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End near for Kiwi running legend Bernie Portenski


As was the point of my article

Women deserve fair pay, but the money has to come from somewhere

Thanks for commenting on this waste of time!

Time for Australia to drop the grand final model

Hi Megan,

Cheers for your reply. I appreciate you taking the time to give me your thoughts.. And as it appears you have not quite understood the purpose of my article I will attempt to tackle your points raised.

It would be Mawkish of me to suggest I am the first one to ever consider this prospect and I have never claimed that to be the case. I have of course heard this argument regularly and as I’m sure you would appreciate felt compelled to add my opinion on the matter.

As you seem to ”predictably” suggest that I have a Male superiority complex involved in my thoughts on the matter I will attempt to clarify.

I went out of my way in this article to research on why women’s sport has been considered inferior, As you correctly pointed out. ”Women’s sport has historically been designated as second class” So it would seem we agree and thank you for pointing out one of my arguments raised. I personally would love to see more women’s sport at a higher level and this was the intended nature of my piece.

The obvious question is why is this the case? I chose to look into the financial realities of this issue which is merely a statement of fact. this was not intended to prove the superiority of male sports. Other points raised about the how and why was the purpose of this. Stir up debate on why this is the case and look at this from a different angle.

Having a slanging match about whether or not I am Misogynistic (as has been suggested very thinly by yourself) I believe strengthens my final point of moving past the duly noted arguments and obvious notions that they are paid less. This does not fix the how or why. It merely mires the debate into farcical tit for tat name calling.

And this is priceley what I mean when this is only brought up when they are doing well and not more often which should be the case. As the title suggests they deserve equal pay.. but something cannot be forced through on a political angle. as I stated let the sport speak for itself and the crowds will come much like UFC Champion Ronda Rousey There was no debate about her gender, There was no debate about her pay. she quite simply fought her way to the top. However by telling people you must enjoy this because its ‘mysoginistic say otherwise or muse about the real intention of someone writing an article on the matter is simply now as far as Im concerned a dead argument that is beneath you.


Women deserve fair pay, but the money has to come from somewhere

Cheers Brendon,

Apologies mate have you read my piece? Im not sure what you are arguing about? You simply keep reiterating my points?

I asked you earlier to point out where I was being misogynistic? So far I am yet to hear a conclusive reply

I look forward to your no doubt calm and measured response.

Women deserve fair pay, but the money has to come from somewhere

Thanks Nick,

I would happily include this for you however there is only so much time in the day. If you type into google yourself you will find that they too underrated as a comparison to the Men’s events.

Women deserve fair pay, but the money has to come from somewhere

Thanks Brendon,

As a Kiwi myself that’s not a surprise. The stadiums in New Zealand are a quarter of the size of stadiums in Canada so that does not surprise me it only got 100,000 more. considering some stadiums barely fit 15,000 and the largest was a temp stadium in Auckland of 60,000.

In fact the largest sport for women in Canada is Soccer so im not surprised it was popular. also the viewer numbers came from the majority of US fans tuning in on prime time.

Thanks again for strengthening my point even if you have done so unintentionally

Women deserve fair pay, but the money has to come from somewhere

Thanks Norster,

Very subtle I like it!

Can you advise what you do not see as a fair viewpoint nor a logical one in my piece?

Nice comment though I couldn’t have improved on it if I was you.

Women deserve fair pay, but the money has to come from somewhere

Cheers Brendon,

The fact the football world cup was watched by more people than the cricket world cup wouldn’t surprise me.. However I wouldn’t be so sure to believe you without some numbers to the contrary.

Just wondering where I ever stood up for Men’s rights? Could you elaborate?

Women deserve fair pay, but the money has to come from somewhere

Great article mate cheers for your reply!

Yeah I think the fact the stadiums speaks volumes on the demand of the event itself. And like you say demand was so high they couldve filled a stadium 10 times the size

Women deserve fair pay, but the money has to come from somewhere

Great points Dave,

No one has addressed the behavior of these players nor questioned why there is no judicial review for them.

Are tennis players a protected species?

Cheers for your comment,

In regards to the questions you raised I will attempt to clarify.

The threat of heat stroke is a side note of there lack of desire and the pandered nature in which Tennis players are afforded during there careers.

Sure its tough and the heat can be a problem. However sportsmen in other codes I would argue push themselves to a much higher level than Mr Djokovic retiring ‘hot’ to which I pointed out in the Madras Test reference in terms of playing through heat and showing the fortitude to beat the odds.

On the point of noise in during the game my argument is simply this. Surely if someone would like to cheer during a point they should be welcome too, not be vilified. (I’m not saying I personally would cheer ) However I think if it occurs players should adapt rather than crying to the match official or scream at the fan for daring to speak while he gets paid millions to hit a ball over the net. So I think you made my point clearer when you stated ‘why would anyone scream or cheer during the point’ Because I think its up to the paying fan not The Protected Species.

Thanks again!

Are tennis players a protected species?

Good points Wal,

My argument stems from the players themselves (with Golf included) and the culture they tend to surround themselves in. The forced hush of the crowd, The reactions of players at so much of a whimper is indicative of the sport which I did reference in my piece.

I think darts is a valid argument in this case in terms of the need for concentration( although initially very tongue in check)

The pandering they receive to me is beyond ridiculous. Towels handed to them, balls collected for them, umpires must sit there and accept a torrent of abuse on almost every game (not to mention death threats).

Perhaps there should be a judiciary for the players behavior to help bring them back to earth?


Are tennis players a protected species?

Thanks for the great feedback everyone,,

My main point being not the noise of the crowd per se which seems to have taken on a large portion of the discussion. My main argument is the air of arrogance and expectancy of the the Tennis players themselves.

The situations with (to name a few) Andy Murray Andy Roddick, Serena Williams etc have all had very sour run ins with officials and ballboys alike makes me cringe. Humility it appears is lost on the Tennis elite.

I think this in turn leads to the attitude of current events. Federer to me came off a tad precious. Pitch invasions in Football are far more commonplace and i would argue far more dangerous.

Are tennis players a protected species?