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Please do tell us how the NRC is implemented incorrectly.

So far your argument has been:

A) I don’t like the team names; and,
B) The scoring is too high, which won’t teach proper rugby skills.

Argument B was made after round one and since then results have normalised to be in line with any other sub-test level rugby competition world wide.

If you need to be distracted by the AFL, NRL and A-League, why are you commenting on Rugby?

When will Ewen McKenzie get the selection message?

Loving these scrums! Go Holmes!!

[VIDEO] Queensland Country vs Greater Sydney Rams: NRC Highlights, preview, banter

No doubting Genia when on song is the best at what he does in Australia and probably globally, but he does have a temper problem. Maybe he just needs to focus on his own game and let the coaching staff coach the other players.

JOC is a nudgee boy so The Filth seems a logical choice. Surely Hunt would be at easts, no?

The frustrations of being a Wallaby fan or coach

I don’t think chewing out team mates in public or on the training paddock helps. It humiliates and belittles them and it’s fair better having a word in private.

My snouts tell me Will Genia at the Reds had turned into a little nazi since link left and a large number of the players can’t stand it anymore, hence the poor culture which seems to be in place.

The frustrations of being a Wallaby fan or coach

Firstly, who is ‘we’? Your profile says you support the AIGs.

Secondly all I saw when the Wallabies first choice front row was on was a solid scrum. I saw the Argies not being able to cope with the height of Slipper and TPN. That’s not the Wallabies problem. That’s called good tactics.

Quartet back to boost All Blacks

Your last paragraph is bizarre. Are you suggesting the Wallabies should play into the opponents hands, and not to their own strengths? That would be pretty daft.

Quartet back to boost All Blacks

Retallick does all that….

Skelton axed for Wallabies tour of South Africa and Argentina

Your view on the Australian scrum are flawed, but everything else is ok.

Australia's report card from the Pumas Test

That seems like a silly comment. Why should the wallabies be exclusively Anglo-Irish heritage players when Australia is clearly not anymore?

It’d be like excluding all players that aren’t exclusively anglo-Irish or Maori from the AIGs.

The Tongan Thor in perspective

I hate to break it too you, but Australia stopped being an Anglo-Irish country in the 70s.

Your typical Aussie is one of any race, colour or creed who decides to make their home in this country abiding by the institutions and laws in place.

The Tongan Thor in perspective

He doesn’t have a AIG passport and doesn’t identify as from your country, so I’m not sure what you are complaining about.

The Tongan Thor in perspective

Pretty silly article. He’s a kid and hasn’t acheived anything, with no one saying otherwise…

The Tongan Thor in perspective

Keep an eye on your window. When a plump pink pig flies by, hooper shall join a ruck.

[VIDEO] Wallabies vs Argentina: 2014 Rugby Championship highlights, scores, blog

McMahon could be a 6 I think. Anyway I saw this kid play a bit for Nudgee and while he was good, I never thought he was pro rugby good.

He’s come on leaps and bounds. Very impressive.

NRC will make a huge difference for Australian rugby

The AIGs had more cards over ther course of the series and they didn’t drop their bundle.

Weak excuse.

Steady as she goes for the Wallabies

Thinking Simmons is a myth is a myth.

First choice players who should be in the firing line before him are Carter, Fardy, Palu & Hooper who have not been doing their core roles at all.

His one weak game was Perth, the rest of the time he’s been consistently solid. Far more so than the 4 mentioned above.

Steady as she goes for the Wallabies

It’s unfair comparing Simmons to Matfield or Whitelock. Victor is the best Bok lock I’ve seen, same with Whitelock. Whitelock may just well be the best AB lock ever. And you also can’t blame Simmons for who is picked as his partner, that’s Links fault.

Simmons isn’t the best in the world, far from it, but he has been doing his job diligently and has been one of th most consistent forward for 12 months now.

The Wallabies were the better of the two packs in Sydney and it was really the backs fault they didn’t win that. I don’t think the pack got murdered in Perth either and was on par. Eden park was their only poor game.

Steady as she goes for the Wallabies

When Sharpe played for the Reds he was attacked by Australian fans much the way Simmons is now. As soon as he went to the force he became every mans hero. Go figure.

Steady as she goes for the Wallabies

It’s Simmons not Simmonds.

Simmons has been one of the best Australian forwards over they Link reign. He had a poor game against the Boks which was his first in a while.

He was excellent on the 2013 EYOT and this year against the French, and was behind Slipper as Australia’s strongest against the AIGs.

Slipper and Moore are the only two forward who’ve been as or more consistent good or better than Simmons.

Steady as she goes for the Wallabies

Kepu’s performance against the Boks last year was pretty horrible too.

Anyway Douglas has had many chances at Test Rugby and has mostly failed.

Steady as she goes for the Wallabies

Both got scholarship at TSS which has been tapping into the Victorian market for some time. Ioane was offered similar at Terrace.

Hopefully with the Rebels and now the NRC players won’t feel the need to move to Brisbane or Sydney in order to get ahead in rugby.

Rebels sign first local player to Super squad

Haha oh you’re actually about the lineout comment then!?!

Oh gosh no wonder the state of Australian forward play is so dire.

Wallabies win, but so many unanswered questions remain

Albanese is a yank.

Springbok rugby: the 100 year old Elephant in the room

The Tahs scrum and lineout was horrible. Skelton doesn’t improve either and going into a test with 1.5 jumpers and 2 midget back ups is daft.

Wallabies win, but so many unanswered questions remain

Yeah that Hooper-Pocock jumping duo is going to go great guns….

Wallabies win, but so many unanswered questions remain