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I'd be Lion if I said I wasn't excited

Dane Nielsen. Another journeyman promoted due to melbourne’s success. Made a few tackles, absolutely no pace, no impact, got signed by the Warriors. Enough said.

The worst players to ever play State of Origin

As a Kiwi I find it deeply insulting that Australia, let alone QLD can leave a player the calibre of Billy Slater out of their team. Billy is not only an incredible athlete, but he brings a real hunger to win. I have no doubt he would have handled the pressure, if not thrived on it.

Leaving Billy Slater out of the Maroons Origin squad was plain bloody stupid

Joining an Australian rugby franchise where being average is nothing to be ashamed of.

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: "By the end of the Origin series Mitchell Pearce will be..."

I sincerely hope you are right. And I agree, their line speed was better, Foran seemed to be straightening up the attack and they were able to stay in the grind. There were encouraging signs. But with Mannering out they seem to have lost composure. The loss to Penrith and lacklustre performance the next week is a concern for fans who have seen it before. Improvement during the origin period won’t provide much comfort as that still follows the same tired pattern. Only winning at season end when it counts will restore the faith for many. In the past 5-6 years they haven’t managed that. let’s hope it’s different this year – but if not, surely it’s time to reassess?

Time for the Warriors to put on their big-boy pants

I’m not suggesting Cleary was the answer to all the problems, but under his guidance the team made a GF and at least had a chance. Since his departure they have barely fired a shot and failed to make the finals for 6 years. Just feels like they might have been a bit premature. Especially considering the time and opportunity they subsequently provided other unproven coaches, like Cappy.

Time for the Warriors to put on their big-boy pants

I’m still not convinced the Warriors challenges stem purely from recruiting. For whatever reason, it appears to me that a number of quality players simply don’t perform in the Warriors environment and I think the club needs to look very closely at why.

But love the passion Stu.

Time for the Warriors to put on their big-boy pants

A lot of kiwi fans were excited about this team and expectations were high. We have been out played in every facet. At least Warriors fans can take encouragement from Kidwell’s results that Kearney might be a very good acquisition.

Australia vs New Zealand Highlights: Anzac Test scores, blog


Australia vs New Zealand Highlights: Anzac Test scores, blog

To be fair the Highlanders are a bloody good team indoors. It’s when they have to play outside that they run into trouble.

I actually think the Blues got some dubious calls from Nutbrown, but thats not why they lost. They miss that clinical attitude to close out games and only showed the required desperation playing catch up in the last ten minutes.

And I think you’re right – there does seem to be a certain apathy amongst Auckland teams. I’ll be at the Warriors match this afternoon – let’s see if they can improve on the Blues effort.

The demise of the NZ southern man

I remember those days – when players like Carlos Spencer were picked up while still in their teens. Did you mean snifters? I loved those and think of them often.

The demise of the NZ southern man

I agree with pretty much all of that – I haven’t given up so much and am preparing myself for the worst… just in case.

The line speed looks to be improving and if they can get the defence sorted – which has been a problem for years – then the rest may follow.

Luke has been disappointing since joining the club, a shadow of the player he was at the Bunnies. A shame as I am from Taranaki and really wanted him to go well.

It’s unfair to expect Foran to solve everything, but he should bring improved organisation, option taking and will lead the defensive attitude.

I remain hopeful, but not yet confident.

Fans' faith fading fast in flippant, frustrating Warriors