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Cheers for the good read Harry.

I found it a bit a bit sobering in some ways, not regarding the size and power – that is to be recognised and respected. But for the Fijian experience, especially lengthy experience at top notch clubs, clubs that are gathering a history of winning.

I wonder whether a Fijian side that is made up of players plying their trade in Europe, teams that are developing a winning culture have any kind of mental advantage over an wallaby side that will have not likely tasted finals footy let alone club success for four years come next year? Or are RWC’s a completely different beast for players all together?

Sapporo awaits

Well said Fionn,

Just finished the article and i think you summed it up particularly well. Change is overdue, it has to happen at some point, and I cant see a clearer place to start. But is not the only change we need to see.

It's trendy to just blame Cheika, but you'd be wrong

Top notch & a good read.

Your not wrong when you say its a fractured mess, there would have to be some serious trying to make it more convoluted than it current is.


The power of '1' - an ontology of numbers

“In both attack & defence, be always aware of potential opportunities presenting themselves, & be ready to capitalise on them in an instant.”

Your not wrong there Sheek, although I don’t see that killer instinct coming out in our Aussie sides of late – I feel we are a little too rigid, and are not ready to pounce on those opportunities.

Has running rugby had its day?

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the feedback, having never written before I’m still a little unsure about how to get my points across succinctly yet, but I’m enjoying the feedback. Having reread the article today, i get what you mean regarding the heading, definitely taken on board.

Anyway, everyone’s been pretty supportive so I’m going to give it another crack soon, cheers.

Has running rugby had its day?

me too i think

Has running rugby had its day?

In fact he was asked and his response was “I guess we will have to start tackling like that as well then”. There was a wry smile as he said it though – took it in his stride and didn’t whinge like our coach.

Let's talk about that decision

Cheers, thought it was time to stop sitting on the sidelines and start contributing. Ill keep trying…

Has running rugby had its day?

Cheers for the comment, big fan of your articles. You are right that they are starting younger and younger, you really need to stand out at a young age if you are not super-sized. Sinkler ran riot over the wallabies on the weekend, imagine if Tuilagi & the Vunipola brothers all started fighting fit & getting over the gain line…. Shudder to think.

Has running rugby had its day?

Firstly, lets keep Foley in, crowding Toomua and throwing passes to no one when he’s not busy being a turnstile, brilliant. On top of that Kurtley not even in the 23 for the indigenous jersey game. Yes his form has slowly deteriorated in the last couple of months – but there still isn’t a player i would rather see coming off the bench in that jersey with 20 to go, it means the world to him. Lastly – Simmonds, Phipps, Foley & Bloody Hanigan !!! Cheika you baffle me beyond reason.

Pocock passed fit for England showdown