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Thanks SP. Perhaps if the Warriors had Benji or players who could match his consistency in their performance and attitude they would enjoy more success.

Redefining the career of Benji Marshall

Fair enough Tazz, couldn’t agree more re the frustration.

Another Knight to forget for Warriors

Have a look at my earlier articles, plenty of optimism about the Warriors. But right now they are playing poorly. Its frustrating because they showed last year they can compete. I’d love them to turn things around and if they do, you can read my article about it.

Another Knight to forget for Warriors

Great read Tim – this should be a cracker.

Storm vs Rabbitohs: The ultra definitive stats preview

Thanks The Barry, I take your point.

I don’t think the bunker will get everything right, every time.

For me, I think there needs to be balance between accuracy and ensuring the game is enjoyable to watch.

Union has gone too far with technology. The game has become disjointed and at times painfully slow while players and fans wait for tv officials to review endless replays from a hundred angles.

With a captains challenge, the refs can have confidence in their calls, knowing if the players don’t like it and are convinced they’re right they can put a challenge on the line.

Or make it a coaches call – they have TVs, replays and the best view of the field.

You’re right, we may still see the occasional howler, but personally I’d rather accept that happens sometimes and have a game that is great to watch.

What I wouldn't give to see this before the NRL season's out

Nobody wants to lose to a team that was once skittled for 26.

A sporting dilemma: To cheat or not to cheat

Brutal – nice burn, the Barry. And noted re: Smith.

A sporting dilemma: To cheat or not to cheat

Great response, I would love to know more about the Warriors forum.

I agree with pretty much all you have said – Lino, Paasi and Afoa are still learning their trade. Wayne Bennett said many players take 100 games to understand the demands of the game and become consistent performers. Some kick on, some don’t.

Hiku’s defence is a real concern, which I expect is causing head aches for the coaching team; offensively, that right side has been as good as any in the comp. I was surprised they have named him as back up in the halves, haven’t seen much of him in that role and assumed they might push him back to fullback. But can’t argue with Fusitua taking that role, he is class.

The Warriors can't afford a slip up against the Eels

They are Jacko, and have been since they started. I picked the Eels mostly for emotionally insurance. If the Warriors lose, at least I’ll get a point in the tipping comp, so not a complete loss. If they win, I’ll still be stoked they got up despite dropping a point.

I think that makes sense. But it might help explain why my picks have been mud this year.

The Warriors can't afford a slip up against the Eels

They were named to play, but both have been carrying injuries. Lino has performed well this year when called on and Luke is playing the best he has in a Warriors jersey. But I agree, If they are fit the Warriors should win.

The Warriors can't afford a slip up against the Eels

I have struggled with the influence of the whistle blowers and rules in union of late, but played well and unmolested by officials it is still a great game.

I love league and the current season has been fantastic. So hard to pick. But I quite like the suggestions on NRL360 around reducing the number of substitutions to make fatigue a bigger factor and give the ball players more chance to show their skills as the big boppers slow down.

In a different league

Agree Paul, the games or codes I enjoy most are those that best demonstrate the skills, or sometimes effort, on show. Add in history, rivalries and those moments of sports theatre and I’ve got my beer and popcorn ready to go.

In a different league

Love the passion Frank E. Ten years is longer than most marriages. In any case it’s irrelevant as I have been following Warriors since day one also, held season tickets and been through the emotional meat grinder that their fans all know.

But that’s not my point. What is the point of enduring the lean years if you can’t enjoy their success? Your comment about the train wreck is absolutely spot on; which is why I consider the current run to be a success.

It’s true 5 matches might not be considered a success for some clubs, but for the warriors (and many other clubs who have struggled in recent years), and particularly the lows they have come from, I think it’s an achievement that deserves credit.

I understand your guarded approach, and I know I wear my heart on my sleeve. If they fold this year, I’ll have to deal with that.

Def got the pun too.

Top tip: Don't Warrior, be happy

A lot of emotion on show there Steel Panther – could you show me on a teddy bear exactly where the Warriors hurt you?

if I didn’t know better it sounds like you’re a closet Warriors fan.

A bitter, lonely one, who ran to the most successful club they could see at the first sign of trouble, but there’s still a Warriors fan in there somewhere.

You know it’s true.

Top tip: Don't Warrior, be happy

Fair point Jeffrey, not many teams held Melbourne to under 18 points last year, let alone 18 points across two games.

I picked them last week against the Storm, so definitely like what they are doing. I think they face similar challenges to the Warriors; can the young maintain the form and find another gear if needed as finals approach.

Big fan of Cleary, and I think a lot of Warriors fans still want to see him do well after his time with club.

Top tip: Don't Warrior, be happy

Noted Paul. I’m trying to manage my emotions, but after years of under performing and particularly such a meek effort last year, I’m just happy they are finally showing some commitment and want to celebrate the run while it lasts.

Top tip: Don't Warrior, be happy

Certainly not writing the Storm off Peter, the fact the Warriors are trying to emulate their methods and the success they have enjoyed so far speaks volumes. I know they will come back hard, but hopefully after round 8.

Top tip: Don't Warrior, be happy

And it is appreciated thanks Duncan. You could have included Kearney in there too, although to be fair, we returned Hoffman.

The players on our current roster are performing, but I imagine we would always have room for Nelson and Bromwich – who wouldn’t?

Top tip: Don't Warrior, be happy

Knowing that you jumped on the Melbourne bandwagon late, after years of disappointment following the Warriors, I’ll take your comment for what it is: a cry for help. Let it out Steel Panther. Let it out.

You’re right, the litmus test will be when they play the teams you mentioned and the season could still go pear shaped. But after nine consecutive losses and disappointing season after disappointing season, it’s awesome to see them offloading and showing some defensive steel.

Last year they didn’t do either, even against the lesser lights. So I’ll enjoy it while it lasts and maybe we’ll see you swap allegiances again when it suits you later in the year.

Warriors fans have reason to be cautiously excited

You may well be right Paul, but they have already shown more bottle in three games than all of 2017. Last year was so frustrating, not just for the losses, but the way they lost matches and with talent in key positions.

For now I’ll just celebrate the wins (prematurely or not) and enjoy the fact they look vastly improved from previous efforts.

Warriors fans have reason to be cautiously excited

Yes, I think they did have four. And there was a Max zone down the ground which doubled the runs scored to encourage hitting straight.

The top five former Test batsmen we'd love to see play Twenty20

Martin Crowe. Had all the shots and tried something similar with his cricket maxx shortened format.

The top five former Test batsmen we'd love to see play Twenty20


It’s not Rattue, but he is a big fan of his column.

Which teams aren't good enough to hate?

Love it.

World Rugby publishes new sledging rules

I agree, and his goal kicking is a real asset particularly considering neither Barrett or Cruden have been first choice kickers this season for their franchises.

Chiefs vs British and Irish Lions highlights: International rugby, live scores, blog