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I can’t understand why people are knocking this.

The club are looking at Kevin Walters, who’s done nothing in NRL clubland. The bloke with a 37% winning record at Catalans Dragons. The bloke who should focus on winning a state of origin without the big four first.

I’d rather us take a punt on Todd Payten.
He knows the club, he is very straight talking and honest. There’s no mumbo jumbo, wordy bullshit that equates to nothing with Todd Payten, he tells it how he sees it, what’s going on at the club and how he plans to work on things. We need transparency. Paul Green gave more of the former and less of the latter.

Todd moved over to Australia months ago with his side as an assistant coach. Probably rumblings, but nothing solid that his boss would be sacked. He has taken control of a side that is living out of a suitcase, players in and out, injuries aplomb, players that aren’t Warriors. He has every excuse to throw his hands up with the comfort of the excuse that he’s in a difficult situation.

But he has taken the charge and is incredibly invested in the challenge. The players seem to respect him highly and so do the seemingly odd owners. If you impress them, you must be of some good stuff.

He is bringing a resolve and some steel to them that they’ve lacked. He can do some seriously good work at the Cowboys.

Todd Payten eyes Cowboys coaching gig

Perhaps, but I dont think I’m the only one who thinks so. I understand their need for a target. I know that they needed to make a statement in order to make rugby league attractive in any way to Canada and North America. But, people of Toronto will show up to anything… just like Melbournians in that sense, it won’t matter what event in Sport is on, they’ll go. Even before they had SBW, the Lamport was selling really well and the crowds they were getting were fantastic for a club introducing something new.
But SBW? No disrespect to him, but SBW? I know a statement had to be made, but is that not too big a gamble?
You have the fanbase, and in the right city to grow a game. You don’t have to do anything amazing or extravagant to make a statement. Just play good footy and have a good team. That’d look a lot better than being where they are, struggling in a cap and not having a lot of depth.
I know they have a marquee system over there, but as a club, surely you’d have to think that SBW is a major gamble. Surely sustainability has to be at play if you’re going to grow the game in a new continent.
Regardless of which opinion is right or wrong though, it definitely sets a new precedent for those in charge of operations in sport that’s for sure.
Don’t get me wrong, I was a big supporter of this venture and wanted to see it work. Hence why I said, start the thing again next year. Refresh it, take the lessons and move forward.

Sonny Bill Williams in limbo after Toronto quits Super League

They will persist with it.
Eric Perez is very well connected with the right figures in the RFL. They won’t let it go that easily.
If they want a hope of growing the game they have little choice but to stay in the English Super League or in the RFL. If they want to develop Canadian rugby league players, it’s imperative for them to be an English Super League club. They need to be on a big stage before they can be anywhere else in somewhere like Canada, local players need to be able to strive and dream about playing against the Wigan’s, Huddersfield’s, St Helens’ and the Warrington’s. There has to be something for them to dream about. They won’t get the grant though because as a business, the Wolfpack are registered as a Canadian business entity I believe.

Sonny Bill Williams in limbo after Toronto quits Super League

They signed him on absolutely absurd amounts of money that was unjustifiable, for someone who hadn’t played the game for so long. It was marketing and nothing else, and now it has completely backfired on them.
Their squad has minimal depth in the side, and is struggling to be cap compliant.

Blow the thing up, take two and start it all again.

Sonny Bill Williams in limbo after Toronto quits Super League

End of 2021

Paul Green parts ways with Cowboys

Whoever wants Walters needs their heads checked.

I want Wane.

Paul Green parts ways with Cowboys

Everyone laughed, but a week ago, I said it wouldn’t be ludicrous to expect Trent Barrett in a top job soon in my part one of waiting in the wings.

Dean Pay parts ways with Bulldogs

The fact it comes from John Hopoate gives it all away really, doesn’t it?

It amazes me the media gives him any air time.

Some light on Addin Fonua-Blake's words

Edward, with all due respect, your comment bared absolutely zero credibility from the moment you not only stated that kids use it in school, but also you mentioning that the person on the receiving end of that name knows they are not retarded.

I think you need to finetune your understanding of HOW things can be offensive, not WHAT is offensive.

There is a strong percentage of people who are mentally disabled or impaired are factually unable to defend themselves, which makes both using and enabling the use of the insult even more absurd, and not to mention, cowardly.

Some light on Addin Fonua-Blake's words

As I say – I don’t think it’s crazy to think we could see Barrett come back into an NRL coaching role in the future, but not in the next few years.

Hook would be really good for a few clubs, agreed.

Toovs has been linked around the place, I think it’s easy to say he’d only do well at Manly because it’s so difficult to imagine him anywhere else. But he seems keen to move. He personally said he’s interested in the Warriors, so I feel like that could be a watch this space.

Waiting in the wings (Part 1): Familiar faces

Yeah you’re right! I am quite nervous about the prospect of a draft in the NRL to be honest, but I probably haven’t taken enough time to understand how it could work.

The salary cap changes, that’s daunting haha.

Waiting in the wings (Part 1): Familiar faces

Very much left of field, but if he were to do it, I would be curious to see how he’d go!

Waiting in the wings (Part 1): Familiar faces

It is almost scary isn’t it? How light-on the talent pool for coaching is.

I think it’s fairly similar in the AFL though.

It comes with the territory in sports that are only major across 1-3 countries, such as AFL and Rugby League.

Only soccer or rugby union is there really a broad talent pool of coaching to my knowledge.

But it’s hard to be picky these days!

Waiting in the wings (Part 2): The untried

Oh yeah, I think he’d probably be the most in-demand.

Undeniably loyal, which is a fantastic quality for anyone who’d be lucky enough to get him.

Waiting in the wings (Part 2): The untried

Yeah, I read he still lives around Wollongong and commutes to Sydney.

Dragons job is probably on the wall. Wishful thinking but I’d LOVE to see him in NQ.

Waiting in the wings (Part 2): The untried

I think Wane would actually be fantastic, if he can get a reputable NRL assistant coach under him, I think he will be set.

His man management is top of the charts, he keeps it simple and is highly detailed. He’d know the NRL very well, I think he’s worth a punt.

Waiting in the wings (Part 2): The untried

Shaun Wane is absolutely fantastic from everything you hear.

Players absolutely love him.

Zak Hardaker really put some insight into it. He got in trouble for another drinking or drugs incident, I think it was a drink driving charge, and he’d just signed under Wane and Wane was brilliant he was like “Well, no I am not going to make you stop drinking, but let’s just explore ways we can manage it”.

Players respect that, he has a mutual understanding and gives his players freedom but will keep them on track and professional.

Equally happy to rollick them and keep standards high though. Which is a balance some coaches can’t strike.

Waiting in the wings (Part 2): The untried

Thanks mate, I appreciate that!

Toovey I can see someone taking a punt on him, but I reckon his next gig will probably be a last chance sorta thing.

Walker brothers would be very very interesting.

I’m surprised no one has said Woolf though, I can really see him doing a job here. If the Cowboys were to sack Green and overlook Wane… I’d love to see him come back.

Waiting in the wings (Part 2): The untried

Not all have been bad.

As someone mentioned, Madge.

If memory serves me right, Brad Arthur was there and he has done a job at the Eels.
Adam O’Brien, while new, looks impressive so far.

Waiting in the wings (Part 2): The untried


Waiting in the wings (Part 2): The untried

Can I come too, lads? Hahahaha

The Cowboys' unsung hero

I certainly see where you come from, and Browny recruited really well at Newcastle and is responsible for putting 90% of that side together.

But, they didn’t always look happy to play for him. This group looks like they’d run through brick walls with barbed wire on the outside for Adam O’Brien which says lots. Shaun Wane for me does it.

There is only one man who should take over from Paul McGregor