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sharks win easy

NRL 2022: Men's Round 1 preview and Women's Round 3 preview

nice I have a solution to the halves problem not the inconsistent halves of trindall moylan but luke metcalf one of the fastest halves in the game great kicker of the ball amazing ball playing skills absolutely smoked threw the tigers last year when he got a 70minute chance only to be replaced by matt moylan in round 25 who had the worst game of his career and ended up getting hooked with about 15 minutes left

NRL 2022 ladder prediction: 6-5

I think luke metcalf should be in the team but overall pretty good

The 2022 young guns round up

i dont understand what you mean when you say that the sharks dont have any firepower on the outside they have one of the most underated best tryscoring wingers in sione katoa and another very good winger in ronaldo mulitalo

NRL 2022 Radar: Best and worst case scenario for EVERY team

stubby would win McInnes would chop trbojecvic in half

The long and the short of it in our lanky v stubby 13s

to be honest i am fine with the current draw mabye would add two more games to the regular season

A draw full of possibilities

add some forwards to that bench and it a pretty damb good team

The two things the Tigers must do to dodge the spoon in 2022

totally agree bad deal for both

Warriors continue signing spree with promising playmaker