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Angelo Crema came from Tully NQ. as i did. There was no doubt about his ‘toughness’ as many an opposition player around NQ and BRISBANE will testify. Qld were never in the race against NSW at that period so the politics in league played its part. He like most players from the country worked a job ,[ cane farmer] trained 2 – 3 nights a week and played on Sunday. No comparison to the highly financed Sydney clubs but was obviously in a category good enough to be selected and from what we recall he acquited himself well against a dominate Pommie winning side then. Very different times from today

Rugby league's one-Test wonders

if The Storm win the premiership he may play SOO this year, the mind boggles
i would be appreciative if he considered that and the last game would be at Suncorp , relative to his beginnings and QLD fan base

Cameron Smith STILL isn't budging on retirement call despite post-prelim scenes

Qld Govt. Anna’s world , land of double standards, depends on which side of the bed one gets out from, not to mention these power hungry Health officials

Ricky Stuart fires up at the Queensland government before preliminary final

It bewilders me as to why selectors continue to nominate B Hunt. To me he’s a lazy little Hunt , ruck passes are lollipop floaters , 2 seconds slow and predictable. He is not toilet trained compared to Cameron Smith, kicking game so inconsistent and unreliable , but I suppose he could carry the drinks but will probably SPILL them too
Every half in the NRL and nominated dummy half away from Hunt are a better proposition. Pity help the Maroons if they select this lagger

Queensland State of Origin selection surprises (Part 1)

John, at the moment we are in limbo, waiting for the results of the normal premiership season , but in my 73 years watching pinnacles of rugby league including Qld and Nsw team finals,British and French touring teams in Australia , Australian touring teams of the U.K. and France , the St George dynasty, North Qld v Brisbane , Bulimba Cup era, none hold the excitement and passion SOO draws. To my mind there has never been a bad SOO game in that history and although the game has changed technically SOO is the best football ever played and any league fan will be waiting in anticipation for that to happen every time ,every game

NSW State of Origin selection surprises (Part 2)

We are extremely blessed to witness the amazing ability of CAMERON SMITH
Without a doubt , the best Rugby League player in the world even at 37

Melbourne Storm past Parramatta in enthralling qualifying final

BB, I’ve been an Oates fan for a long time but the continuous run of injuries and to include the demeanour of THE CLUB seems to have put paid to his career, I think he is past his due date, there is no coming back, he’ll be subjected to more injuries by continuing

Brisbane are 2020's biggest disappointment, but the Dragons are not far behind

Before he attempted a kick he appeared to be somewhat tired when he started the game, just one of those days we all have from time to time

Papenhuyzen proves he's no Cameron Smith with two hilariously bad kicks

Griffin is an astute personality a la “HOOK” . I think he’s got what the Dragons’ need. Let’s see where they finish in 2012 , at least the 8 I presume, and that will shut a few mouths . Go HOOK from a Bronco supporter

The streak that says Griffin will be a disaster for the Dragons

This expansion item drifts on and on, there’s no guts or concrete foundation for these dreams definitely no funds, anywhere
The NRL image needs to be cleaned up from top to bottom with a secure plan
It seems from a dedicated fan base that will be ongoing it might well be seriously considered to include a team or teams from Samoa and Tonga. The consolidation of those teams may well open the door for more talent into the mainland institutions rather trying to creat a combo new franchise with 4 or 5 special talent positions to keep that afloat. There is this on going illusion about Brisbane ( south east ) population in this central location but 2.5million don’t dedicate loyalities to Rugby league as may have been 40 years ago. There are other things to do these days. Expand to the dedicated not into the dying locations. We need to get real and dispense with the pipe dreams. Businesses survive on profits

For all the problems of expansion, player quality is not one of them

Alan Jones or perhaps David Gallop for CEO and The Walker Bros for the Broncos
Let Kevvie wallow in an Origin success for a few years , he deserves an accolade in the best arena of league in the world. Too much crap in the Broncos administration to give Kevvie a fair go

The Cowboys get their man

Big problem with the Murdoch power as such and maybe that’s an obstacle for an appropriate coach in that the new coach has to deal with the administration. Can’t see Bellamy tolerating that type of interference and why he would have any sympathy for Brisbane. I see him leaving league on a high not battling demons.
My take are the Walker Brothers ,new influence ,constructive ,progressive expectation of respect from the roster and obviously have the foresight to weld a team culture.
The issue will be the current administration . When White , Morris and Lockyer move on there is every chance although Lockyer may go well in PR and PR only
Let Kevvie get his origin set up ,we all love Kevvie and only want it to work for him
This way gets the close critics with emotional past attachments to quiet and shut the f*^# up

Contenders to replace Seibold as coach of the Brisbane Broncos

not Green no no no

Reports: Seibold set to quit Broncos

David Gallop comes to mind !

Ben Ikin is the man to shake up the Brisbane Broncos

Seibold is not a development coach. He may have a talent to encourage an organised roster . Morris and White are delusional in foresight or is it money and ego. The roster needs to be tidied up and a platform for 2021 and beyond set by the end of this season. One big problem is a powerful, outstanding team leader in the Wally Lewis, Mal Meninga Cameron Smith mould not a conference of young heads trying to find a solution. The Broncos probably won’t be achievers for a few years even with a tidy roster that would not include about 33% of the current group and most of the administration. Lockyer needs to look into another sphere as it appears he is losing his flamboyance with the fans , public and supporters regardless of the brilliant playing abilities in times past. Unfortunately, where do these type of leaders come from ?

Dear Brisbane Broncos, the coach isn't the problem

30 points start to the Broncos

NRL Round 13 teams: Mass changes for Tigers, Fifita back for Broncos

not in my book – he’s a dud

What will the Broncos look like in 2021?

What top line player of any position would want to join this embarrassing mess at the Broncos , let alone accept the disgusting upper management?
The sooner White, Morris , Seibold and maybe even Lockyer move out the better. No disrespect for Lockyer , as a player etc one of the best ever . But the management influence is slowly destroying this icon of the game, so sad !! There needs to be a major reassessment of the roster with Bird, Milford and the retiring Boyd, first on the list. Cory Oates and Andrew McC might well be in trouble from here on sadly . However I feel the Broncos are gone for the best part of 5 years and I feel the roster will mostly come from development rather than buy ins. Buying 1 or 2 or 3 won’t win a premiership. Somehow I think Jasmine O is getting the rough end of the pineapple and this is probably applying and effecting other young potential stars too. The Broncos may well lose some of these and I don’t blame them for looking elsewhere, especially now a la Fifita, but I will still support the players first of all

The Brisbane Broncos' potential $2.7 million war chest

ponga, coates, gaigai, ——-,——-, munster, cherry evans, mcguire, field,papalli,kafusi, welch,arrow, grant, fifita,collins,fleglar

holmes – gone , oates gone, hunt never ever again. Plenty of forwards but Qld need some hard men up front,ala jake field.Forget long term ,just concentrate on this series I go with Coates ,he’s gives 100% and is special and a bit protected on the wing
Bit early to be selecting a squad , let’s see who can put in the effort and form from here

My Queensland State of Origin team

Green & Seibold must be comparing notes, Cowboys & Broncos are playing the same football and also ruining some special talents. What a disgraceful sham

Pressure mounts on Green after NRL rout

Tonga and Samoa added in
This will open the door for new talent to feed in existing clubs
Reduce the salary cap
Cap player contract payments ( what does the Prime Minister take home ?)
After all these are multiple businesses that need to make a profit
Make League Great Again

The one big problem with NRL expansion

Nice written article Stu, good summary . I’ve been advocating the Milford circumstance for one & a half seasons along with some assessments of others employed in the Bronco land but the clean out needs to start at the top, thru the coach and the playing roster. Some purchases of players has been astounding and the moving on of quality product leaves a lot to be questioned but we we ain’t going back to wonder what if. The continuing spectulation regarding the period of time between premierships seems a bother when put in perspective against other clubs. I feel we may need to wait for around 5 years before a premiership will happen for the Broncos provided the correct admin and coach are in place. Sad to say this could be even longer if another franchise is initiated in Queensland

Time for the Broncos to move on from Milford

At this time in professional sport and talented professional participants, a move to have a team from Tonga and one from Samoa may open the gate for some talented spots in existing NRL first grade.Another Qld team seems a pipe dream for a long time to come

Brisbane’s Western Corridor cannot be ignored in NRL expansion

Broncos admin and coaching staff – hang your heads in SHAME, better still leave asap

Broncos, bow your heads in shame

Yes a win for the unethical Broncos administration again but a win for Newcastle and one of the most dedicated players in the game. Best Wishes Andrew, up yours Broncos admin

Knights sign former Origin hooker ahead of season restart