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When rugby union was king of Newcastle

When rugby union was king of Newcastle

5 Jun 2012

While tonight is Scotland’s debut Test match in Newcastle, many Scots have played in the city with British Lions teams.

The Hunter Valley footballer who revolutionised rugby

1 Jun 2012

Schoolboy William Webb Ellis ran with the football, but it took a young man from the Hunter Valley to show the rugby world how to make spectacular use of it.

To be a footballer and a soldier is the summit of all ambitions

21 Apr 2012

The Waratahs tonight commemorate ANZAC Day and the contribution of New South Wales rugby to war-time service. Why a generation of New South Wales rugby players and officials rushed to serve in WW1 is told through the story of James McManamey.

Aussie Rugby California Dreamin'

4 Apr 2012

The ‘First Wallabies’ rugby tour of Britain in 1908/09 is a familiar yarn, but that of 1912’s ‘Kangaroo Waratahs’?

Rugby Sevens’ obscure past and bright future

Rugby Sevens' obscure past and bright future

28 Mar 2012

Rugby Sevens has a surprisingly long presence in our nation – over 120 years. Yet only now are we realising what a valuable asset the Sevens game can be to the growth of rugby in Australia.

For the love of rugby, not country

21 Mar 2012

It was a topsy-turvy world in the early days of international rugby – aside from form, residency alone mattered.