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Josh Elliott is a rusted-on North Melbourne tragic with a penchant for pun headlines - and also abnormal alliteration, assuredly; assuming achievability. He once finished third in a hot chilli pie eating contest. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshElliott_29.



Definitely think the Blues could consider themselves a chance in all three of those matches, with Melbourne probably being the most likely. In retrospect I think North had a good turn of fate playing St Kilda first up – GWS this week, not so much.

On the last episode of 'Australian Football League'...

Every coach has their strengths and weaknesses I think, and the difference often lies in their ability to maximise the former and minimise the latter. For example with Brad Scott I felt like he had a lot of good qualities, but rarely seemed willing to ackowledge his own weaknesses (let alone find ways to minimise them), and as a result we found ourselves running into the same problems pretty regularly year after year.

Four burning questions for Port Adelaide ahead of the AFL restart

Stirlo, just look at the shape of Rhyce’s shiny head. He’s the realest deal.

Four burning questions for North Melbourne ahead of the AFL restart

If the club feels Fantasia is a player who could improve their list, are they really going to ignore him because he decided to stay at Essendon – where he was contracted – a year longer? I can understand being frustrated, but doesn’t seem like a great way to make decisions.

Four burning questions for Port Adelaide ahead of the AFL restart

Agree with what you’re saying Stirlo – if you look at the list they should be less focused on short-term success and more on long-term, but I think the fact they’ve had the same coach for a while and so much unfulfilled promise after his early years means expectations are high that they’ve been building to something and should be arriving at it now. And the club really keeps tying a noose knot for its own neck by saying they expect to play finals and go deep into September every year. I don’t know that I’d call Ken Hinkley a great coach but I’m not convinced he’s a bad one either.

Four burning questions for Port Adelaide ahead of the AFL restart

He would be the perfect recruit for them, but realistically I think the chances of him moving clubs is nil.

Why Essendon need Giant Jeremy Cameron: A history of tall forward failures

I remember we spent the lead up to that final thinking “Wow, Clarko has a whole two weeks to figure out how to dismantle Richmond – that’s dangerous”, but in the end the Hawks put out a limp effort and went out in straight sets. That was very demistifying performance for mine. Even the greatest potter can’t work without clay.

Four burning questions for Hawthorn ahead of the AFL restart

Pick 1 here we come baby

Four burning questions for Melbourne ahead of the AFL restart

Tbh, I think Clarko is the only reason many of us remain reluctant to write Hawthorn off as there’s just that enduring feeling that he could pull something out of the hat. Realistically though, he’s a brilliant coach, but he also had some brilliant talent under his command in the premiership years. That just isn’t the case anymore. I wouldn’t rule them out of making finals but sceptical they could win one.

Four burning questions for Hawthorn ahead of the AFL restart

He signed a two-year extension until the end of 2022 some time ago. Realisitcally, it would be a significant waste of time. I suspect a new deal for Jack Lukosius would be the higher priority.

Four burning questions for Gold Coast ahead of the AFL restart

I always scoff at suggestions that an AFL team could go a season without winning a game, GC are probably the best chance we’ve seen in recent times IMO (while still being very unlikely). Dew’s strength has been in getting the kids up for the start of the season but that just hasn’t been possible under the circumstances – combine a lot of inexperienced draftees with new mature additions, they really needed the chance to develop cohesion and won’t get it this year. Will get smacked around most weeks.

Four burning questions for Gold Coast ahead of the AFL restart

This is the perfect year for them to win a flag – they will get at least one in the next five years, might as well do it now while they don’t have to pretend that a large crowd would be there to celebrate it.

Four burning questions for GWS ahead of the AFL restart

Have to assume the other six years are ones where Collingwood blew significant leads in grand finals 😁

Four burning questions for Geelong ahead of the AFL restart

The real question here is: will Chris Scott’s decision to grow a beard magically fix his coaching & make him more likable? And if so, will every AFL coach decide to grow a beard next year and see how it works for them? Fingers crossed.

Four burning questions for Geelong ahead of the AFL restart

The difference between Neale & Hill and most of those guys is that the former were in their prime as mature players, the latter will take some time to get there, and the chance to win one alongside Fyfe may be gone or just about by the time they do.

I don’t think Freo had any better options available to them and broadly like what they’ve done, but it’s made the prospects of immediate success less likely – which is unfortunate given Fyfe is 28 and hasn’t always been the most durable player.

Four burning questions for Fremantle ahead of the AFL restart

Combine trying to learn a new gameplan with a very young list and having to play out of a hub and I reckon it could be a tough year. Unfortunately reckon losing players like Neale and Hill in the last two years has really hurt the chances of Fyfe playing in a flag there.

Four burning questions for Fremantle ahead of the AFL restart

I think he could be an A-grade half back flanker, not sure in the midfield but would be very happy to be proven wrong given I own him in my dynasty fantasy team.

Four burning questions for Essendon ahead of the AFL restart

Smith and Merrett pump out some impressive statistics at times but I probably wouldn’t consider them A-grade talent personally.
Shiel I think may have that talent and if Essendon find the right way to use him we might get to see it. He’s not a great kick, but neither is Dangerfield.
Saad is an interesting one. I don’t think I’d put him there yet but he might have it in him.

Four burning questions for Essendon ahead of the AFL restart

Yeah, Hurley is probably the one who came to mind for me. I think most would have him as a top ten kpd in the comp which is probably borderline A-grade status.

Four burning questions for Essendon ahead of the AFL restart

That Fremantle R1 side was a very young team, travelling in Round 1, and still nearly knocked the Bombers over – very worrying result for mine, although the Dons weren’t without their fair share of absent players either. I think it’s going to be a tough year for clubs that are trying to do something new, and Essendon trying to learn Ben Rutten’s game plan (while also managing the Worsfold-Rutten dynamic) could find that really tricky to do in the face of all this uncertainty. I’m not expecting them to make finals.

More broadly – I think if you want to build a premiership team, you’ve got to get some genuine A-grade talent on the list and then build around that. Essendon feel like they’ve done the building around part but without getting the A-grade core to begin with. Aside from Daniher, how many undisputed A-grade talents are there on the list? And how many will there be next year when Daniher is gone?

Four burning questions for Essendon ahead of the AFL restart

They seem to have an aversion to recruiting KPPs – even when they’ve had decent picks in recent years they just don’t seem interested in it. And salary cap has been too poorly managed to allow for signing a big one from a rival club. So I think if they’re going to win a premiership with this group they’re going to need to do it without a really good quality key forward, which is difficult without being impossible. While you’re right that they do have a few very good players nearing the end, I think their midfield kids are good enough to keep them competitive going forward – whether that’s to the point of being contenders or not, who knows.

Four burning questions for Collingwood ahead of the AFL restart

Good pick for North, an elite intercepting defender is definitely what we need. McGovern also comes to mind but Sicily has more footy ahead of him.

The one player each AFL club should poach

Disappointing as it is I think Blues need to let Kreuzer go at the end of the year (he’s out of contract). Realistically we know he’s only going to play 50% of most seasons and I don’t think it helps the development of this team to not have a consistent and durable ruck option. Use the rest of the year to see if De Koning/Pittonet are up to snuff and then if not see who you can bring across from another club. Biased because I love the bloke but feel like Braydon Preuss would be a good fit – can be that Shane Mumford type who causes a bit of havoc with his physicality and protects some of Carlton’s developing mids.

Four burning questions for Carlton ahead of the AFL restart

When’s the last time North bottomed out? If anything, they get criticised for not bottoming out more often.

Four burning questions for Adelaide ahead of the AFL restart

History suggests that if you’re travelling interstate in Round 1 then your odds of winning are pretty low, so that particular result doesn’t necesarilly worry me.

That said, I do think the younger teams are going to be the ones who struggle more with the present uncertainty, and I reckon the Lions will probably be somewhere in the middle of the ladder this year as a result.

Not concerned about their overall trajectory.

Four burning questions for Brisbane ahead of the AFL restart