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At this point in time we need every football fan we can get. Having said that my one biggest gripe is how desperate the FFA were in chasing non-football fans to get to A-league games. Then on top of that some of the suggestions which made no sense to me, the usual nonsense like, lets not have offside or do we need a BBL style competition.

The best way to attract fans is to make the football as good as you can make it, to run the competition with integrity, to provide what I would call an “authentic football” experience, to not treat your fans with utter contempt, to be fair with your pricing policies, to allow access to players through the media and the fans.

Everybody knows my stance on football in this country. It has to be an open tiered competition with pro/rel at the centre of this discussion. This is the only way you capture the football pyramid and the whole football public. That idea that one day your little club no matter how obscure and difficult can one day make it to the top flight. You might think this is fanciful but this idea happens the world over. It takes a lot of money and a lot of know how, but it can be done with any club. With every club in the discussion this becomes a powerful force and you are all under one football unbrella. If you are plastic now, then you are all effing plastic.

The battle for authenticity - real or plastic?

At what stage does VAR no longer become an experiment. We have been at this nonsense for almost four years. Its beyond a joke now. I have no idea why the FFA, FIFA and other football leagues are dead set on trying to keep the VAR. It has proven to be an absolute joke and it is RUINING FOOTBALL. Why would you try and keep something that is ruining the sport. It doesnt make sense.

VAR technology is the worst thing to ever happen to football

This decision is just awful and the repercussions of it are even worse. As a player of the game you want to do everything you can to win. How does winning look like obviously differs from player to player. As a player how can you decide to go down in the box without even being touched is beyond me. In this instance if Mauk has any conscience he gets up talks to the referee and says “he never touched me”. Obviously that’s me being naive in the extreme, but one can dream.
What I found extraodinary was Mauk fronting the camera’s at half time and giving his version of events in justifying the penalty. Did we really need to hear that, it was unbelievable. I understand he is not going to say that the ref got it wrong both times (field + VAR) but come on Mauk be honest mate.

I was watching on and cheering for Adelaide as I had a small stake on the game, but even with my BIAS clearly going towards Adelaide I thought that it was a CLEAR NON-PENALTY. I can understand perhaps the referee on the field getting it wrong, BUT HOW DOES THE VAR. How do we keep getting it wrong.

VAR blunders produce yet another A-League comedy act

This is one of those annoying articles that totally misses the point. It still annoys me that these types of articles are even written but what do you do. So many misconceptions.

1. We have well and truly moved on from the NSL days. There is no going back and there is no inclination we will go back to those days. Even if we did, so what, get over it.

2. In all honesty I think our football and our footballing fabric is worse off because of the non-inclusion of ex-NSL clubs. I wouldnt even go to say NSL clubs, but the mechanism to include ANY CLUB is not there. That is what annoys me more.

3. All the clubs in Australia even the ex-NSL clubs you so loathe are AUSTRALIAN CLUBS. They have taken in all different types of players from all walks of life and is part of our footballing culture and community. The clubs have served Australian football well and dont owe anybody anything. The only people they are there to serve is their membership base.

4. An inclusive football culture includes all football clubs whether they are supported by people of a certain heritage or not. It makes no difference. If that is how the club operates and wants to be known then let them. That should be an advantage for every other football club who decides to set a new club and not operate in such a narrow band.

5. The ex-NSL clubs are wealthy clubs – they have plenty of backers who can bankroll teams, plenty of business people ready to unload their wallets, they own their clubs, they own their land and social clubs. The A-league clubs should be worried – ALL THEY REALLY OWN IS A LICENCE.

6. The only thing that should concern people are the mechanisms for our A-league and the NSD, the pro / rel mechanism, the integrity of our league and how we run the competition. It should be an open tiered competition with no salary cap or any restrictions at all. Let the best team with the deepest pockets win which will force the cream to the top.

7. By going this way you will more than likely weed out most of the ex-NSL clubs from the A-league anyway and it will go about strengthening our football by having a merits based competition. If you do that then by your own reasoning and logic, how are NSL clubs supposed to compete.

8. I am not for NSL cubs or against them per se. I am saying we should allow all forms of football clubs to operate within the system. As someone who grew up watching the NSL I firmly believe that clubs that operate within a region / district have a better chance to thrive and survive. In my opinion it is a better model but it shouldnt be the only way a team is formed or operated, how boring is that. Even still over the years if its not the right model these clubs will quickly find out how difficult it is to operate in this way and will need to adapt and change. Isn’t this what we want.

9. Lastly – all I will say is that if we had allowed pro/rel to be introduced a long time ago our football league would be absolutely amazing. It would be filled with strong clubs from top to bottom, all competitive with zealous tribal support all round. This is what we are missing, that authentic football experience that happens worldwide in those leagues run with the best integrity. The most important thing is that the mechanisms are in place, it doesnt matter so much about the teams, that will take care of itself and after almost 16-17 years it would have taken care of a lot of the issues we are STILL talking about to this day. Just get on with it.

Rant over.

Has the A-League finally converted the 'Bring back the NSL' crowd?

This season has been superb. I don’t think I have ever witnessed a season of so many intriguing matches. Even the nil-nil draws have been entertaining. All the doom and gloom of losing a whole raft of players to the Indian Super League and elsewhere and the A-league is better than ever.

Imagine how good it will be when all we focus on is the football. When we have a fully integrated competition. As I keep saying it does not matter what teams are in the competition all that matters is that the sport is run with the utmost integrity and is RUN TO APPEAL TO FOOTBALL FANS, everything else with take care of itself.

In saying that the first course of business is to get rid of the VAR. This is the biggest blight on our game today. It has literally sucked the joy out of football and is one of the single biggest issues which has caused our sport to regress. Yet we still persist with this abomination. We still cant accept that we should be having one human in charge in the middle(who will make mistakes) rather than two (who will still make mistakes).

The next issue is the need for an NSD and for this NSD to go NATIONAL. I do not want to hear about the problems I want solutions. The clubs have costed this out and they have said they can afford it, yet we still want to water this down and turn this into NPL Mk2. We need a National competition simply to make the identification of players easier, so that they can filter to the A-league. It has been proven already that the young players are stepping up. Will their be gaps, sure there will be. Happy to live with those gaps and allow our young players to develop. This is what it is about. The NSD is not supposed to be the same quality as the A-league, you are supposed to cherry pick the best of it and the A-league clubs need to pay for it (if player is under contract). Get on with it already, the amount of dilly dallying on this issue is doing my head on.

Dont get me started on pro/rel and transfer fees which I alluded to already. All this is the genuine football experience that the fooball fans want. if you do it this way, you will also get the casuals that the our suits are craving for without upsetting their bread and butter supporters. The sooner the better.

A-League and W-League: The positives on the pitch are starting to outweigh the problems off it

From what I have researched from various articles and posts no racial vilification was said. Unless of course you take issue with the Indian cricketer Siraj being called a “shiraz”. That’s the extent of the sledge.

Kohli wants action on racism claims

Did we at least proudly sing our National Anthem.

Mo'unga magic leads All Blacks past woeful Wallabies in record blowout

Judging by the comments from Tony Sage surrounding the CBA negotiations I would say he is quite salty about it.

Indian Super League: An improving competition and A-League threat

Until the FFA and the A-league clubs realise that football is the world game then this drain of talent will continue to happen unabaited. If that is the route they want to go down then I have no problem with it. The A-league clubs cannot just hold the players to ransom and expect them to play for a 30% cut. The ramifications of this are that the players have thought “hang on a minute I can do this for more money without the headache” and off they head in their droves. Again I have no problem with it, the only ones that do appear to be the A-league clubs who for some reason or another are astonished this would happen.
The only way out of this is even tougher for the A-leagues to fathom because they dont want a bar of it. That is the whole structure of football must be deregulated. That means no salary caps, no broad CBA agreement, pro and rel (working towards it), the introduction of domestic transfer fee market, clubs to invest in players and bring back value into the A-league, get rid of VAR, allow football to be football. Compare ourselves to other football markets and not on AFL or NRL which is for the most part an irrelevant exercise. Cater to your bread and butter audience and if “new fans” want to see this “new” football product which is actually how football is supposed to be then all the power to us. It doesn’t get anymore frustrating.

Indian Super League: An improving competition and A-League threat


Is there room for a football State of Origin?

Why can’t clubs just choose to operate how they want to?

A-League enters death spiral

I know nobody wants to hear it and I can feel the eye rolls already but I will reply regardless. The A-league can be fresh and exciting every year in a pro/rel environment. For those people who are addicted to football like you and I following your team in a second tier for a year or two would not be the be all and end all. In fact it would strengthen our support and resolve for our teams. In fact it would allow us to start to convert more football fans from the casual observer into more hardcore supporters. Currently that conversion rate of football fan to A-league fan is abysmal.

In this covid-19 era and the defunding by foxtel sport means that the A-league needs to be driven by clubs who are willing to spend. This is true of every football league around the world. The top clubs in every league drive the value of their league upwards. By having a pro/rel environment will mean that clubs will have an arms race of sorts to stay in the top tier year in year out. Every year the league will be freshened and strengthened by relegating two clubs and promoting two clubs. Clubs which are responsible and are well run will be the ones who will stay in the top tier.

In my opinion the salary cap needs to go immediately. The clubs will naturally all get a similar dividend from fox but why should we limit clubs to that spend only. Why cant clubs use the funds of wealthy owners or the sale of domestic transfers in their budgets for players like everywhere else in the world. If a club owner is not fiscally responsible guess where he finds himself, usually at the wrong end of the table. It might not be this year but it could be the year after. In a pro / rel environment the table does not lie. Every year the best and strongest clubs compete. Why is that such a difficult concept to grasp. I can refute every point against pro/rel with logic and you will have no answer. It has to happen for our sport to progress and reach its full potential.

I'm not sure how much more of the A-League I can take

I dont get the logic Mike. As far as I am concerned every season is a brand new slate and an opportunity for your club to grab silverware. If Sydney FC do it this year, good for them. It certainly doesn’t lower my interest in the competition for the following years, that’s just nonsense. The fact that Sydney FC have been able to do this year in and year out is due their ability to negotiate good players on poor contracts, which is fair enough. If players are happy to play for Sydney FC when they could be getting more elsewhere then that is up to both parties who signed the contract or it could be a case of other clubs paying way to much for players to play for them. Either way Sydney FC is coming out on top for the way they are managing their player roster and the salary cap. If that results in them winning each year then thats how its supposed to be. There is no magic formula to it.

Would the A-League be better off if Sydney FC weren't crowned champions?

I think the idea to pay in the A-league is an abhorrent one and the licence fee is something that should have been done with years ago. Find a way to buy this out and let the clubs compete on merit. Clubs in Europe dont have to pay to play in the top flight, it is the other way around. In fact the promotion to the premier league is the richest prize in sport. If clubs had to pay to play in the premier league as an example, they would be laughing at the league. It serves no purpose and it is wasted money that can go into proper infrastructure.

Save the Mariners or it just ain't the A-League

This is a perfect illustration on why we need P & R so that weaker clubs can get relegated and stronger clubs promoted, then rinse repeat season upon season. No one should be entitled to a spot in the top division.

Save the Mariners or it just ain't the A-League

This was a good article and it illustrates the subtle nuances of football. It is something that Australian footballers are still sometimes naive about. It is something that could easily be employed in the A-league because something I have noticed quite regularly is how many times defenders over commit and over play their man.

La pausa and its use in the A-League

I love the direction this new CEO is taking us. He is taking a very confident approach and why not, football is still the greatest game on earth whether its played in Australia or elsewhere in the world.
Of course there is trepidation from A-league fans about the switch. However, in regards to the well being of the players and having a better spectacle then there is no argument, the switch from summer to winter just make sense. The speed of the game will obviously increase, we will align our seasons with our AFC partners and our NPL competitions and the players will be less at risk.
As a fan I love watching A-league games in summer but even I concede it can get uncomfortable watching games in extreme heat and that the well being of the players should take precedent above everything else. It is difficult enough watching a game in high temperatures but imagine for a second playing in those conditions.
As for the broadcast deal I thought it was reasonable considering how covid-19 has affected most sports and our daily lives. However I am looking forward to more bold decisions by this CEO, including setting up a broadcasting arm for a subscription service. While I applaud Foxtel for their committment to football they were having too big a say in the running of our sport, which I felt was fraught with a little danger.
We have a broad base with which to work from and to tell you the truth we have more upside than downside. In the sense we need to do a better job of converting football fans into A-league fans. This conversion rate just needs to keep increasing over the years and we will be more than fine. It is FOOTBALL who can determine that. With control firmly in our destiny we decide the direction of our sport, we set the narrative, we can determine how we want our competitions to look, not a broadcast partner.
All I want to see as a football fan is the best competition we can make the A-league, that would include 14-16 teams in the future, pro/rel battles, NSD matches, womens football, transfer fee news and signings, FFA cups and charity shield type events, touring teams to Australia and Australian teams touring overseas, archive footage of old socceroo matches, NSL matches and GF’s. Its all Australian football and its our story and its up to us how we want that story to be told so that it is appealing and moves our sport forward.

A-League’s winter move fraught with danger

There is no need to start again. I would however like to see a National Second Division (NSD) and then eventual promotion/relegation. The easiest solution is to start building a NSD which shouldn’t take too long. You bring in new teams in the A-league from the NSD for a few years through promotion only. Once you get the desire number of teams you want in the A-league you start to have pro/relegation.

As you may or may not have noticed I haven’t mentioned one team to bring into the A-league. That’s because the only criteria that matters is what you have done on the pitch through merit and whether or not your club meets a certain minimum standard. The most important thing is getting the mechanism correct ie how will it work, how many teams, how do you get relegated/promoted, home and away draw etc etc. Everything else over time will take care of itself.

I will guarantee you one thing though, over 50 years of pro/rel you will see a totally tranformed landscape and if done properly with integrity and following the rules to the letter our football will be much stronger for it.

How would the A-League look if we started again?

What can you say that hasn’t already been said. My beautiful club is going through a rough trot and its showing in the stands. We might have decent membership numbers but no one is turning up to games, not even the RBB. The last few weeks quite frankly have been pathetic, the football has been terrible and even after that is all said and done we are only a couple of wins from the top 6. Lol, Aussie football you have to laugh or cry.

The Wanderers need a reset - and so does the rest of the A-League

The VAR is a curse full stop. It is a curse on this once beautiful game which VAR is in the process of ruining. Can anyone tell me honestly that they find football more appealing than what it was pre-VAR. This quest to find perfection is ruining our game. So before VAR it was said that the referees were getting about 94-95% of decisions correct. With the VAR it is said to be around 98%. So is the small percentage gain of getting the correct decisions worth it. NOOOOOOOOOOO it is not.

Was VAR a blessing or a curse in the Mariners' win over Victory?

I simply don’t go to away matches anymore. The cheap tickets are home memberships and I try to go to as many home games as possible.

The high cost of A-League tickets is a problem that needs fixing

I honestly dont think that losing just one game at home is cause for alarm. Sure I would like to have seen more away wins, however, it is tough to win away at home. We are away from home again this week.

Markus Babbel: Dead man walking

This has all been a beat up, nothing more too it than that. It must have been a slow sports week and the writer of the article came up with that nonsense.

Plenty of room for both sports and both sports are going well, and its not at the expense of one another. I mainly follow and watch football but I have also really gotten into the NBL this season. There has been plenty of flicking between the channels this season. For me who loves both sports, its been great. There is genuine talent in the A-league and the NBL. Just sit back and enjoy. Neither of the two sports are going anywhere.

There is no NBL vs A-League

I am a massive football fan but I am so glad we didnt host the world cup. We are just a bit backward and insular to host a tournament of this magnitude, we simply aren’t prepared for it. We also lack the infrastructure to do it. To make matters worse FIFA has made the tournament beyond the reach of most countries now with the insistence of having 48 teams at the world cup. This would be an enormous financial strain on the bidding nation and leave us with a herd of large white elephants. All forgetten now. Thanks but no thanks.

Ten years ago the phoney code war went ballistic

My take on the penalty is this. From a technical standpoint I can understand why it was given. I would have been happier if it wasn’t given. I was annoyed that VAR intervened for what seemed an eternity and this notion of a clear and obvious error was thrown out the window.

As for the Victory they are not playing as we all know they can, but they aren’t playing all that badly either. We have to accept that this is a close competition and that anyone on the day can beat each other. Victory are just not getting a good run of decisions and its costing them games. Toivanen let it be known is an amazing footballer and is just a joy to watch.

How soon is too soon for a coach to abandon a system?