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The AFL fumbles the ball

28 Oct 2008

My Irish mate Fitzy, as usual, met me in the pub on Friday night. With the continuing lack of success of his AFL team, he increasingly finds satisfaction in unrelenting criticism of the AFL. So it was another few hours of angry input from my mate that led me to wonder just how deep dissatisfaction […]

International Rules is much ado about nothing

22 Oct 2008

The International Rules Series is upon us once again, but who cares? This hybrid game is a well intentioned concept that has outlived its original aim. To some AFL fans, it’s a gap filler for the months between the real football battles, but to others there’s more interest in watching the draft trade and the […]

Forget the Cats, the Hawks are the new dynasty

1 Oct 2008

The Hawks won a sensational Grand Final in an impressive manner. The significance of the win and the manner in which it was achieved should not be underestimated when predictions are made of the Hawks short to medium future. Their role will be a dominant one.

Cats look beatable, but are the Hawks good enough?

26 Sep 2008

The AFL Grand Final is upon us with all the usual hype that we expect. The performances of the Cats and Hawks last weekend have led to expectation that it will be the classic Grand Final that we have to have after last year’s pussy cat picnic.