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So he shouldn’t expect ‘All Black Quality’ even though he is paying a lot of money for that quality?

If I were paid top dollar to perform in a certain role at any company and wasnt performing as expected, I’d be shown the door. Same happening here.

Drew Mitchell slams Toulon boss over Julian Savea spray

Moderators can delete my comments if they like and think that I overstepped the mark. Unlike you I wont throw a tantrum. However I must admit, seeing Rick lose his marbles over a comment deletion is fantastic 😀

Australia has proved that Hakeem al-Araibi will not be forgotten

It’s a shame that you changed your name from Richard to Dr. Calling you DRick was more apt.

Australia has proved that Hakeem al-Araibi will not be forgotten

“Redmayne has turned into one of the best goalkeepers in the A-League and Janjetovic has turned into, well, Janjetovic.”

Up until the end of last season, Janjetovic had the highest number of saves made in the league and still regarded as one of the best in the league. A couple of bad performances and a couple of penalty saves and sudden Redmayne is better? Redmayne is blessed with playing with a tight, compact team that doesnt concede many shots.

Was that the most entertaining A-League round of all time?

Seem’s like there was a “toxic culture” felt by the players.

"Devastated, hurt, angry": Matildas captain reveals stress from controversial Stajcic sacking

Can we all start a poll to get Gallop sacked?

How that oxygen thief got a pay rise instead of a sacking is beyond me.

FFA's actions make it seem like they've got something to hide

Agree, Irvine has been playing very well. Disappointed with Luongo, he hasnt stamped is claim to that holding mid spot like I thought he would however we all know his ability so fingers crossed!

If Leckie were to come back, I’d still prefer to see him off the bench in one of the wing roles at the later part of the game against tiring defences. And personally, I’d start with Giannou instead of Macca. Giannou leads the line like a traditional No. 9 while Macca seems largely anonymous all game.

Our defence still scares the living sh&$ out of me though. Seem to concede from nothing way too often.

Tom Rogic stunner helps Socceroos past Syria and into the Asian Cup knockout stages

Look at that, we play wingers who have some ability and form in Ikonomidis and Mabil, and it takes the pressure off Rogic while giving him the chance to link up with them! Who would have thought!

Tom Rogic stunner helps Socceroos past Syria and into the Asian Cup knockout stages

If you are unable to afford $25 a month for Kayo Sports to watch almost all the sports you want to watch when they are live (instead of watching what is selected for you at that time-slot on FTA) or watch games on demand, then you have bigger issues to worry about other than whether or not sports should be on FTA.

Sports broadcasting in Australia reaches crisis point

I would too if I had to control a ball that was driven at me from 10m away.

Arnie's second coming is off to the worst possible start

I dont wan’t to be too harsh on Arnie until after the group stages, however his half time substitution irked me. Grant for Risdon was his masterclass tactical change? Seemed more like looking after his golden boy. Yes Risdon wasn’t having his best game, however Mabil, Kruse, Milligan and Luongo were losing the ball on every posession, Maclaren was anonymous AND his half-time change was Grant for Risdon. Ikonomidis should have started over Kruse or Maclaren, or at least been the first substitution at the break.
Rogic at Celtic is a different player compared to Rogic for Australia, and people are quick to judge however watching Rogic at Celtic, it’s obvious that Celtic utilise him better. Celtic play him right on the edge of the defence, in between midfield and defence, and and use him similar to a ‘pivot’ in futsal. He uses quick feet to get away from defenders or has midfielders and forwards running into areas before he gets the ball for quick distribution. When Rogic gets the ball for Australia the forwards and midfielders are static and start their runs AFTER he receives the ball. By then he has two players on him and has no outlet but back or to try something and lose the ball. One thing that was not mentioned was how hard he worked in defence too. Can remember 2 occasions I saw him sprint back 80m to challenge for the ball.
Additionally I’d say there is a major difference between playing with Callum Mcgregor. James Forrest and Odsonne Edouard compared to Milligan, Kruse and Macalaren…
Ikonomidis has to start ahead of Kruse next game, and hopefully Nabbout is fit to start for Maclaren. Not much else we have in the squad with all the injuries.

Arnie's second coming is off to the worst possible start

The lack of goal-scoring ability will cost us, unfortunately dont see us overpowering Japan and South Korea.

Aaron Mooy named as Graham Arnold reveals Socceroos squad for Asian Cup

Further proof that we dont need VAR

Masterful Craig Goodwin performance carries Adelaide to FFA Cup glory

Spoken by someone who is not in Construction;

“By having an official supplier, FFA could create an economy of scale through standardisation of components. This would lower the cost of both the initial construction itself, as well as ongoing repairs and maintenance.”

Wrong, by having an official supplier, that supplier has a standard rate higher than the market as they know that the builder has no choice but to go through the supplier.

How to reduce stadium construction costs – and then pay for it

Not surprised. Football in Australia under the current ‘FFA’ is about who you know.

Wollongong Wolves bid rejected as FFA provides expansion update

Kind of true. Been to San Sebastian and watched Sociedad. Unless its a big game they’d be lucky to half fill their stadium.

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

Funny how WSW drew big crowds when the fans were allowed to express their passion before it was clamped down on by the FFA, police, stadium security, News Limited et al.

Similar scenario with Victory.

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

The comment generally becomes grammatically correct after a couple minutes Griffo. I think it does so after a quick review process by the mods? Who know’s.

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

You only revolt by not buying a ticket and going to the game.

I started mid-way through last year and will continue to do so. It hurts me to do so but I am not supporting the suits running the game.

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

Imbeciles. Only word that explains those bozo’s running the FFA/A-league.

“Fans wanted more pre-game entertainment, more in-game entertainment and more at half-time” – Which fan’s did they ask?

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

“Buzz, to his immense credit, has very thick skin. He’s fully aware that some of the things he says and writes won’t be popular, and is prepared to cop the consequences. Whether you agree or disagree with Buzz and his individual opinions, that boldness and conviction should be applauded.

It’s brave to express a view when you’re completely cognisant of the fact you’re going to be criticised for it.”

No, no he doesnt. When he is called out for his false facts, and those he criticises unfairly are willing to discuss things with him to set the record straight, he hides and let’s the hysteria blow over before he wrongly accuses someone else sometime later and resets the cycle. He is a coward.

Anyway what’s the use. It’s not just Buzz, a plethora of journalist’s these day’s use the Buzz methodology of ‘journalism’. Look at Paul Kent et al. And then they complain when people in Rugby League stay silent and wont give them the information they crave to big themselves up. Should Buzz disappear, we will see some other criticizing, false facts stating merchant take his place because the fake controversy and hatred for the journalist sells.

No one trusts the agenda driven media anymore, and for good reason.

2018: The year rugby league turned on Buzz Rothfield

A lot of hype for Perth this season, however on paper they seem to have quite possibly the weakest midfield in the league. Kilkenny is well past it. That midfield could be their Achilles heel. Will also be interesting to see how Spiranovic goes after years of not giving a crap in China.

Every A-League team's 2018-19 one-word mission: Part two

Was on the path of greatness when he started, only to plateau as a batsmen during his captaincy to finish as a good player after the form (or lack of) during his final years of his career.

Never recovered to his lofty standards from the Ashes whitewash where Johnson and Harris tore England apart.

Alastair Cook: Good or great?

I’d keep him as a utility/impact player. However as a starting half? Definitely not.

Where to now for the Brisbane Broncos?

“It makes you wonder what everyone’s attention has been on?”

Gallop’s new bonus.

Getting politicians onside is all just part of the game