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Exactly Joe. He didn’t have as big a defensive presence in the regular season, but he sure gave the Raptors some issues on that end of the court!

Things we learned from day one of the playoffs

This is what I was referring to when I spoke of the media’s portrayal of Rondo. Many of the Bulls young guys have posted on social media about Rondo saying what an amazing influence he had on them, and he stood up for them when Wade and Butler called them about.

Jimmy Butler called Rondo the best teammate he’s ever had, and Mirotic said he’s second behind Pau Gasol.

Hence, the ultimate professional line. His time in Dallas wasn’t great, in fact it was terrible, but since then he has been great.

And his shooting isn’t great, but the Bulls offense is a tonne better when he is on the court.

Conley in my opinion was overpaid too, not by much, but i dont see him as a max deal player.

Rajon Rondo: Misunderstood and undervalued

I’d like to see LaVine go one more year with this group considering how the have gelled of late.

If it doesnt work out, you have a great trade chip for sure

Ricky Rubio is finally realising his potential

Yes, you could also throw in Dirk as well.

As for Kawhi underperforming, I’d say that the Spurs were outclassed by OKC last season because of the dominance of OKC’s bigs, not so much Kawhis play.

Either way, he is priming himself for a big playoff run

Creating a legacy: Kawhi Leonard is the perfect role model

Durant is definitely a great addition for him, but the overall chemistry is a concern.

There could be some great playoff series this year, I think there are a few teams in each conference that can challenge the Warriors and the Cavs

The Warriors are vulnerable - and not just in the Finals

Terrible news for the Swans, but it might keep him fresh as the season goes along.

Swan Heeney likely to miss start of AFL

Absolutely. I think they will get there, but they arent the same for sure

The Warriors are vulnerable - and not just in the Finals

Yes, you are right. But the trend of their fourth quarter struggles is growing, and whilst they have 3 A+ scorers, they have really struggled when it matters late in games.

I hope I’m wrong, as GS are as good to watch as anyone at times, but if I was a Warriors fan I’d be slightly concerned

The Warriors are vulnerable - and not just in the Finals

Knees, shoulders and ankles as well. He was definitely far from his best. I just wonder if that finals loss will be too much for them mentally to bounce back from

The Warriors are vulnerable - and not just in the Finals

Couldn’t agree more Simon. As NBA fans we take for granted his greatness, and he really should win the MVP every year in my opinion.

That said, it’s understandable that guys like Westbrook and Harden are getting all the media attention of late.

LeBron James: Greatness taken for granted

Well written, Jay.

Ricky Rubio is a great talent, but his lack of shooting touch and injuries have held him back, hopefully he can fulfill his potential one day

A disappointment and a wonder: The strange world of Ricky Rubio

An Adelaide Oval GF (albeit for the woman) would be awesome for the Crows!

Adelaide Oval preferred for Crows AFLW grand final

You’re right in that the Spurs are on a different level to this season’s Jazz.

As for Hayward, I would argue that he is one of the best two way players in the league, so I would say he is a superstar, but not in the same league as Harden Westbrook LeBron etc obviously.

The Utah Jazz: The NBA’s slow achievers

As a Bulls fan myself, I’d be surprised if Chicago gave up Jimmy Butler for the package you mentioned, purely because it lacks a genuine all-star or high draft pick. Yes, the Bulls would gain three solid players, but nothing you could build your franchise around. I could be wrong, of course.

I’m also not sure how a Butler-Hayward pairing would wok. They have very similar games and it could be a bit of a clash.

As for Utah’s championship hopes, you are right in saying that it is very hard to win a ship without a top-3 or top 5 player. That said, the Spurs did it through great defense and ball movement in 2014, but I don’t see Utah replicating that level of offensive efficiency.

The Utah Jazz: The NBA’s slow achievers

Its an interesting thought for sure. All of their core players, including Hood, are signed until the end of next season aside from George Hill.

I’m not a big believer in trading away all-star talent for draft picks, although acquiring Avery Bradley in a deal would suit the Jazz well.

If they are able to lock up George Hill or if Exum rapidly improves (preferably the first one), I think they have the pieces in place to compete for a title with the core they have if they can add small pieces along the way, similarly to how Cleveland have done.

The option of trading Favors is also an interesting one, although they might not get as much in return as they would like, and probably would deserve.


The Utah Jazz: The NBA’s slow achievers

It depends on what stats you look at. They are first in points allowed (easily), first in points per shot allowed, second in adjusted field goal percentage and top three in pretty much every category. It does depend on what stats you look at though

The Utah Jazz: The NBA’s slow achievers

Gobert is a beast defensively, and he has developed some good chemistry with Utah’s guards in pick and rolls.

Although I don’t know that he could stop KD, Steph and Klay launching threes

The Utah Jazz: The NBA’s slow achievers

Somehow Joe Ingles has become one of the best catch and shoot players in the league and it’s great.

Having Joe Johnson in fourth quarters takes a bit of pressure off Hayward, but you are right that his offense may not be enough.

Exum has lots of potential, hopefully he can fulfill it!

The Utah Jazz: The NBA’s slow achievers

The young brigade of talent they recruited in the offseason should hold them in good stead.

Whether it is enough to put them back on top of the league is another question.

Can the Hawks bounce back in 2017?

His attitude has improved over the past couple of years by all reports. You’re right that he doesn’t like the amount of money that role players are earning compared to him too.

But he is making his teammates better and putting up incredible stats.

He is in that group of ‘almost MVP candidates’ for me

Why is nobody talking about John Wall?

Agreed Mushi! His height is overtalked, but averaging almost 30 points is still worthy of discussion

Why is nobody talking about John Wall?

As you say, something dramatic will have to happen for the Cavs to be beaten in the east.

I liked the decision by Danny Ainge to look towards the future in Boston, and I think Toronto have primed themselves for the best shot at a title with their current group

Toronto wins the trade deadline and moves into the circle of contenders

Unfortunate for Ben. But as Joel Embiid, he can come back and shine as his body matures and he mentally adapts to the NBA lifestyle.

Ben Simmons ruled out for entire NBA season

Very impressed with the Aussies all around performance!

Much credit to SOK, who I have had my doubts about, and stoked for Renshaw too!

Maligned O'Keefe embarrasses his critics in India

Yes Kawhi is also being under discussed.

The Spurs in general continue to do what they do – fly under the radar and finish with a high seeding.

Kawhi’s defensive dominance is a big factor for sure. I could definitely see him finishing in the top 3 or 4 if he has a solid finish to the season.

Why is nobody talking about John Wall?