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Ashes, Origin, Wimbledon & The Open championship... this is living!



Looking at the three pitches used for the shield games, the Gabba offered far more for the bowlers than the WACA or St Kilda pitches. Not a dig at Harris. You can only score runs on the pitch you bat on. Labuschagne showed you can make runs on the Gabba today. Well, until he got shafted by an ordinary LBW decision.

It’s open season as the scramble for top-order runs begins

Jordan Silk is just one example of a young player on fire early in their first class career, unable to make adjustments once oppositions teams had more time to look at them play. Many were calling for his test debut after an handful of first class matches and a couple of seasons later, as far as first class cricket is concerned, its Jordan who? Will Pucovski has already set himself apart from most young batting talents through his ability to go big. Shield scores of 188 and 243 and unbeaten double hundred in U23 cricket last summer has many wondering if he could be something quite special.

Five players to watch in the Sheffield Shield

It is different because foul play is involved in a stripping of the ball decision. As the rule is written, that is the only time a ref can legally alter their decision. The ref may have erred in ruling six again but the moment he signalled that decision, he has no grounds, according to the rules, to change his call.

A rational review of Sunday’s refereeing dramas

The officials apparently looked at Soliola’s tackle on Keary and deemed it to be ok. That may not have been the case if a try resulted from the rushed kick / falcon incident. Regardless of that, the trainer on the field issue needs to be resolved. They are not an official so the rule used last night was never to be applied to them. A trainer impacts play = a penalty to the opposition team.

The NRL knew the risks for years about on-field trainers and did nothing

Maybe not the class of Gower but the languid left handers club has them both as members. I remember Gower also raised the ire of many fans by his laconic approach. I will concede that Gower rarely looked out of touch like Khawaja can. Both are guilty of playing careless shots and getting themselves out.

Usman Khawaja's back-to-back tons send a message to Test selectors

He reminds me more of David Gower and Mark Waugh

Usman Khawaja's back-to-back tons send a message to Test selectors

I am a Khawaja fan but limited overs runs should mean little regarding test selection. Wouldn’t Warner’s recent World Cup and Ashes series be evidence
of that? Runs in the Shield, on pitches offering something for the bowlers, should be a total necessity for everyone, barring Smith and possiblity Labuschagne. Nobody else in our top six have any credits stored up to count against failures in the early shield games.

Usman Khawaja's back-to-back tons send a message to Test selectors

Then they are very unprofessional umpires and need demotion until they relearn what constitutes a dismissal.

Labuschagne in disbelief after umpiring shocker brings his knock to an end

“if you play a reverse sweep and miss, you are likely to be given out”
Well, that’s a cricket law I didn’t realise existed.
Missed a reverse sweep. You probably will be given out. Interesting! Does that only apply to catches off the upper arm or lbw appeals that aren’t in line or are missing the wickets too. Please tell me you don’t umpire

Labuschagne in disbelief after umpiring shocker brings his knock to an end

OPSM have a sale on at them moment. Do yourself a favour and book an eye test.

Labuschagne in disbelief after umpiring shocker brings his knock to an end

I couldn’t agree more. He has always looked more suited to the middle order. Opening batsmen who love to cover drive early in their innings make me nervous in longer formats. He has performed well enough opening in test cricket to be higher up the pecking order than he is but I would love to see him batting at five.

Joe Burns is flourishing in the middle order

Always good to content I can agree with you on, Don.

The Western Warriors name change a sign of the times

Buttler is only averaging 26.5 this year and that’s without the added burden of the gloves. I am surprised the English selectors see this move as a solution when far better keepers are an option. I guess if Buttler isn’t batting well enough to be a specialist batsmen, this fixes that… kind of. I am certainly not surprised to see Bairstow missing from the test squad. Two half centuries from 17 innings isn’t enough batting at four or five, even if you are the keeper.

Bairstow dropped for New Zealand tour

Look at Lodge, for example. Lots of talk about the Broncos making him captain for 2020, despite the NRL taking a hit from some fans for letting him play at the start of this season, following his violent assault. He commits an actual crime, but most seem to have moved on and forgotten about it. Apparently, sharing something that others find offensive is a far greater sin in modern society. Perhaps we need to add that to Israel’s good book, although I always thought it was covered by the verse, “Judge not lest you be judged.” Many interpreted Folou to be judging or even promoting hate speech, rather than hoping to save them from a terrible future fate, and rightly or wrongly, they have judged him accordingly.

On Burgess and Folau

In all honesty, it will be the court that determines whether Rugby Australia had sufficient grounds to terminate Folou’s contract. What you or I think is reasonable is irrelevant, despite your sound reasoning.
I do find it strange that a completely different national football code administration would actively try and prevent another country from selecting him though. Something isn’t right about that. In fact, I wonder if NRL interference in a possible Folou/Tonga league selection actually harms RA’s case when court time arrives. Don’t think Folou’s lawyers won’t be looking for a link between RA and the NRL actions.

On Burgess and Folau

What relevance does that have to who Israel can play for? Netball associations have shown they are fine with her playing and supporting he husband’s right to have/share his opinion. Even if they were not, it wouldn’t matter.

On Burgess and Folau

This smells like the work of Peter Beattie.

Israel Folau set for rugby league comeback

He needs to get the hell off the pitch!

Queensland captain's farcical first-ball run out

Gould has a microphone again… Mute!
I just assume he gets paid to inflame the situation.

Referees get it right and the commentators misread the room - again

Not Paine’s best series with the gloves but still better than the best of Wade’s work behind the stumps.

Wade steps out of the shadow of Smith to make a statement

Please don’t blame your side’s lack of discipline on the referees. As a Raider’s fan, I cared not for who won last night but thought the ref’s did the best they could with what Manly gave them. A defender grabbing and yanking on a support player’s jumper in a try scoring position is a perfect example of what the professional foul/sin bin rule is there for.

Did this controversial sin-binning cost Manly their season?

Yep. Grabbed the jumper and yanked on it.

Six talking points from South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Manly Sea Eagles NRL semi-final

If the 50 over game isn’t going to die what was thought to be a natural death, then this change could be a step in the right direction. Especially, if CA’s selection brains trust don’t fall for the recent fallacy that runs in any format count as valid for test selection.

The revamps saving domestic one-dayers

For me, the reality that Marnus still has the front running for his test spot is the biggest positive of the Ashes series. If asked, prior to the Ashes, whether his test spot would be pretty secure for the next or completely lost forever, I would have predicted the latter. Of course, one decent series a career does not make, but it’s a massive step in the right direction. A sense of belonging at that level, who knows where it could lead, I remember Matt Hayden (we are both Kingaroy boys) answering my question about when he felt like he belonged at test level. He said three good scores against the West Indies in 2000 convinced him that he belonged. A couple of 40’s and a 60 was enough to open the floodgates to his test career. Of course, Hayden had been averaging 50 in domestic FC for years (Marnus not even close), but maybe we can hope for similar for Labuschagne.

Wade steps out of the shadow of Smith to make a statement

I have always felt sorry for Kim Hughes. In a different era he may have had a far more successful test career. Debuted for his country during the WSC crisis and took 5 tests to average above 15. Played some incredible innings, none better than his 100* on day 1 of the ’81 Boxing Day test, against the mighty West indies pace attack. Quick on his feet to the spinners and an impulsive hooker of the short ball, Hughes was most entertaining to watch, not unlike Dougie Walters. The treatment he received from some senior Australian greats in his later career was atrocious and those involved should still be ashamed of their actions. Somewhere between Hughes’ early tests and the betrayal of his last tests, he was a good enough batsmen to, at times, make both GS Chappell and AR Border look like they were struggling and I regard them both incredibly highly.

Australia are slowly improving overseas