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Should have just retired and save his face rather than continue playing- is a liability to himself & the team.

What to do with Darius Boyd?

probably in your top 50 list next year.

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 30-21

Hopefully J Olam will be in your next 20..20-1.
He managed to force his way in & while scott & chambers (two class centers-one up & coming NSW center, another Queensland & Kangaroo center) where forced to the compete for one center pos#. Chambers eventually forced out.
JOlam deserved to be in the next 20.
Storms edge of Munster, Bromwich, Olam & the Fox does gives other teams a run for their money.

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 30-21

“The bottom line is Parramatta have overachieved this season”
yes they did by overscoring 58-0. haha
Broncos got Rammed pretty bad.

The Broncos do not deserve to be in the finals, but they'll still be there next week

they did last night.

NRL Anzac Day preview: Dragons vs Roosters at the SCG

Enjoyed this piece.

Rooster Cooper's dagger into the heart of Melbourne

my top four:
roosters, bunnies,knights, broncos…

Five fearless predictions for the 2019 NRL season

Thank you Coops for winning us another title…

Cooper Cronk set to make call on retirement mid-season

Thanks NRL for getting hard on those players.

Does a sex tape make you king of the dressing room?