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The full home and away stopped Mitchell Johnson from one last hurrah with the Scorchers.

Lengthy BBL fixture makes same old mistakes

Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s too much Big Bash.

To be fair though, the new prolonged schedule (days, not matches) is to allow for some COVID wiggle room. Additionally, by best ensuring all matches get played, CA get full freight from the broadcasters.

Average crowds are down yes, but total numbers are steady. Further, the schedule for BBL 10 allows for more prime time coverage. This is especially important if crowds are restricted or prohibited.

Lengthy BBL fixture makes same old mistakes

Of course CA will never grant those players a no-objection certificate.

Lengthy BBL fixture makes same old mistakes

Speaking of the West Indies down under, I’ll always remember seeing Roland Holder chatting up a blonde outside the dressing rooms at the SCG. I suspect it’s not just cricket fans who would celebrate their return 😂

Cricket Australia must invite the West Indies Down Under

Vote #1 Stumpy. Three WSC tons is an indicator of his class.

The best nervous 90s Test team

“The appearance of impartiality is vital to how sport operates. This piece itself functions due to the fact that the above looks bad. I definitely do not think Illingworth or Kettleborough were cheating in favour of their home nation, and that is a ridiculous theory.”

This is the crux of it. No one is calling Kettleborough biased.

I once asked Paul “Blocker” Wilson about home umpires. He said if he were to give Virat Kohli out LBW on an umpire’s call during, say, a Boxing Day test, he’d be accused of favouritism.

The problem with non-independent umpiring

Agree with your assessment of Ponting as a slipper. Probably the best all-round fielder I’ve seen though.
Warner, too, is brilliant all over the ground.
As for outfielders, Mike Young (fielding coach) had a very high opinion of Mitchell Johnson.

Australia’s best fielding XI since 1970

Players don’t get signed because they’re good goal kickers. Offered a 5 year contract after 17 first grade games. That’s what the trust is about. A lot of good juniors fail to match their hype. It’s a gamble. I like Zac, don’t get me wrong. It may well pay off and I hope it does. Time will tell. But the Dragons could find themselves in a position after 2 years with a player who hasn’t kicked on.
Look at Aitken. Once touted as an Origin bolter, the club is now happy to be rid of him. Imagine if he still had 3 years to run on his contract.

Is Zac Lomax a future NSW Origin rep?

A thoughtful article. You can get a headache comparing across eras. Factor in the intangibles like pitch conditions, helmets, bats, boundary ropes etc and it makes the task more onerous (although no less fun).

It’d be interesting to see how the collective batting average of said team (1-7) compare to the next best of that time. Likewise the bowling group average. May paint a picture of how much better they were than to their opponent.

Which was the greatest Test team assembled on a single day?

Brad Fittler has always had a high opinion of him, but glimpses aside, he really hasn’t shown that much in his career thus far. The Dragons took him on trust when they signed him for 5 years. He’s a centre in my opinion. Has promise, but the hype has always troubled me.

Is Zac Lomax a future NSW Origin rep?

Might I nominate Fred Tit-mus (mouse)?

High flyers? An Avian XI

Interesting background. I humbly nominate Piloo Reporter to officiate.

Get a job: The Occupational XI

Sure, but it makes Warner’s performances against them look relatively good. Harsh to discredit David’s effort against so-called weak opposition when the great Steve Smith fails (relative to his usual high standard). If Smith had scored heavily at home he would have won and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Not saying the voting system isn’t problematic, but the notion of “important” series is transient. At some point we could have an extremely weak England side and an extremely strong NZ side who lived up to their test ranking.

Do we keep moving the goalposts depending on the standard of the opposition?

Warner's win means it's time for an Allan Border Medal rethink

“If not all matches are equal, then it stands that not all performances are. And that should be reflected in Australian cricket’s highest awards.”
So do we mark Smith down for not performing against weak opposition at home?

Warner's win means it's time for an Allan Border Medal rethink

Enjoyed these two articles. Lara did say in hindsight he wished he’d shared the 365 with Sobers.

Should Paine have let Warner chase Lara? Part 2

Fascinating figures and background. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Hard to predict what the weather was going to do. Prudent of Paine to err on the side of caution. In many ways, 335 will be more easily recalled than any other score in the 300s due to it being one more than the famous 334. Would he have got to 400? We can only speculate. It’s the stuff of cricket articles now.

Should Paine have let Warner chase Lara? Part 1

Fascinating breakdown, JGK. The big hundred measure is interesting. Not sure I’d take points of for that, given his hundreds in England were clearly match winning.

As for Lara having a series aggregate of 650+ runs on three occasions, one of those was in a 3 test series against Sri Lanka!

Whichever way you dissect it, Smith is a freak.

Could Steve Smith actually be the best after Bradman?

It’s important to clarify that Brett Stewart wasn’t suspended because of the sexual assault charge, but rather for being drunk at the NRL season launch, at which he was the face of the game.
JDB has to be stood down, and I’m a Dragons fan. His actions, which have yielded the most serious of charges, have clearly brought the game into disrepute.

Stand Jack de Belin down until his case is resolved

The Tigers favouritism may arrest that slide, Dane. Just like the Dragons, they don’t cope well with expectation.

After months in title contention, Dragons finally regain their mojo

Yes, but this has happened countless times before and the umpire doesn’t conduct a straw poll of the fielding side to determine whether a ball is still in play.

As such, perhaps there’s enough grey area to make such a determination despite the appeal.

If, instead of asking the keeper “did you ask him to throw the ball to you?” he asked, “did you consider the ball to be in play, given it had come to a stop and the player was not attempting a run?”, would the player have answered differently? Only he knows. Either way, they’re leading questions.

Look, you’re probably right and I’m most likely wrong, but it just frustrates me Spruce.

Young Windies have pushed the laws to their absolute lowest

We can’t all have Bellamy (although we got close at one stage). With anyone, be it player or coach, you look for improvement. Yes we missed the eight in 2017, but relative to expectation, it was a good year. That we ended up with the third best for and against after such an insipid 2016 is encouraging, but given the acquisition of a Hunt and Graham, another finals miss should spell the end of Mary’s time at the Dragons.

Is Paul McGregor the right man to coach the Dragons?

Common sense should have prevailed, Brett. Given the ball had come to a stop, the umpire should have regarded it as not in play (hence, dead). Instead, he asked Emmanuel Stewart “did you ask him to throw the ball to you?” I’m not comfortable with this kind of prompting. Mind you, that was a consequence of the initial appeal.

That the captain said on reflection he would have withdrawn the appeal is an empty gesture.

Young Windies have pushed the laws to their absolute lowest

His last two seasons have yielded six hundred odd runs each. Good, but a far cry from the thousand run seasons required in previous eras to earn a test cap.

His talent is identified but I’m not convinced he’s banging the door down. If we’re going to pick players on potential and a modicum of form, then you need to persist, or you just perpetuate that cycle of failure.

By that measure, Cartwright and Maxwell are ahead of him in the pecking order.

Jake Lehmann's dad Darren is the reason he won't be selected

Lehmann won’t be picked. He’s cavalier but I’d like to see a full season of runs.

Jake Lehmann's dad Darren is the reason he won't be selected

If it wasn’t for the boycotted tour of Bangladesh in 2015, Bancroft most probably would’ve worn the baggy green. He is first and foremost an opener.
I’d be disinclined to pick him as a keeper, considering he wouldn’t be his state’s first choice of Whiteman was fit.
Has ability, but would like to see a bit more.

The pair of Aussie bolters who have screamed into Ashes contention