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Air Force 2005-2011. News Limited & Roar Columnist. PAFC Fan, Film Nerd, Music Snob. Great Bloke When Asleep. Twitter:@KaneMcKay. Instagram:@InstaKane85

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January 2011
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Adelaide, South Australia
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Trotting out headlines, but at what cost?

2 Dec 2013

In the wake of their shocking handling of Jonathan Trott’s departure from England’s Ashes squad due to mental health issues, the Australian media should be asking how far are they willing to go just to sell a few newspapers?

Looking for Diamonds In The AFL Rough

7 Sep 2012

To put it mildly, I currently harbor a small obsession for the 2011 Brad Pitt film “Moneyball”. For the unitiated, “Moneyball” is the story of the 2002 Oakland Athletics, who overcame enormous odds to string together one of Major League Baseball’s longest winning streaks.

Watson is Australian cricket's money man

20 Jan 2011

Move aside Ricky Ponting, you’ve done enough for Australia. Michael Clarke? You had the chance to step up and inherit the throne and blew it spectacularly. And memo to Mitchell Johnson: any chance of turning up for a whole Test series rather than the odd spectacular day mixed in with utter rubbish?