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Great article

It’s like your describing my football viewing .
I loved sbs wog ball , loved Johnny and les even though I was a rugby league tragic too Great memories

How the '80s made football my life

I think we were in all but recession territory

Can’t see house prices increasing for a while , but plenty of people stuck with big mortgages for a while . At least we have a socialist government now that will look after the people. Who would have thought
Good luck to everyone in need of it

AFL secures massive lifeline from banks amid financial crisis

I have sympathy for people losing their jobs , but it’s bern
happening at alarming rates before the c 19 and there was humiliation poored on people rather then sympathy for being unemployed. Punishment was in vogue rather then sympathy.

millions of Aussies living in semi poverty , many homeless and they found governments put huge obstacles in the way of them accessing their own super or double dole . If anyone has worked in welfare they will know what bad times look like. I’ve advocated for many before with government ministers offices and they had no sympathy and said these super rules could never be changed.

Waz , I agree greed has been a big problem, but greed has been the players position in sport for a long time too .

Feeling sorry for out of work A-League players? Don’t

Sherringham for intelligence and the perfect foil for any other strivers
solksaer off the bench
van nistlerooy 6 yard killer

Bergkamp , not on stats but sheer brilliance.

Klinnsman. And Zola for excitement and pure excellence , maybe not on stats

No Daren huckerby. Come on , he scored the greatest epl goal ever .

The top ten EPL strikers of all time

Great article, I remember those early days of Newcastle kB also. I was shattered never won the k b shirt on the channel 3 morning show
Our junior club got bussed down regulars to watch k b and I think the Socceroos played a nil all against Newcastle in not so friendly game .
I’m pretty sure to played for the Newcastle breakers or the Australs ?

The gunners v United is my first f a cup memory . Coventry besting Spurs in the cup final is possibly my favourite or the draw between palace v United in the final.

How the 1970s made me a football tragic

Good comment Kafka

I certainly have spent a lot of time researching and working with those who suffer from the inequity in our country . Can this be some kind of reset or will greed take over once again.

Sport must rally at times like these

So many football memories Stuart

I’ll leave the obvious ones of the mighty Socceroos for now although I must mention that Johnny Warren was and still is my idol, despite the fact I was an avid rugby league fan . Johnny and les brought the Italian game into our lounge rooms , van basten and the Dutch at Milan, klinnsman abd the Germans at inter . Samodoria had a wonderful team as well , I love that sampdoria shirt , is there a better strip , I don’t think so.

First memories are sitting up with the old man to watch f a cups , Arsenal v United 3-2 back in 79 ?
But some of the best memories are at uncelebrated grounds in the West Midlands like the old highfield road where Darren huckerby inspired Coventry to beat the all star man utd team . Or when Trevor Francis coached Birmingham City were on an inspirational run towards the playoff , besting west brom in the 7 th minute of injury time .
A great memory of seeing euro 2000 when England beat Germany, but also the great zidane French team best Czech 2-1 , Portuguese team smash Germany and best of Spain beat Yugoslavia 4-3 , with 2 goals in injury time ., that’s as good as it gets .

Stuart I suggest you select a match of the week for people to you tube and comment on , and what that game meant to them at the time . What was that era like etc through a football and lense ??

I’d throw out some suggestions such as the Socceroos loss to Scotland or Iran , or maybe more joyful the Socceroos drawing with Maradona Argentina in the first leg under Eddie Thomson . Or the great Barcelona beating man utd in the final, when surely Barcelona played the perfect game of football.

In troubling times I'm calling on your football memories

The government had 2 months to be prepared for the pandemic. They are reacting now , but have been pretty ordinary at it . Morrison wanted to watch Cronulla last week . They are not switched on , it’s like the government live in a bubble that isn’t in tune with the real world
Now you are praising them for allowing people to access their own super etC , so what , they are saying socialism is ok now because full on capitalism failed .
People’s life savings have been destroyed for years by these guys and there casualisation of the workforce, their punishing the poor with $200 a week and no job , they’re sucking up to mining sector instead of research abd development , the selling off of our university spots, their beholden to Murdoch media .
Sure the anger is based on years and years of neglect for many Australians, not just the boofhead running the show now .

But they fell short and the horse has bolted in this pandemic.

How does Sydney like its new football stadiums now , when we should be building hospitals in Nsw

A-League and national codes' stubbornness shows where priority lies in Australian sport

In all seriousness.
Try getting a casual job aged care / disability. We will definitely be needing recruits

AFL season suspended due to coronavirus

I’m working with the sick elderly disabled in a small company… that’s my perspective of what’s important.

My income of 45 k would not buy many hospital beds , but feel free to smash me over thinking Robert and my perspective on soccer is different.

You see that state governments want to close borders now . So maybe governments are starting to crack the whip

I understand big business wanted to keep the a league competition going , for financial reasons , and look maybe it would be safe , but northern Italy is a dire warning to us.

But maybe everyone is overreacting and you’re the only one who knows the truth.

Thanks for the laughs, my guys enjoyed the images .

I suggest writing some fiction in the downtime’s and love to see what name you borrow next .

I gotta laugh about the toilet paper, snow John. Can’t even get anymore for the people I’m looking after

A-League and national codes' stubbornness shows where priority lies in Australian sport

Ok Robert , you said it was about the fox deal before , you’re worried about commercial issues of Foxtel a world pandemic

I maintain you’ve lost perspective of what’s important. Hopefully Foxtel are going to sponsor some hospital beds to pay back there minions .

A-League and national codes' stubbornness shows where priority lies in Australian sport

You’ve lost perspective of what’s important .

A-League and national codes' stubbornness shows where priority lies in Australian sport

I’m happy about these plans .
Whether they get on the field, time will tell .

Force to make comeback as Rugby AU announce domestic comp for remainder of Super Rugby season

I’d love the The kangaroo tours of 1990 and 1994 including the crazy crowds at the English club grounds .

A-League and national codes' stubbornness shows where priority lies in Australian sport

I don’t believe the sports should be playing. But the corporate world owns sport . The ship sailed long ago.

I think fox have always had dodgy motives and they are not confirming this now by applying pressure on the codes to play.

Finally, we all end up in careers , where if we want to get paid , we have to answer to bosses and companies put us in places that are difficult and make us question if it’s right
. A lot of us have to travel and miss out on family and spend time away from our kids . When a kid wants to play A league or nrl , in the end they beholden to the decisions of the corporate world .

A-League and national codes' stubbornness shows where priority lies in Australian sport

“Australians are not particularly intelligent. “.
There is some truth in this statement , look at our federal leader , probably the least intelligent leader in the world.
Australians are in the majority very selfish, we speak about helping our fellow Australians, but it’s really the tiny minority that helps others.

A-League and national codes' stubbornness shows where priority lies in Australian sport

Best day of racing

Away game

Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 21 March – Slipper Day

Great post

This season's A-League shows that the table does lie

Every website has got one,.. you’re it .

Rugby Australia forced to suspend broadcast rights talks due to coronavirus

Nice read mate

The jets season is again about what ifs , the hoolahan injury was devastating, simply because it allowed merrick to play Hoffman.. like you said Hoffman does have intelligence to get into goal scoring positions, but god help me , he missed some sitters . Probably cost the jets at least 6 points .
Anyhow on the jets of the last 6-7 weeks, they are more confident and calmer in defending.
Let’s hope we have a competition again this October and Newcastle has a similar squad .

This season's A-League shows that the table does lie

Abc news

A Perth hospital has relocated expecting mothers and infants from its maternity ward after a staff member tested positive for coronavirus and was later hospitalised.

Key points:

There were 19 staff members and four patients exposed at the hospital

It comes shortly after doctors called for state borders to be shut
(STATE BORDERS to be shut Micko ….

The Education Minister concedes school shutdowns are likely

That’s where you live Micko .. think of others that could be affected…. new born babies for instance..

FFA suspends grassroots football as Wellington Phoenix head to Australia

Micko compared world health pandemic to driving a car.

Spain doesn’t go into 15 day lockdown because of car accidents Micko .

Micko says “Living in a society means running an economy with logical risks we have to take in life “.

Logical yes ,, people playing soccer games during a pandemic is not logical .
Logical is following isolation policies, don’t do unnecessary things in the community and re assess in a month or 3 -6 months to see where we at health wise .

Australia has been warned and has a chance to break the curve as they say

I can’t help you Micko .

I’m not engaging in debate, it’s people like you that make me sad for humanity
my job which involved some high risk people(. Not old people) whose lives depend on the Micko s of Australia to contribute to common sense health precautions.

I ask Australia to not be like Micko , tv sport is unnecessary and it just has to be abandoned for now .

FFA suspends grassroots football as Wellington Phoenix head to Australia

Micko says the A league must go on ,, Aussies deserve to see our soccer teams play to fulfill a contract with fox .. Micko loves fox sports and he can’t go without sport on tv for a while.

He doesn’t care about world health pandemics because so far only old people have died apparently …. it’s the elderly fault for being old , they should have chose to play sport and not got old , those oldies need to go away , so Micko can watch sport on tv

Does Micko know that old people have caught the virus from young people ? Derrr Micko … see the link there.. don’t do unnecessary things , like play ef fing soccer .

Meanwhile in Spain a 21 soccer coach dies from coronavirus. Spain , is in lockdown Micko , I wonder if Spain had a warning, they might have called la Liga and unnecessary things off 3 months ago … Micko says no can’t happen in Australia

The a league must go on , just so Micko can try to win a debate, next up Micko defies world health organisation as not understanding Australia is different mate.

Aussie sportsman don’t care if they pass this deadly virus around , he thinks it’s reall Aussie to share things with relatives .. players wives passing on the virus to their girlfriend who Mum is in chemo etc . Micko tells it like it is Australia… eff you world says micko.
New York 1800 schools are about to shutdown… does that signal to Micko , that a crisis is occurring, even rich countries are affected,, maybe if they had warnings like Australia does now .

Micko would prefer to win an argument with me , then take this stuff seriously.
Next up Micko tells me , that ww2 wasn’t that serious because only young men died and polio was not a big deal .

FFA suspends grassroots football as Wellington Phoenix head to Australia

Mark d

Schools are open at the moment, because they can’t have everyone stop working essential jobs and ( be home for kids ) .

You’re not particularly smart , but try reading about the total lockdown in Spain . It’s a country in Europe.

I hope you Stay safe despite your lack of common sense .

When life’s great distractor can no longer distract

You are the most clue less. F k sake

It’s sport fruit loop . Unnecessary in a pandemic. There’s already been a death in Spain of a cosch . Ding ding Micko wake up

The warning signs say , don’t do unnecessary things to expose yourself to contacting a bad virus which may kill you or your mother or wife in chemotherapy , or child with poor immunity Etc

This is a complex subject way above your cognitive ability .

Locking ourselves in our homes would be ideal , but not totally practical yet ,, but that’s what is happening in Spain as we speak . 15 day lockdown
Apology for the strong language, but wake up . Sport doesn’t matter for now . It will be there when the world recovers .

I’m done with trying to help you. I hope you and your family are safe …. I’ll be here in Nsw trying to help the Mickos of Nsw get back on their feet if they are still breathing .

Enjoy your A league guys while the doctors makes a choice between you or someone else for treatment.

FFA suspends grassroots football as Wellington Phoenix head to Australia