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While there are areas for improvement with the coverage, I prefer channel 7’s coverage of the tennis to Fox Sports! Commentators included.

How Channel Seven's coverage of the Australian Open could be improved

Tennis is a sport wherein players are tested day in day out without any warning from officials. In fact its the only sport with unbridled amounts of testing.

Yes, Rafa hasnt been dominating in Beijing and Shanghai but why make such a big deal out of it? It goes without saying that hes easily the top three players of the sport ever. Period. Thanks.

Could the 'King of Clay' become the 'King of Tennis'?

Well, a decent comeback for Rafa…did very well to reach the finals in Chile but lost the finals in a close match. I thought he didn’t play well enough at crucial junctures in the match….hopefully he gets better as he gets more match time.

Nadal's comeback will be worth the wait

When the Indians were here last year, everyone was talking them up and hopeful of how they would beat the Aussies and secure a series win but instead, they were thrashed. So, while SL may not win the series, I’m sure they will put up a greater fight and compete big time unlike the Indians.

‘Worst ever’ may be true, but let’s hope it fires Lankans up

Yes, it was a good result playing away. Like you said, they are most likely to finish in the top 3 in the EPL…but u never know…:) Thanks Bondy.

Is money the solution for Arsenal?

Serena’s outdone herself yet again with a snazzy summer…Wimbledon titles in both singles and doubles, Olympic gold in singles and doubles again and the US!

In modern sports, thirty is the new twenty

US Open 2012 has thrown up quite a few enthralling contests in the women’s game and the final was a classic! Three cheers to Serena, Aza and Sharapova….let’s hope this is the advent of a three-peat rivalry.

The problem with women's tennis

No wonder Mr Wenger wore spectacles last weekend!

Is loyalty officially dead in football?

Thanks for the link Futbanous.

Is loyalty officially dead in football?

Your favourite comeback story on Quirot is indeed an emotional one and what determination to fight the odds and triumph against adversity…epic stuff.
Anna Meares, like Sandy B mentioned, is yet another magnificent comeback story. Pistorius & Armstrong easily make the list as you’ve mentioned too. Caster Semenya might not have had to endure physical pain but is a worthy comeback story I’d reckon.

Sorry to hear about the arthritis but Im sure you’re a fighter and wish you well. Thanks.

Olympic comeback stories: what is your favourite?

Congrats girls.. tremendous achievements indeed. The Australian women athletes seem to be faring far better than their male counterparts at the Games.

Pearson and Meares turn in golden efforts

While he might not be favoured to win, anything is possible and when he plays for his country, he’s harder to beat. Thanks.

Hewitt underrated in 2012, but can he topple Djokovic tonight?

If Bolt comes out with his customary over-the-top jig on camera just before the race, we’d know how good he feels. Having said that, he hasn’t been in the best of form and I sense an upset in the 100m race. As a recent doco showed, Bolt’s weak link lies in his start and with Blake in top form, it all adds to the excitement.

Blake and Bolt are great buddies who have trained together for years now and therefore, share a great relationship. But can the big man fire when it matters most? We shall see. Thanks.

Will Usain bolt into history in London?

Exciting times. Rafa’s absence is a huge loss but must admire the respect Federer and Rafa have for each other. However, I feel there might be a surprise winner in Tennis at the Games this year.

Olympics: Federer shocked by Nadal Games pullout

Hi Jocelyn, a very well documented write-up here. As for Jones, like you, I feel this is an outright media beat-up. She’s never sported a stringbean-like figure and it’s unfortunate that the media has come up with this story at such a crucial stage.

What works against Jones is the fact that she happens to be a woman and women are always scrutinized about weight in society. Yes, male sportsmen are questioned as well but it’s a lot more destructive when the target happens to be someone from the fairer sex.

I’m still gunning for her to prove her critics wrong. She’s got great potential as many experts claim and one can only hope that she doesn’t get affected by this sparring story. It’s hard though to keep this out of your head when competing. Time will tell. Thanks.

Leisel Jones body scrutiny nothing new

Johno, you capture some of the most memorable Olympic moments very well. I’d also like to add Phelps’ astonishing run of magnificent success in Beijing winning eight gold medals, living up to his promise made prior to the event. Legendary stuff. Thanks Johno.

Olympics Memories

I enjoyed this article Sexton. It’s hard to say whether Oscar’s inclusion is fair or not but I personally feel he shouldn’t compete with normal athletes with his blades. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of equality here even though he might be slower. By including him, the opportunity for a ‘normal’ athlete to take part is deprived. Thanks.

Oscar Pistorius' Olympics berth doesn't equal equality

R-Fed is undoubtedly one of the greatest ever in the sport. It’s not just his game but the manner in which he has carried himself over a long period and sustaining success through that period. Rafa as well easily makes the cut. What these two champions have brought to the game is exceptional. There might be dips in form for both of them but that can’t take away the fact that I’m blessed to be alive in this era of Tennis.

Murray lacks consistency but is unbeatable when on song. Wimbledon 2012 could be his year.Current #01 Novak is a champion and the day he completes the career slam, he’d fit into the bracket of R-Fed and Rafa, and that’s a just a matter of time. Thanks.

Federer greatest of all time, says Laver

Sally Pearson is a superb hurdler and I just hope she hasn’t peaked too early and go the Stosur way succumbing to the pressure of expectations. Looking forward to Aug 08. Thanks for the letting us know the schedule of the event.

Expectation may be Sally Pearson's biggest hurdle

While your comparisons with the great Federer’s run of losses are acceptable, it’d take a mammoth effort on part of Tomic to get within a bull’s roar of Federer. Tomic is talented and played some great tennis till recently but he’s been making news for several wrong reasons and is sort of a regular in tabloids…which shows his head isn’t in the right place.

Goffin is no slouch and tipped to be a future superstar. Tomic himself has said (post Wimbledon) that he hasn’t been so focused on tennis in the last few months which is a shame. He’s got to be more disciplined in his approach to the game I reckon, but has great potential without doubt. Thanks.

Tomic is lacking clarity in the mind

Hi Tom…very well written with insightful facts. Arsenal continues to remain an enigma. They’ve lost way too many big matches from dominant positions and probably need to adopt the strategy of learning to win ‘ugly’, which IMO is being content scoring a scrappy goal. There seems to be an over-reliance on attempting to score the ‘perfect’ goal and in doing so, they get caught and beaten. Mr Wenger is one of the top managers but he can be quite rigid in his principles at times. Thanks.

Seven years without a trophy: time to replenish Arsenal

Platini & Blatter continue to astound the world with their comments and remarks. As long as these two statesmen remain in charge, racism will continue to exist in the game. Having said that, the mindset of people need to change as well and they need to learn to accept different cultures. Nice one Binoy. Thanks.

UEFA, Platini and the racism question

An awesomely written article Purple Shag….felt like a lullaby in terms of the flow of info. It goes without saying that Chelsea was the only club offering the biggest money to Hazard. Time will tell whether he’d be a success in the EPL. However, this might add some more pressure to Torres regarding his recent rumblings and future at the club. Thanks.

Hazard joins Chelsea with target on his back

Yes Aleks, you’re right. As for FIFA and UEFA, as long as these organizations are run by people keen on piling on the cash in their pockets, there’s no hope for change. Thanks.

Euro 2012: a look at notorious host venues

Yes, all eyes would be on Balotelli for sure. He’s a huge target and being a volatile character, there might be some intense drama when he takes to the field. Thanks for the links and thoughts.

Euro 2012: a look at notorious host venues