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Funny how you don’t like name calling when a certain person on here calls Mark Robinson “slobbo” and calls other roar posters “straw man” amongst other things when thing’s get a bit hard. Little bit hypocritical don’t you think? People in glass houses Pete. Your arrogance and self entitlement to always be right is really showing through lately. You said someone on here would be fun at parties, they’d be a hell of a lot more fun than what you would be.

Collingwood's long night continues

Brian Taylor gets at least 8-10 players names wrong every game and the players interviewing players after games sh**ts all over his roaming Brian segment.

It's time for Channel Seven to improve

Eddie wouldn’t allow the change in constitution whilst he’s in charge, too bloody arrogant and self entitled.

Time for Eddie to give Magpies some clear air

In Eddie’s own words on April 29, Sidebottom should be fined 100 grand and suspended for the rest of the season. Just shows how gutless he is with no club punishment for Sidebottom.

McGuire defends Sidebottom after lockdown breach

Where did I say anything about Jack Steven? Straw man? Good to see you have your name calling to fall back on. I didn’t tell you not to comment, I said you probably shouldn’t comment if you can’t admit when your club does wrong but are the first to comment when other clubs do.

Side by Sidebottom: Eddie sticks by Steele

Go away Pete, stop trying to stay relevant in your own eyes. Couldn’t care less what you have to say anymore. Until you can admit that an issue that comes out of your club is an actual issue without sweeping it under the carpet like your mate Eddie does but at the same time criticise other clubs then you should probably not make any comment. No one takes you serious anymore.

Side by Sidebottom: Eddie sticks by Steele

Go away Pete and take your Collingwood arrogance and ignorance with you. You are the first bloke to hit out at clubs like Richmond, Essendon and Geelong when their players do something wrong but then like Eddie you just deny, deny, deny when a Collingwood person buggers up. Do everyone on this site a favour and bugger off until you can comment on your club equally like you are the first to do about every other club.

Side by Sidebottom: Eddie sticks by Steele

And yet here we have blokes like Sidebottom out flouting the AFL covid rules which were made to protect jobs for players and staff and to top it off he gets picked up and taken home by the police. If he gets less than 4 weeks suspension then the AFL is weak as pi$$. He has risked the future of this year’s competition just to have a few selfish beers. He’s put every player and staff in the AFL’s future at risk.

One more slip and is the AFL season gone?

Headline is very misleading as I didn’t see one punch get thrown.

Fight ERUPTS as Dogs and Giants punch on on 3QT siren

@Pope Paul VII And what a waste of talent he ended up being, could’ve been anything in any sport he chose but his CHOICE was to be nothing. And before I get the negative comments I will let you know i am born and bred in Alice Springs so I have seen him first hand pretty much from when he first started playing sport. I’ve never seen a more naturally talented sportperson in any sport but Adrian threw it away with his attitude when thing’s weren’t going his way.

Investigated: Is Matt Rowell the AFL's GOAT second-gamer?

Gibbs got 4 weeks I believe it was so this is worth the same.

Shaun Burgoyne avoids suspension for this sling tackle

Pete, you claim to not know him but then you say that he was trying to be ironic and sarcastic. How can you claim to know that he was being sarcastic if you don’t know him? You and Eddie are what’s wrong with this world at the moment. Him for what he says and gets away with you for sweeping every “gaffe” as you call it under the carpet saying it was a slip of the tongue or sarcasm.

Former Magpie calls out "culture of racist jokes" at club

They couldn’t be further apart, one is breaking the law by choosing to whilst the other is having an unlawful act committed against you.

Four burning questions for Collingwood ahead of the AFL restart

And what did Ed do about it when it supposedly happened? Nothing. So what you’re saying Pete is that it’s ok for someone to break 2 laws, get away with it and sweep it under the carpet at your club but if someone gets stabbed at another club then it’s ok for your president to demand that all details should be made public even though it’s in the hands of Police. He’s too busy having a crack at player’s from other clubs. This is the exact reason that Collingwood is the most hated club in Australia.

Four burning questions for Collingwood ahead of the AFL restart

I’m interested to see how Eddie spins the De Goey breaking of the law (again) saga especially when he was so outspoken about Jack Steven and Geelong. My tip is he will put his presidents cap on in the morning on radio and deflect it by saying it’s a police matter even though Jack’s is exactly the same. If Eddie wants to be taken seriously De Goey will get 5 weeks after his prior history but Eddie will do nothing as usual and because it’s a shorter than normal season which will cost the club.

Four burning questions for Collingwood ahead of the AFL restart

They’ll probably just look at their bank account.

AFL season suspended due to coronavirus

Col, Gill said a ban on training as well. They’re going to work with clubs to see what they can do but not much can be done realistically.

AFL season suspended due to coronavirus

I agree with you Pat but Gill mentioned TV rights today so it’s not going to happen. As per normal he’s putting money before anything else. Christ, if the NBA can cancel games then surely the AFL can. He’s too gutless

AFL considering virus options ahead of season start

Would be interesting if Carlton did take him whether Freo would match. He probably wouldn’t get as homesick with Eddie at the club as well.

Trade period and draft analysis: Fremantle Dockers

I don’t follow the Eagles but over 30 disposal averages these negative numbers that you have chosen don’t mean much.

Analysis: How Tim Kelly gives the Eagles the best midfield in the AFL

So what, we didn’t get who we wanted even though these players wanted to come to the club. Sydney must’ve had a disastrous trade period too because they didn’t get Daniher.

'A disastrous outcome': Carlton blasted for trade period failures

How has he failed his club? He didn’t blow a first round pick on a bloke who’s only worth a 2nd rounder in Martin, Papley was never going to happen unless Daniher went to Sydney and we keep pick 9. We may get Martin for nothing in the PSD yet because he can name his contract length and price. Gold Coast won’t draft someone for 5 years if they don’t want to be there and SOS can always do a pick swap with Melbourne still so they don’t pick him up or even come to some sort of agreement. If you are correct in Gray and Knight getting delisted then SOS can pick them up for NOTHING if he and they agree to it which is a win on his behalf. Lewis Taylor by all reports is not much of a clubman which is exactly what Carlton don’t need when they’re trying to build a good culture. Butler may have been handy but he’s definitely not as good as someone like Papley. No point trading blokes in that you don’t want just because you can’t get the blokes that you want just for the sake of it. I’m a diehard Bluebagger and whilst I would’ve loved Papley it just didn’t eventuate. SOS definitely didn’t fail though. He could actually come out on top yet and lose nothing for it.

Stephen Silvagni has failed Carlton

Why? Because he didn’t blow pick 9 on Martin when he’s worth a 2nd rounder? We were only ever going to get Papley if Daniher went to Sydney.

AFL Trade News: Joe Daniher, Tom Papley, Jack Martin miss out on deadline day

Who would get penalised if the Eagles pay overs Yattuzzi?

AFL trade news: Mason Cox, Orazio Fantasia, Tom Papley, Ollie Wines and more

There shouldn’t be a 20th team, there’s barely enough talented enough players to make an 18 side competition. If there were another side to come in then it has to be a current side relocating to Tassie.

Where should the 20th AFL team be based?