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Sensational World Cup

Japan are fantastic to watch with their quick feet and skilful passing

Japan rescues World Cup from flames of disaster

Im reading in the voice of the Swedish chef from the muppets

Life feels so much better now that the football is back


More David Brent in your articles please sir

Life feels so much better now that the football is back

“The problem with being a manager is it’s like trying to build an aircraft while it is flying.”
David Brent

Life feels so much better now that the football is back

If you can keep your head when all around you have lost theirs, then you probably haven’t understood the seriousness of the situation.”

Life feels so much better now that the football is back

“They’ve got to trust me – I’m taking these guys into battle, yeah? And I’m doing my own stapling

Life feels so much better now that the football is back

What has blond hair blue eyes got to do with rugby league. I’m sorry mate , I don’t agree
Seriously the best players in league are generally not white Anglo’s .
The most exciting players this year had names like Tedesco , sivo , Moses , Papalii . Not to mention the saga around Farah , I believe a Lebanese name .
The nrl is probably more ethnic diverse then the A league in this era to be honest.

ABC viewers must see attacking football when they watch the A-League

Great idea Paul

An intelligent football article.

Thanks for writing

A trophy tailor-made for a national second division


I agree, A league players are not fit enough or train enough. There is no excuse bar injury. Ok the heat is a factor, but fitness sports like triathlon Ironmans and other harder running sports are done in hot conditions also .

Six young Australians ready for an A-League explosion

Agree Mike

More attacking football and less endless pointless passing around for no reason.

These players want to be paid to play a game, well it needs to be enjoyable enough for people to pay their wages .

ABC viewers must see attacking football when they watch the A-League


What is wrong with riches of half million a year for playing nrl or a million for rugby

No amount of unlimited riches brings greater happiness in life .

Chris opinion thst rugby league is dying is not shared by this soccer : rugby league fan

The A league needs to get better and stop hoping rugby league will die
Simple .

The newly independent A-League failed its first test

Understand buddy. I’ve almost always worked weekends and shift work but had good co workers and could swap around shifts for jets games
Nowadays my employment and industry is so casual and unstable that I’ve got no leverage

Going to games is more important than marketing campaigns

“Old Mans sports pure and simple “

So the hundreds of people in their 20 s thst I work with , about 90 percent follow nrl and a handful soccer and cricket also . Small sample , but an average sample in northern nsw at least imo
If Sydney has little 20 year olds that follow nrl I be surprised. Cricket has gone 20/20 for the young people too . Just saying soccer is not massive compared to other codes otherwise they would be making some difference to crowds and ratings.
If all these people under 55 follow soccer , then why the heck are they not watching the game . Even if just free to air.

Even the multiple hundreds of people in my kids soccer club, you can barely pick 5 people who can chat about the A league out of the under 35 parents ,,, but they know about the Newcastle knights or the nrl or the cricket
It’s just the way it is .
As a huge soccer fan I don’t have the head in the sand approach that rugby or rugby league are dying .

Re the talent .. The Pacifica population demographic that is especially taken to nrl lately are freakishly talented by the way .

Can soccer appeal and find a new Tim Cahill. I would like to think so .

The newly independent A-League failed its first test

Thing is you might be able to turn up every home game, but the majority can’t do that .
No amount of negotiation with employers and family budgets dictate what people can afford

Well done if you can attend .

Going to games is more important than marketing campaigns

L b

It’s not black or white and fair weather fan ship doesn’t account for real life … unless you have totally flexibility to attend every game, not to mention the extra costs and travel to a game.
Fans are victims of modern society time restrictions and not many can afford to make an a league our top priority in life .
I also agree money is too tight and the teams need to produce the goods .

To go to a game involves negotiating with employers and as the workforce is very casual then it’s got to be good value win or lose to change shifts and re arrange family situations

Going to games is more important than marketing campaigns


The rugby codes are rivals in getting the most gifted kids playing.
Watching my son play all the codes , and I don’t think soccer are getting the best of the bunch to be brutally honest . Although others might see it differently.

Also because soccer has so many juniors it’s impossible for a lot of them to get good coaches and the skill sets I’m seeing of kids is staggeringly bad at ages where they should be on a steep incline of imporovement.

Overall My impression is soccer has a big junior pool but not a massive spread of high end talent. Not yet anyway and the population growth of S e Asia and Pacifica makes me think soccer is going to struggle against cricket and rugby to get gifted athletes for a while.

That scenario doesn’t make for a better A league or Socceroos in the future which means people will still prefer European soccer or nrl as their watching choice imo

The newly independent A-League failed its first test


I disagree that cricket and nrl don’t appeal to under 55 generation . I think and see and hear evidence everywhere that those games appeal to the 0-45 age group.
The S e Asian population in Australia are also very good at cricket and that will add to appeal and strength of the game
The pacific population in Australia have increased the talent pool in rugby league and I still see kids wearing nrl gear everywhere.
Those games are not dying

Rugby union.Another game that people think is on its death bed it’s resurgent at club level
and the kids can see a pathway to riches by playing rugby in Australia or Europe .

The very talented athletes are still choosing the rugby/ cricket codes and unfortunately soccer in Australia will always have to fight hard to get access to the best kids .

The newly independent A-League failed its first test

Football is life

Re your quote “the National Felonies and Misdemeanors Competition aka NRL.
For those who haven’t taken a moment to think things through, I believe the attitude of football being a foreigner’s game and that real men play league will die with the generational transition.“

What is the point of your above post , to insult Nrl fans because of the behaviour of some people in the profession.
Seriously as if soccer or any other professions don’t have problems with people who have been in trouble with the law .
Insult don’t do the rest of your post justice .

Anyhow with regards to the demographics that follow league and soccer , I don’t see what you see . I don’t see nrl fans dying out at all , there has always been more kids play soccer then league, nothing has changed in that regard. League is just more popular game to watch as it appeals in that gladiatorial way that seems to appeal to every demographic.
The only way soccer would become a bigger media product then nrl in Australia ,
was if a European/ world club league ever gets going, and a United Australia club were playing regular games against the Madrid’s Barcelona and Liverpool etc .
In the meantime, rugby league and soccer will co exist and I hope the A league keeps improving the standard.

The newly independent A-League failed its first test

If the A league was just that 10 percent better,
then Foxtel would promote the hell out of it .

The newly independent A-League failed its first test

It’s a Sydney game played by the outer suburbs like Newcastle and Canberra

The newly independent A-League failed its first test


“ rugby league is just a Sydney sport “
If anything Rugby league is far stronger in every other part of north east Australia then Sydney.

I think you need to travel all directions out of Sydney to see rugby league. I even remember playing in Western Australia myself .

Apparently Canada and France are in the super league. and I believe that neither Canada or France are in Sydney mate lol.

Last time I looked on a map Canberra Brisbane Illawarra Melbourne Townsville Newcastle Auckland all played in the Nrl .
I’m sure both of us would love a financially sustainable A league that included those cities outside of Sydney

As for Australia v England rivalry it’s biggest in cricket
English have many rivals in other sports wales Scotland Germany France etc
but Australia would not be top on the list other then cricket as a rival to England
As for the Socceroos, we have a rivalry with Uruguay which is probably far more relevant to us .

Overall I don’t get the bagging of nrl on the soccer tab . It’s going ok

As for Foxtel . I think they see the A league as a bit too hard at the moment. And I think fox are going bust long term imo
It’s up to the players and coaches to make the A league an enjoyable game, increase the skills and speed of the game and over time build a massive fan base with all of Australia, not just 2 big cities .

The newly independent A-League failed its first test


The nrl doesn’t have limited talented pools , it competes for talent globally with rugby union.

New Zealand pacific islands Great Britain are providing players to nrl and rugby union is an endless source of nrl talent , far more skilful then the insular nrl of 30 years ago

A-League owners have taken two significant missteps

Had too many chances already

Usman Khawaja's back-to-back tons send a message to Test selectors

Good one A R Always love your take on the A league
Can the A league borrow this slogan from g McLaughlin

“Deflect deny defend “

Sounds ideal for soccer too imo

Can the A-League learn from reality TV to market itself?

A d 0

The Spanish government funded Real Madrid for many years rather then the f a
That’s the government remember giving millions to a soccer club to make them the best in Spain ( better then the Catalan) and Europe

Maybe that’s why football is number 1

Is the A-League overrated by people who like it or underrated by people who don’t?