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Josh Elliott is a rusted-on North Melbourne tragic with a penchant for pun headlines - and also abnormal alliteration, assuredly; assuming achievability. He once finished third in a hot chilli pie eating contest. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshElliott_29.



I think he could be an A-grade half back flanker, not sure in the midfield but would be very happy to be proven wrong given I own him in my dynasty fantasy team.

Four burning questions for Essendon ahead of the AFL restart

Smith and Merrett pump out some impressive statistics at times but I probably wouldn’t consider them A-grade talent personally.
Shiel I think may have that talent and if Essendon find the right way to use him we might get to see it. He’s not a great kick, but neither is Dangerfield.
Saad is an interesting one. I don’t think I’d put him there yet but he might have it in him.

Four burning questions for Essendon ahead of the AFL restart

Yeah, Hurley is probably the one who came to mind for me. I think most would have him as a top ten kpd in the comp which is probably borderline A-grade status.

Four burning questions for Essendon ahead of the AFL restart

That Fremantle R1 side was a very young team, travelling in Round 1, and still nearly knocked the Bombers over – very worrying result for mine, although the Dons weren’t without their fair share of absent players either. I think it’s going to be a tough year for clubs that are trying to do something new, and Essendon trying to learn Ben Rutten’s game plan (while also managing the Worsfold-Rutten dynamic) could find that really tricky to do in the face of all this uncertainty. I’m not expecting them to make finals.

More broadly – I think if you want to build a premiership team, you’ve got to get some genuine A-grade talent on the list and then build around that. Essendon feel like they’ve done the building around part but without getting the A-grade core to begin with. Aside from Daniher, how many undisputed A-grade talents are there on the list? And how many will there be next year when Daniher is gone?

Four burning questions for Essendon ahead of the AFL restart

They seem to have an aversion to recruiting KPPs – even when they’ve had decent picks in recent years they just don’t seem interested in it. And salary cap has been too poorly managed to allow for signing a big one from a rival club. So I think if they’re going to win a premiership with this group they’re going to need to do it without a really good quality key forward, which is difficult without being impossible. While you’re right that they do have a few very good players nearing the end, I think their midfield kids are good enough to keep them competitive going forward – whether that’s to the point of being contenders or not, who knows.

Four burning questions for Collingwood ahead of the AFL restart

Good pick for North, an elite intercepting defender is definitely what we need. McGovern also comes to mind but Sicily has more footy ahead of him.

The one player each AFL club should poach

Disappointing as it is I think Blues need to let Kreuzer go at the end of the year (he’s out of contract). Realistically we know he’s only going to play 50% of most seasons and I don’t think it helps the development of this team to not have a consistent and durable ruck option. Use the rest of the year to see if De Koning/Pittonet are up to snuff and then if not see who you can bring across from another club. Biased because I love the bloke but feel like Braydon Preuss would be a good fit – can be that Shane Mumford type who causes a bit of havoc with his physicality and protects some of Carlton’s developing mids.

Four burning questions for Carlton ahead of the AFL restart

When’s the last time North bottomed out? If anything, they get criticised for not bottoming out more often.

Four burning questions for Adelaide ahead of the AFL restart

History suggests that if you’re travelling interstate in Round 1 then your odds of winning are pretty low, so that particular result doesn’t necesarilly worry me.

That said, I do think the younger teams are going to be the ones who struggle more with the present uncertainty, and I reckon the Lions will probably be somewhere in the middle of the ladder this year as a result.

Not concerned about their overall trajectory.

Four burning questions for Brisbane ahead of the AFL restart

Gold Coast will be spooners this year, but if they somehow miraculously avoid it, Crows are my next tip.

Four burning questions for Adelaide ahead of the AFL restart

Hope all goes well Col. And fingers crossed there is footy for you to watch.

AFL in the time of COVID-19: Sticking together while social distancing

Wow, could not have been tighter for that No.1 spot.

The Roar’s AFL top 50 wrap: The full list, who voted for who, team of the top 50, plus best clubs

I think if it was a ranking based just on 2019 form he probably would be. Put in another year like that and it’d be hard not to have him in the top 20.

The Roar's AFL top 50 players: 40-31

Not to pile more devastation on here, but… unmentioned in the Kersten section is that a lot of rumour suggests a schism between him and Neale was at least part of the reason Neale left the club. And re McCarthy, the frustrating thing here is Freo slipped back from pick 3 in that draft to pick 8 to get him – took Griffin Logue at pick 8, while Hugh McCluggage unexpectedly lasted till pick 3 😔

My fingers are crossed Hogan will be able to make good on his talent. Great player.

The flawed five: Fremantle's worst recruitment woes

Bugger me I’m excited to see Lachie Weller pull on that All Stars guernsey, that’s what we’ve been dreaming of for a decade

AFL reveals State of Origin sides for charity match

We have the league’s best key forward, so 👍

Champion Data have released their 2020 list rankings and we have many, many questions

Agree, this is way off, North clearly has the No.1 midfield in the comp, No.2 is an insult. We’re coming for you, Brisbane.

Champion Data have released their 2020 list rankings and we have many, many questions

The Crows are gonna win at least five of the first ten premierships and it’s all Kochie’s fault.

AFLW 2020 season preview: Adelaide Crows

I guess they feel like he didn’t have enough Merrett.

Merrett dumped from Essendon leadership group after player vote

Nice headline work Stirling 👍

Mahomes and hosed! Chiefs end 50-year drought with Super Bowl win

Yeah, that’s fair. It’s definitely something of a bastardisation of the term. It’s for charity so I’m ok with it – but, I’m a Victorian, which probably makes it easier to be ok with it!

The AFL bushfire relief game is not State of Origin

I agree it’s not ideal, but I think the AFL’s idea was simply to create a single game that any player could hypothetically participate in, and it’s just not possible to do that with “true” Origin – one of the three big footy states would have to be left out, and it just doesn’t work.

I guess their assumption is that having a larger series of games would simply be too much strain on the players/too difficult to throw together in a short space of time.

The AFL bushfire relief game is not State of Origin

My understanding of these rules is that they only pertain to whether or not a club is allowed to trade their future picks, ie, if you haven’t used at least two first rounders in the last four years, you’re not allowed to then trade your future selections.

Even then the AFL will grant exceptions if clubs apply for them, and WCE, being a well-run and generally successful club, would almost certainly get one of they asked, I suspect.

Of course, this is only my understanding on the rules – the AFL has never really offered a great deal of clarity about how they work. At any rate, I doubt WCE would get into any kind of serious trouble.

If nothing else they could make the argument that they may not have used a first rounder in the 2019 draft, but did use four second-rounders, which should be considered more than equivalent.

Should the 17 other AFL clubs hold the West Coast Eagles to ransom?

Yeah, off the top of my head the base salary is around $100k or so? I think the implication is that around 60% of AFL players are on that.

AFL trades: The top five out-of-contract players to watch in 2020

Yeah I’ll admit, having read your stuff for a while, I find it interesting that we’ve continued to go hard at mature recruits when obviously your perspective is that youth talent will take over the game, and quickly. I’d like to see the latter happen just because it’s exciting, but hopefully doesn’t mean we get left in the lurch.

AFLW 2020 season preview: Kangaroos