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Footy is a broad church with room for all




Young stars headline Australian Test squad for India series


Why Collingwood supporter frustration needs to be taken seriously

Come on fellas, of course it’s incompetence at the highest level but that doesn’t mean we give up. Floreat Pica Forever, despite the current crop of clowns running the show.

Why Collingwood supporter frustration needs to be taken seriously

Summed it up pretty well Les, sadly.

The fallacies behind Collingwood's trade reasoning

Not laughing Dingo

Is this 'Guy' the one we should be blaming?

Another fair spray Les, but this time I agree with all of it. Wrote a hateful piece last night that was knocked back, fair call too.
Buckley cannot coach, he does not have the common touch & cannot change the momentum within a game, he is mechanical & not intuitive. His support staff do not seem to help, the two fine fellas left who like Bux will realise it’s over, we thank you all for your service.
The Pres has been great but he is now our Jack Elliott, at least Big Jack stole a flag but we can’t even do that.
I’m never changing colours, would rather die.
But I will take an Adan Treloar membership at Footscray to let him know that some of us are appalled at what our club has done. It is shameful.
As for Stephenson, as you say Les, a young man finding his way who has talent & speed & goal sense to burn. Just incompetence of the highest order to let him go.
And for what, a Chook raffle & meat tray of picks? No worries, downgrading all memberships if can be so stupid.
On key position players we have one that is a lock, Darcy Moore.
Finally, who is Bed Guy? Architect or Fall Guy? Either way, goodbye.
Side x Side still means something to me Les.
Despite the current free fall into oblivion, we will rise again but need to cop a fair kicking down the greasy pole because we are light years away from anything special.
Broken hearted but not broken, just very pissed

The tyranny of the Magpies

Agree with all of it. Treloar is a good player & looked to be getting the strength & acceleration back in his legs after double hammy. Was shopped around a few years ago & they’re doing it again, just poor.
Time to open club up with managed change at the top. Got a bad feeling about 2021 so I reckon we let it fall, secure some draft picks, change coaches & start again. But keep Treloar & honour the contract.

Collingwood and Treloar - sorry for the three flags you missed Ads but we seem to have overspent

If unfounded then would expect the club to put the issue to bed. Perhaps it’s the ruthless win at all cost streak the premise of the article says our club has lacked, so if that’s the case then welcome to a new world order.
But I’m keeping Treloar and would sack 10 ahead of him + the assistant coaches & work on presidential succession.

Hollow Collingwood celebrations show where we truly stand

Thx Les, I enjoy the read if not always the sentiment. Like most of you I have been to many more GF losses than wins, my personal tally since ‘77 is 2 wins, 2 draws & 8 losses.
But I feel neither hollow nor humble.
What a ride this club gives us, the energy when singing with the faithful.
Including that 2018 win from nowhere against the tigers. It’s the best I felt since being a kid at Vic Park in the ‘70’s & ‘80’s when the pies would come roaring back to win. Remember the Ross Brewer goal v Roy’s in semi to win by a point, Daicos v cats x 2 prelims, the Jack Anthony winner v Adelaide, the draw then win at Subiaco v WCE & again v eagles this year – we had zero rights to win that one, but we did.
And welcome everyone to pile in regarding the shellacking cats gave us the next week, but the week before was magic & you just never know what you’re gonna get.
Keep the Faith fellas!!

Hollow Collingwood celebrations show where we truly stand

Hey Tyler, agree pies should be in hunt for Brown, just doesn’t make sense why north are doing it. Could be Brown doesn’t want to go to pies either.
Not sure our midfield has proved as great as it was talked up. Lost 2018 after WCE took control in middle & I think that’s where our problems start. Sorry to the faithful but I think we are quite a few players short of really challenging.

It's black and white for Collingwood: Add Brown

Surprised it’s 3/0 for cats.
Clear that the non tigers want the fairytale for Ablett, Harry & Danger but ,,,,
Tigers had a really tough run with Port vs 6/8 scratch match qtrs for cats which is almost a bye over last two weeks?
Feel sick but tigers x 25.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Grand final

Agree with most of that, especially Houli. I had Liam Picken ahead of Boyd but that win was not something I thought I would ever see.

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Grand final

I think AFL grassroots is much bigger in Sydney or SE Qld than rugby codes in all other Aussie rules states. Took a while for swans to make it but don’t their crowds rate better than NRL week to week?

AFL Trades: Jeremy Cameron to Geelong will be a history-maker

That’s probably right, something about getting the kids set up but once established it’s grown adult time. Difference between Melbourne & Sydney not as much as 20 years ago & Brisbane is no hardship, looks like a great place to play.

AFL Trades: Jeremy Cameron to Geelong will be a history-maker

Remember Bruce Doull, he nearly fell over getting away from her, funny stuff

Five clutch grand final moments that have been unfairly forgotten

So many memories, not all of them good. Maybe not the unsung moments but etched in memory.
Dom Sheed clutch goal after Liam Ryan hanger & (illegal) block by Rioli. Take your pick of magic moments there from 2018.
Twiggy Dunne mongrel flat punt to draw ‘77.
Harmes gut running & knock back from 3rd row in ‘79.
Phil Baker hanger in ‘78 was in every pub I can remember. But they lost.
Helen Dimenko? Streak in ‘82 changed the run of play.
Peter Daicos goal in ‘90 set the pies alight.
The Brereton mark & goal after being poleaxed in ‘89 is one of toughest things ever.

Five clutch grand final moments that have been unfairly forgotten

Kind of undoes a little of the shine of Saad & others nominating Carlton as a destination club. Not sure of too many other clubs doing that, except bombers allegedly bagging Saad on the way out.

Silvagni blasts "amateur" Blues over his exit

Hi Ripley, thx for responding. Do you a deal, let’s swap MCGovern deliberate with the 2018 block!?

The good, bad and ugly of AFL 2020

Thx Stephen, Kick it Royce!!

AFL top 100: Richmond vs Geelong and the 1967 grand final

Thx Les, a lot to unpack.
The last Great Plan hasn’t worked and maybe cost us the 2011 Flag? Maybe we didn’t win 2010 if not for the succession plan?
When Eddie took over he had a very clear plan and the final days of Tony Shaw were case managed to ensure we nailed the #1 draft Pick Josh Fraser. I thought Mick Malthouse was great. I also thought Leigh Matthews was great and we shot him as well. Not as bad as what Melbourne did to Norm Smith so that makes me a little happier, but not smart was it?
Feels like we need some change and have a few issues to sort out.
There are always discipline issues that rear up and the club has a regrettable history on race relations that detract from the many great things the club does, including the magpies nest.
To your point Les, what do we stand for as a club?

As an aside, I was in primary school in 1980 and we sat behind the Collingwood cheer squad on the outer wing for GF. I remember a lot of them being arrested. Billy Picken kicked three goals. My father told us to never speak of that game again.

What's the plan for the future, Collingwood?

Either way, cats v tigers is set up to be a tough, tight ripper of a contest. Something like that ‘89 GF would be great. Hope it’s dry & quick.

Vintage Gazza, superb defending lead Cats past Lions and into the grand final

Thx a lot mate. I am still haunted by all of that.
Collingwood have wrecked my life.
Like many of you out there I attended all of them from ‘77.
Dad took us to training after the draw & Hafey ran their guts out. Super Coach Barassi gave Roos Thursday night off saying if they’re not fit enough by now they never will be. Smart.
And yes, we blew 27 point lead at 3/4 time.
But why start at the draw, my dad can’t get over the ‘60’s. 1960, ‘62, ‘64’ 66. And then the ‘70’s.
Can I ask you this: is it better to make the big dance and lose or to never make it all?

Different year, same story

I would love Clarkson at Pies. But why would he leave a great club like Hawthorn?

Shaw to take extended leave from North Melbourne, may not return

Yes, 2nd time round like Ratts has merit.

Shaw to take extended leave from North Melbourne, may not return

Agree, I was very surprised he put himself to the flame as head coach. Sometimes 2ic is the right level for a heap of reasons. Nothing at all wrong with that.
And they look like an absolute disintegrating shambles, same as bombers and no-one wants to go there.
Agree with sentiment elsewhere about Roos, Lyon etc. Rather get a Voss 2nd time round, Caracella, Gavin Brown, enlist Hodge …

Shaw to take extended leave from North Melbourne, may not return