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Debate is good and soccer , like profession sports everywhere need an audience talking about the game and paying to watch .

No rule would ever get changed if people didn’t debate its merits.

VAR, handballs and the ‘natural silhouette’

Illawarra is not part of Sydney, like Geelong to Melbourne

Sydney FC desperately want to control the Illawarra region

Strange , are you trying to criticise me ??

Play the ball , not the man .

And make what in Sydney ? A personal dig at me .
Play the ball. Not the man .

Sydney are trying to take Wollongong,

can’t Sydney produce soccer players?

Yes Sydney can produce soccer players.,,

but why is one of the most affluent sports living multicultural cities ( an advantage) in the world , not able to produce a stack of soccer players that are filling into the top leagues of the world.
Taking Wollongong is trying to kill off the small neighbour and not addressing the elephant in the room about Sydney sportsman and soccer players.

Sydney FC desperately want to control the Illawarra region

Poor Sydney,
population of 5 million people
and can’t produce and quality players of their own

All the worlds biggest cities produce great soccer players except Sydney .

Sydney FC desperately want to control the Illawarra region

Saw the end of Saturday nights stage where they dropped Thomas. Sensational to watch

2019 Tour de France Rest Day 2 Round-up: Pinot attacks the Tour


I think a lot of people agree the A league off season is boring , but I enjoyed the women’s World Cup and listening to football podcasts helps with keeping up .

Winter has so many sports on offer ..
Like I said before my club Edgeworth are still in the fa Cup and on track for another local double with mainly home grown players and the odd a league recruit . Many former Edgeworth players have gravitated to the Victoria npl
Another club not far from me Maitland take on the Central Coast Mariners on Wednesday and are getting some good support locally.
Local rugby union comps are very popular here and the standard is good and numbers huge. Very entertaining this time of year .

There is a bit of a resurgence towards these grassroots rugby clubs eg warringah and Eastwood. . People are connected to the community clubs where they played or their kids did too .
Some n p l clubs in Sydney as well have been reasonably well supported during the A league off season.

The NPL can cure the A-League off-season boredom

Go the wolves

The NPL can cure the A-League off-season boredom

Only 3 years ago my club Edgeworth eagles knocked out the Queensland and Victorian teams to make the final against Sydney United. Very enjoyable.
Edgeworth are into the Ffa Cup again this week.

As for one camera at the game, this is because of the bar tv revolution that’s only been around for local sports in the last 6-7 years
Previously Jordan , there was no YouTube coverage at all
. Remember the clubs have to pay for this cost of getting the game broadcast,
so it’s all depending on sponsorship and the work of volunteers to allow you to watch these games.

Clubs did there own match video for the coaches to review.

The NPL can cure the A-League off-season boredom


Your job is based on online comparisons, …many are pointless to some and interesting to others ..
You write online articles all the time in which you compare metrics and administrators from various codes . Only last Friday you had a dig at parramatta eels .
Why is it ok for you to make online comparisons and not ok for us to make online comparisons.
Re the Efl , if I had access to the Spanish second division I could compare the A league to that .
Finally Mike , if fans aren’t commenting, comparing complaining or celebrating then that means no ones watching and the sport has no financial viability .

Why do fans compare the A-League to England's lower leagues?

Yep ,
Villa blues Coventry had some very entertaining players and their opponents were far more entertaining then the opponents that you get at jets games . But yeah it’s definitely great we can go the beach in Newcastle before a game .

Just a bit of trivia that clubs from the small gloomy wet city of Birmingham has won more champion league trophies then the big city lights of London Paris and Rome . ..

It's time Wanderers fans proved they're the best in Australia


deflection is

the action or process of deflecting or being deflected.

synonyms: turning aside/away, turning, diversion, drawing away;

The Final Quarter: A timely reminder of Adam Goodes’ integrity and tenacity

In a gentle way , you can shake the world..

The Final Quarter: A timely reminder of Adam Goodes’ integrity and tenacity

Embarrassingly soft

Controversial free kick headlines Lions' epic win over North


I’m all for an Australian day celebration on a different day , rather then celebrating the British and Irish convict arrival .

People need to remember the Dutch dirk hartog was the first white man to find Australia . Do we have a holiday celebration for Holland .in honour of dirk hartog ?? .. hundreds of places in Australia named after the Dutch also ,
But no we convinced ourselves that the British found Australia and celebrate that .
Sure we can reflect on those white arrivals but
I believe a reconciliation day celebration on a different day of the year. I’ve got no doubt that will happen , maybe in 20 years.. when this older generation loses power in Australian politics.

As for Adam Goodes . I was at your last game as a North Melbourne fan , and I admonished a few idiots that booed . But you can’t reason with ignorance.

The Final Quarter: A timely reminder of Adam Goodes’ integrity and tenacity

“ Cricket is now all about setting totals, run rates and exciting run chases. It is about batsmen fighting to preserve their wicket while finding innovative ways to keep the scoreboard ticking. It is more about bowlers finding creative ways to limit scoring and less about getting dismissals….Test cricket is not about any of these things” according to the author .
Words escape me .
Have you watched test cricket evolve over the last 20 years.
It’s all those skills and more and with varying pitch conditions adding to the test of skill .

A proposal to save Test cricket


I was responding to the slight about little old Birmingham today , a city 5 times smaller then Sydney that produces far more top quality players then Sydney has . It’s embarrassing that a city of 5 million people like Sydney can’t produce top quality players, but that’s a reflection of how far behind Australian soccer is at producing skilful players.

Of course by population Sydney would have more Socceroos , I meant a higher level player then a Socceroo.

It's time Wanderers fans proved they're the best in Australia


Get your facts right first , then you can distort them as you please.

Clinical England boss Australia in World Cup semi-final


I think both sides are correct

The sacking of stajic was handled appallingly and this was another stuff up that gallop oversaw , he was not a very good administrator at all .

However I agree the Matilda’s were regressing 12 months ago and are unlikely to go much better immediately due to lack of technical ability, that lack of skills is why all Australian teams are way below the elite nations .

It’s probably another generation until Australia can catch up, but I’m not convinced we ever will tbh .
The whole population of Aussie kids are not playing as much sport , by that I mean unofficial backyard , park games 7 days a week like we did in the past . and technology is dominating leisure time for kids , so that’s not a recipe for future success.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

Currently Australia are an ordinary team too reliant on a couple of players .
So called game breakers like starc maxwell Cummings are not truly elite when it matters .
History will tell us that only Steve Smith will be remembered from this bunch , maybe Alex Carey ,, time will tell .

For the upcoming Ashes series , the ball will seam and swing and I’m concerned the Aussies are in for a torrid series .

As for the selection of Handscombe, he is a very poor batsman at this level, that’s an unforgivable selection error .

Anyhow the best 2 teams are in the final and looking forward to it .

Clinical England boss Australia in World Cup semi-final

Liverpool Barcelona and Ajax were the dominant teams in Europe.
Tottenham had some great wins ( several losses and draws ) leading to the final but never dominant ever . City failed again despite their billions , United were total rubbish all season despite a fleeting moment of psg meltdown. They are the worst Manchester United team in 40 years..

My comments previously, were about the epl being ordinary last season below the top 2 ., there was little hunger for the contest from many teams . If anyone showed hunger it was tiny Cardiff City but there was a lot of uncommitted dross from many of the other teams.
3rd – 7 th … Chelsea arsenal united and spurs wolves … lost over 50 games between them , that’s not even close to dominating on any kind of level . So many underperforming players from those squads ( bar wolves who were hungry against the big boys )

The next bunch from Everton down are mediocre most of the time ,, and Fulham and Huddersfield were playing at an appalling level for a supposedly elite competition. Making up the numbers at best .

Now As exciting as it was to see spurs make the champions league final , no one on the planet could say that spurs were a dominant team. Spurs were inconsistent all year losing 19 games in all competitions .

Chelsea and Arsenal made the reserve grade final of Europe . That means they weren’t in the top 32 of Europe for starters . That’s not dominant

Manchester United's Paul Pogba soap opera guarantees all eyes are on Perth

I hope your right

Are Sydney FC just trying to annoy their A-League opposition?

Re Kurtz being scary Stuart
Reminds me I had a German coach me as lad back in the olden days.

His harsh accent and thundering voice yelling obscenities at our underwelming lack of ability was very scary for us 9 year olds . He knew the game , and we fell short of his expectations, which probably sums up how good German under 9 s are in comparison.
He was just as scary in his role at the post office selling stamps

Are Sydney FC just trying to annoy their A-League opposition?

So a hypothetical is would Kosta perform better for the Socceroos then Robbie kruse

Are Sydney FC just trying to annoy their A-League opposition?

I’ve always liked barbariusus , have said that many times. I still remember a terrific volley he scored against the jets . He would be in the top dozen A league players , but that doesn’t make him a name player

Who are the players you suggest that I rate ?

Are Sydney FC just trying to annoy their A-League opposition?

He’s no Eric Cantona

Manchester United's Paul Pogba soap opera guarantees all eyes are on Perth