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Nailed it spruce

Why Billy Slater isn't entitled to his fairytale ending


I thought Telstra were live streaming the A league this year

Yes Optus does a good job for the epl , but I haven’t heard anything about what they are doing in the future for A league.
It would have been fantastic if the A league was included in the Optus package and the A league started in August the same as the epl . Then the A league could have piggy backed customers and shared the hype . Of course to do that we need roughly 16–18 team competition to make it happen.

Back to the original post, I cannot be as critical of Foxtel A league coverage , having grown up in a era of sbs nsl replays from Marconi stadium at 11 pm on a Sunday night . Foxtel are giving more to the A league then there getting back at the moment.

New stadiums alone won't solve attendance woes

Spot on Zalera

#FreeBilly! Storm the courts if you must, Melbourne

Both stadiums were full . That means at capacity .

New stadiums alone won't solve attendance woes

Kogarah and Leichhardt will be terrific venues for Sydney tc

New stadiums alone won't solve attendance woes

I’ve done hundreds of trips to the parramatta stadium ( Cumberland oval ). over the years , can’t wait until the eels and wsw are back at home .

As for getting to Moore park for football cricket and league, it’s something I’ve given up on , although the new lane cove tunnel does make the drive better coming from the north .

I do have sympathy with people from Sydney as the transport is a nightmare and I totally understand staying at home and watching on tv . Also rugby league and union come across on tv pretty well with the rectangular field . But building another stsgium at Moore park is lunacy ,

New stadiums alone won't solve attendance woes

Yeah. Its all fox sports fault , and Optus is doing so much for the A league.

New stadiums alone won't solve attendance woes

What Collingwood and west coast did is execute the skills of marking and kicking very well . That can’t be said of any other finals teams , as the skill level has generally been abysmal.

Mason cox a third year player did the basics well , unlike the other far more experienced players from Richmond .

Nothing in the AFL makes sense anymore

Wow. The autumn sun is a special horse

Group 1 Golden Rose preview

“Mason Cox showed how easy this game is “.

Great comment

Ta-ta, Tigers! Collingwood in grand final after flipping flag favourites

Spot on Paul

Slater is guilty but shouldn’t miss the grand final

Agree la liga is a frighteningly bad example

What do you think the A-League will look like after the EGM?

You have summed it up very well

What do you think the A-League will look like after the EGM?


What do you think the A-League will look like after the EGM?

Is that Kevin Muscat making a tackle in your photo . It’s a classic Muscat pose .

Good one.

What do you think the A-League will look like after the EGM?

Another bit of Ffa scheduling incompetence.

On the back of a 30000 gf crowd and massive interest in the Newcastle Jets , one would think a first round home game involving a Sydney or wsw bringing away fans would almost sell out .
But no , let’s make the jets play away for 2 weeks starting at Wellington …
then give them a home game in November.
The mind boggles .

What do you think the A-League will look like after the EGM?

Who said the epl would fail ? When it seperate from the FA .
It was a safe bet that the premier league would flourish . Murdoch took over sport with little anti syphoning restrictions as far as I know . … buddy could probably answer that better then me.

The English clubs instantly had massive money from Murdoch tv and started signing players Klinnsman , Zola etc . and they dropped the 3 foreigner rule so their clubs could compete in the champions league .

Does anyone see that massive money being injected into the A league??
Where is this coming from
That’s the mystery of the clubs being in total control. Where is the pot of gold .

And if there is a pot of gold , does it trickle down.??

What do you think the A-League will look like after the EGM?

What this about Sam Burgess ?

Who buys newspapers these days .

Can’t wait until your next red black block story too Matt ….. pot kettle black

Scandal sells - until it doesn't

Godolphin trifecta

Group 1 Rupert Clarke Stakes preview

1 st Lean mean
Autumn sun

Group 1 Golden Rose preview

While I’m no fan of the

I don’t know or expect that if the clubs gain control of A league that we see a better picture.

It pains me to think that we have a competition that is dominated by the richest clubs who stockpile all the good players..,.,,,And even if it’s shared between the 4 wealthy Sydney and Melbourne clubs , that’s not going to spike a dramatic increase in viewership.

Anyhow, my hope is that in 10 years time we are not scratching our heads thinking it’s still stuffed.
Soccer along with cricket and league , rugby are the best sports in Australia, just hope it survives this war to remain a successful pro sport in this country.

What do you think the A-League will look like after the EGM?

The Victorian 2 Nd division sounds about the right level for Scott miller at the moment as a coach. He did a reasonable job at the jets but he needs to build his resume with more experience before he reaches A league level again .

It’s looking like a season where the richest clubs will fight out the prize . Now unless these big city clubs can increase their fan base and ratings this year , I don’t believe they will get any improvement in a t v deal . As Optus is only for European fans or international and doesn’t support the A league, and Fox is doing well with Nrl and possibly cricket .
We will get our promotion and relegation 2 tired league soon , but I don’t expect it to be fully professional as the tv funds won’t be available.

What do you think the A-League will look like after the EGM?

Yes to Wollongong

No to southern franchise

What the FFA doesn't care about in A-League expansion

I agree the field goal is ridiculous imo
, but some people like it .

Four rule changes for rugby league

I should be doing this .
Although Haven’t heard of any clubs around Newcastle yet

The joy of walking football