weeks ago. But he also gave the classic that he’s happy to play anywhere.

Reds continue good pre-season form

He missed the 15 WC due to injury, played Wallabies again in 16 and then went north in 17

Rennie's Wallabies need success from Australia's Super Rugby teams

I think the South used to be a lot fitter than the North but that has probably shifted.

Or perhaps it’s just that Aus has fallen so far.

During the Tahs v Highlanders trial, Pete Playford was commentating and said man of the match should go to the Highlanders S&C guy.

Despite the scoreboard showing a big win to the Tahs they got bullied whenever the Highlanders got narrow and direct with their pack.

We’ve got guys like Andrew Tuala in his second season and still carrying a gut.

Rennie's Wallabies need success from Australia's Super Rugby teams

He was unfit and a Wallaby when he left.

For selection pressure to be truly applied he needed to be dropped and not selected again until he met certain weight loss and endurance metrics.

Drew, “to get paid” is just selection pressure tied to a bank account.

Maybe his wife helped him but I doubt it was just to help him look better in his smugglers.

Rennie's Wallabies need success from Australia's Super Rugby teams

you beat me to it James, I just made similar comment but it is now with the mods 😂

Rennie's Wallabies need success from Australia's Super Rugby teams

😁 I thought for a minute you were talking about the North Sydney rugby club’s 11 and 14 and wondered what I’d missed.

Whingers, whingers!

Rennie's Wallabies need success from Australia's Super Rugby teams

This is largely a matter of selection pressure – Skelton got fit once he had to compete with Itoje, Kruis and Isiekwe for selection.

Phipps actually started improving his pass once he started having genuine selection pressure from Gordon.

I lay the lack of development of players squarely on the coaches (if there was an alternate available and not being selected) and on the players themselves if they were the best option but not working on their deficiencies.

Yes a coach has to bring players along and get them to buy in but they also have to create consequences if flaws are not being addressed.

The HPU meantime should be working to identify and help develop fringe and junior players so that the coaches have options. The success of the U-18’s and U-20’s looks like this is on the improve. As has the fact that so many of these players are signed with Super squads.

Rennie's Wallabies need success from Australia's Super Rugby teams

I’m all for Swinton 6, Dempsey 8. Hanigan the reserve loose forward.

Holloway and Simmons at lock with Tafa as the reserve lock.

Reds continue good pre-season form

Agree that Holloway’s hands are actually pretty good.

Also agree with the comments that we don’t need him at 8, that he’d need time to be a success there and he’s been very good at lock.

Reds continue good pre-season form

Just asking for the bloke to be given a shot. If he isn’t showing progression then sure shift him.

We know how bad we were under the highball when Beale was custodian before Folau.

Remember that feeling of relief once Izzy started catching every bomb?

Don’t let the fact Beale hasn’t played back there with any regularity since 2013 cloud your memory and think KB should be shifted straight back there.

Reds continue good pre-season form

Agree that Marky Mark looks like he might develop into a quality FB if given the chance.
I’d like him to just be given one role for now and we can look to add to his skill set as he develops.
Similarly it would be good to give Maddocks every chance to see if he can make the FB position his own. Would almost feel a bit of a waste of a move back to Sydney if he just winds up straight back on the wing.

Reds continue good pre-season form

p.s. what I wouldn’t give to have Naiyaravoro back in the Tahs 11 jersey and Beale playing the super sub role off the bench!

Reds continue good pre-season form

Yeah, I think he should be competing with Clark and Newsome for the 11 shirt.

That said I’m not sure how many games Maddocks will be missing with the 7s side.

Reds continue good pre-season form

p.s. I’d like to see McDonald get another go at the bench halfback spot.

Reds continue good pre-season form

I see it quite similarly to you.

Abel did enough to retain the starting spot IMO. I thought last week that Fitz went better but that Robbie stepped his game up last night.

Agree that Holloway needs to play lock in this squad, I think he could get there at 8 given time but that with the other options he isn’t needed there and we’ll get better use of him partnering Simmons.

I’d retain Tafa for the bench second row position, I think he’s been more physical that Staniforth and would like to see him persisted with.

I assume your centres are Hunt/Foketi – I’m desperate to see an alternate come through at 13 but haven’t seen Moeroa or the new signing Lasila. Agree trying Lasila off the bench is probably the option.

I’m not sure about Harris for the 20, he might be the go – I was getting him and Champion de Crespigny mixed up in the previous trial and thought a lot of the better work was coming from CDC but without replays and being too lazy to manually rewind the feed on my pc wasn’t sure.

I actually wouldn’t mind Tizzano for the bench loosie but we’ll be missing him for U-20’s and a bigger body would be good.

I’d be playing Beale on the wing with Maddocks at the back and Nawaqanitawase as the hybrid winger – he’s done so much for the Tahs that I wouldn’t drop him after that performance but he certainly didn’t play well. Interesting comment from Penney that he was only concerned about minutes with him and not about how he played.

Wholeheartedly agree with the rest of your selections – just minor differences on my part as I said.

Going to be tough facing the Crusaders next week – hopefully they have their historic slow start to the season!

Reds continue good pre-season form

I think he’s a good choice to be captain for a season or two before a longer term option comes along.

Can’t comment on what he’s said due to geo-blocking.

I think most of us made comment on the main article the other day so don’t worry that this video statement hasn’t garnered much response

Rob Simmons speaks after being unveiled as Waratahs captain

Reasonably accurate memory there. He also dropped one kick, in traffic but with no real pressure (he was the only one jumping for the ball, others just arriving).

The one that killed me though he was back covering touch and stood too far in field, ball went over his head, bounced between him and the touch line and went out.

That is to go with a couple of handling errors in general play as well.

Didn’t really have any stand out moments to counteract those poor ones.

The Wallabies need to adopt a no Plan B selection culture

Nice one Rob and congrats to your team. Yep Lucas and Wilson were great from your young brigade. Paisani was great off your bench as were Sorovi and Uru. Petaia had some really nice touches earlier as well.

Zander really got on top of Faulkner in a couple of scrums, really not impressed by the signing of Tet so far – would much rather have seen Talakai out there.

Harrison absolutely looks the pick of our 10 options. We even got a couple of minutes of KB shuffling the ball on out there for us to see what him being there would be like. Beale was poor at fullback for most of the evening, no mistakes when he had those couple of minutes shifted into 10 but also nothing to get excited about.

The good showings for the Tahs were that both Abel and Holloway played better than last week. Dempsey and Swinton both strong and have to be 8 and 6 for mine. Jed probably did enough to retain a starting spot in the second row to accommodate all three.

Nawaqanitawase cemented a starting spot as well.

I think we’ve got a good question mark coming at loosehead, both of Bell and O’Connor were strong at set piece off the bench, as was Robertson earlier. (If they don’t believe in Talakai then Robertson back to TH could be an option).

The Wallabies need to adopt a no Plan B selection culture

Well, we’ll have to wait and see on Vui.

Ta’avao is the one I definitely missed. I thought he was no chance of developing but he has certainly proved me wrong.

Can Isaac Lucas become the new Stephen Larkham?

Definitely would.
I’d Definitely be giving Talakai first crack, while trying HJH off the bench to see how he goes.
I’d only then bring Faulkner in to the 18 shirt if HJH struggles to adjust.
Then again I would have had Dan Palmer as first choice back in the day, would have invested in Mike Ala’alatoa and in Shambeckler Vui.
Will be watching Vui at the Brumbies quite keenly.
Obviously has Alan Ala’alatoa and Les Makin in front of him but I think he could develop into a good TH

Can Isaac Lucas become the new Stephen Larkham?

Sadly not getting a run this week!

Listed at 118kg’s on the Tahs website which would make him 7cm shorter but 7kg heavier than Johnson-Holmes if the numbers are accurate.

You can actually see definition in his quads which wasn’t there before.

Tahs Facebook page put up a photo from last year and this year side by side and the change is impressive.

Can Isaac Lucas become the new Stephen Larkham?