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That is what I thought as well.

I was expecting the Brumbies to lose by 15 points.

Conference system has done nobody favours except the weaker teams which will get shown up like this when it cannot be hid anymore.

Jaguares hammer Brumbies in Super Rugby semi-final

You mean ALL citizens were exiled from their own land, dispersed throughout all the world and repopulated their native country afresh?
Dont think so.
What about those you mentioned, or not mentioned did it after two millenia?
Dont think so
Any had verifiable documented evidence they will become a nation again.
Dont think so.
Comparing oranges with oranges would make for intelligent debate.

The thing no one wants to say about Israel Folau

So what if God, hell and heaven IS true?
Wont THAT have grave consequences?

Show me a nation, any nation, who has – and this is according to prophecy in the Bible – became a nation again after they were conquered but the nation of Israel?
And that after 2000 years.

If that doesnt wake you up I guess nothing will.

The thing no one wants to say about Israel Folau

Sorry, you can only be inclusive if you are LGBTQIA+ inclusive, otherwise you are not included. How dare you?!

A bit schizophrenic but this is the new normal.

Maria Folau not sanctioned for sharing Israel's fundraiser

Like Falau you mean?

Maria Folau not sanctioned for sharing Israel's fundraiser

So maybe this is the root of the problem – that some gay people do believe there is a God but cannot seem to overcome the stipulations contained in his Word.

This is the real dilemma isn’t it. But is this not what Izzy was touching on, that it is not only gays but all the others such as the liars, drunks, etc which is really all of humanity because one thing we all are guilty of at least, are lying.

That passage of Scripture is merely saying all have come short of Gods standards and the only one who met it was Jesus. If you believe and follow Him you are saved. If you dont – even the most pious – are doomed.

You ask Izzy and I am sure he will admit himself still a sinner covered by Gods grace and that he is not pointing fingers at anyone.

Folau thanks crowd-funders after raising more than half a million for legal case


Folau hoping to crowd-fund legal case against Rugby Australia

Great article Nic.

I remember that game too well that we lost to the AB’s in the comeback of the ages. To see a trooper like Sam Cane walking off trying to keep his lolling head still was indicative of the grit of the man. Tough customer.

Have a heart Nic, we lost by 2 points, not 12!

Slammin' Sam Cane shows just how good the Kiwis' super sevens are

It normally does, except in this case ‘the older brother’ gets nothing. We are all inclusive except we are not…

Team is king: Deciphering the new prose of Michael Cheika

So no invites really, more like the church needed to chuck them out if they didn’t want to see any cameras?

Lies and blatantly unfair: Folau slams Rugby Australia

You know it was by invitation?

Lies and blatantly unfair: Folau slams Rugby Australia

Funny that despite the penalty count for more than half the game the Rebels could be 33-5 up?
Why would penalties thereafter be significant?

Six talking points from Super Rugby Round 5

‘evolved person can see that it’s not worthy of debate – it’s just wrong’

Bit of a contradictory statement – evolved enough to see it is not worthy of debate yet not evolved enough not to do so?

Lets compare it to rugby where God made the rules of the game with only one difference – if you get penalised just once you die.
Who wants to play such a game? Got no choice, when you have a brain that works (or not), you are in it.

Not 5 min in you are penalized for offside. Off to the gallows you go.

Enters Jesus who paid for your offside. You go free and get to play again.

Offside again, but now just a yellow card so you can gaze at your navel in the sinbin wondering how to stay out of trouble.

God says he is not messing about, he is holy – mighty tight rules. But He is BigTime love by making a way out.

His game, his rules.
True story…

Folau wasn’t judging, only mentioned the penalty.

Folau has broken the 12th commandment

It was something Richie McCaw said years ago that is the definition of a great team. He said it is ”doing the small things right”.

Now how do you do the small things right when you dont play the best players in the first place? It is only then that you can tweak things.

Our team is like a renovated classic car brightly polished, has a monster engine but with flat rear wheels.

It's a draw! Wallabies and Boks tie on 23-all

It is off course subjective but ratings on Alloutrugby pretty much confirms Coetzee’s perceived poor performance. Mbonambi and
Nyakane did some dumpster diving.
Glen Jackson didn’t do much better than Coetzee.

It's a draw! Wallabies and Boks tie on 23-all

Lol. You’re right, I am a great fan of HM. Always enjoyed his responses.

It's a draw! Wallabies and Boks tie on 23-all

It is not the backline defense from rucks that is the problem, it’s from scrums when it is one on one – especialy when the ball moves to the wings and the spaces between players widen.
Give that same space to an AB backliner and Boks will ponder their problems behind the posts often.

I am not a Bok cynic. But the progress is not substantial enough to make a believer out of me.

It's a draw! Wallabies and Boks tie on 23-all

Cheika’s box responses are amateur compared to Heyneke Meyers classy acts.

It's a draw! Wallabies and Boks tie on 23-all

Dont know if overseas-based players are the answer, fitness and club legalities always an issue. Not too much wrong in pack except for Cassiem too slow. Would love to see du Preez bros start.

Every time Aus backline has the ball I fear a linebreak. Subconciously that make me feel like a U-boat captain in latter stages of WWII. Now imagine the ABs having it…

Maybe we didnt do too badly but if we cant fix at least the back three, we will always bleed tries.

Next week ABs will be near full strenght and it will unfortunately become glaringly evident.

It's a draw! Wallabies and Boks tie on 23-all

Strawman posturing is not a replacement for critical thinking.

It's a draw! Wallabies and Boks tie on 23-all

What a dissapointing game. Very little of the WB fightback spirit of the Bledisloe Cup and a pedestrian Bok backline, knock-ons, silly penalties, miscommunication, a slow to act Glen Jackson (and a really poor linesman) makes for hair-pulling viewing.

No offence meant Connor Bennett but how you can see this game as breathtaking is beyond me – hopefully it is not because WB could at best manage a draw.

A few major gripes: How did Serfontein got hauled in by Hooper, a backrower?

Why was Pollard not used, he was on the bench wasnt he? I never had the confidence that Jantjes could land that dropgoal, that he couldnt not even see it wasnt on is a huge redflag for his desicion making abilities, ditto Andries Coetzee which almost cost us a try – and this is not the first time. His contribution to this game could be written on the back of a postage stamp.

There is just no power in the backline, especially the back three and the forwards are getting overworked and disheartened by the inabilities of the backline. We really need the explosive power from the likes of RJvR and RC or we will forever be stuck in 1st gear.

Had at halftime that same sinking feeling when coach Coetzee got interviewed hearing his same uninspiring rhetoric.

If the silly mistakes are eliminated, we are still short of a team that can beat the AB’s, nevermind on a regular basis.

About the only thing I did enjoy was the Aboriginal singing act with the clapsticks.

Sorry for the rant, and this nogals on an Aussie site.

It's a draw! Wallabies and Boks tie on 23-all

Rotation policy.

Wallabies name team to face South Africa: Cheika rings the changes for Springboks clash

Likeabute would have been a good coach, he is really talking up the opposition albeit humorously.

As far back as I can remember WB always had a way to counter Boks strong points. Boks had a good shove? – Aussies got the ball lightning fast from the scrum. Good lineouts? – WB moved jumpers around when their hooker throws the ball. They have always been clever about it.

I dont think the WB coaching staff has the intellectual capital of a decade ago but they are not stupid either. They will find a way to be very competitive as the AB’s found out.

Boks are now mobile but that has always been in WB dna.

This 2017 Boks does not have the same metal as back in 2013 to win in Aus.

If only our back three wasnt so flaky.

Who's afraid of the Springboks? I am, for one

Gary, don’t judge our Saffa rugby forums so quick, its not that bad. Only that we have an acquired sense of humour. See you had to have a certain breed of politician that will melt your humour, mould it into the shape and degree that nothing else but politics will make you laugh. We regard anything less as insignificant or meaningless.

Like I said its an acquired thing and you probably wont understand. We think other countries politicians are entry level humour. Aus politics are dead boring. Here in SA we have reached ecstasy levels you poor people can only dream of.

The mysterious life and magic of Ned Hanigan

Crusaders take a bow. Great composure.

I was fearing they would run away with the score but what a job the Lions did to decrease the points difference with 14 men. Great character, great team.

Am I allowed to blame the ref? Just kidding… ?

Great to be eight! Crusaders conquer Lions to take another title