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Good article mate

From Swan Lake to the EPL: The making of Graham Potter

A combination of free to air and streaming would be ideal
Being stuck on foxsports only. has damaged the a league and rugby union in Australia

Will anyone become the A-League’s free-to-air friend?

Tragic news of those 2 jocks . It really makes you respect what they risk to do their job

Great Saturday of racing again

I like exceedance win and was abt 4/1 in a 4 horse field
Melody belle was about $6 but I missed that .
Well done scales of justice trainer . The 3 wfa races this spring seem lacking in top quality but have been interesting races .

Looking forward to the Everest build up and Sydney has a terrific wfa sprint race this Saturday.

I can’t buy into the purchasing of European horses to just come here for Cup day , it’s gone beyond a joke ,

S o I’m guessing I’m going to just have to enjoy the races a mile and under this spring

Tragic deaths cast a dark shadow over terrific racing

eagles may soar high , but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines .

Will positive vibes help the Socceroos tame Asian opponents?

““If at first you don’t succeed, remove all evidence you ever tried. …”

David Brent

Will positive vibes help the Socceroos tame Asian opponents?

I’ve been reinvigorated with my enjoyment for rugby league this year .
Some terrific hard edged games again this weekend. I can’t help feeling however that the season is 1-2 weeks too long .

Seven talking points from NRL Round 24

Good article josh

North Melbourne must fix dud drafting to end the mid-table madness

I think Linda meech has had a Saturday city winner every Saturday in August. Rachel King much the same in Sydney.
Hopefully they both get a chance in big group races coming up

Veteran galloper can win again heading into spring


A lack of sympathy for other people shows your own stance
But what if it happened to you ..
.maybe some dodgy entrepreneurs might take over your favourite club and send it out of business or maybe it will happen in your workplace and you won’t get paid for months and you would lose your house ( a lot of these players are young kids who are not being paid at all , they are not megastars .

A better society does care about these things .

The Premier League is papering over the cracks in English football

It’s a good race , but a few of these have seen better days imo

It shouldn’t be a group 1 . The Australian racing industry has undermined itself and needs to demote these races back a few grades
There should only be a handful of group 1 imo

The Victorian derby and oaks and no better then listed races these days .
The Winx stakes group 1 was won by ssmadoubt and so si bon won in Melbourne. They should be group 3 races .

Memsie Stakes a sneak peek at a bumper Victorian spring

3 draws to start the season for wolves

If they are top 4 , they should have won all 3 games probably

Genuine question,
do you still think they are in line for top 4 ?

My EPL top four - including one huge surprise


Don’t be embarrassed about stokes masterful innings
Just embrace it because it was amazing

Over their test history Australia were dominant and defied botham and flintoff plenty of times .
Australia defeated botham with some of Australia’s most ordinary of bowlers playing an important role .

Ben Stokes: The ecstasy beneath the agony

How good is this test series

Ben Stokes: The ecstasy beneath the agony

Just enjoy it please I say as an Aussie

Ben Stokes innings was insane

and that crowd show how important test cricket is to these nations

An unbelievable test match , in what is becoming the best test series ever

Dave Warner catches were superb too

Stokes revives Ashes with extraordinary match-winning ton

The financial bubble that soccer lives in will eventually come crashing down . It’s at an unsustainable level,
or at a level that only a dozen wealthy oil sheiks can maintain until they find another hobbie.
There is not going to be a trickle down effect of wealth from the Manchester city type clubs and the gap will widen between rich and also rans to a really boring uncompetitive level in the epl

Coventry propably should not have sold the old highfield road , but I can’t remember the whole story , but they’ve been very unlucky with owners and apparently the owners sold their new ground to a rugby union club wasps
Anyhow, it’s 40 minutes on the train from Coventry to St. Andrews in Brum and it’s a terrific 30,000 seat stadium .

The Premier League is papering over the cracks in English football

Where wolf’s ears are, wolf’s teeth are near.

Football must get better at celebrating its success

My lad reports that he and school mates are talking about the Edgeworth game., it’s amazing when soccer involves the community in their game
Could be that people like their own soccer clubs as will continue to support them
. Rather then a pop up franchise team

Football must get better at celebrating its success

Well said middy

Football must get better at celebrating its success

Edgeworth gets a bigger crowd then west Melbourne

Regional Australia will support its teams

How about including Wollongong

Football must get better at celebrating its success

Very proud night for us past and present Edgeworthians .

The coach Damian Zane has been there 5 years and continually produced good young players of which a few have moved on to Victorian npl .
Zane and Edgeworth are showing why regional Australia is the future rather then more big city teams .

Football must get better at celebrating its success

Using the broncos as a comparison is ridiculously flawed .
Did the author assume it’s a level playing field . It’s not close to a level playing field.
The broncos have a huge city to engage their third party payments, they have solid financial backing and haven’t had to recover from a Nathen Tinkler episode
The broncos are the biggest underachievers in Australian sport .

But back to Nathan Brown, I can see the logic in moving him on , although I thought brad Arthur should be sacked last year and look how the stability has worked for parra

A dignified end to Nathan Brown's tumultuous tenure in Newcastle

Great to see the underdog Aussies punching above their weight then.

Do they go onto play Japan and Korea etc or is this a different competition?

Does Adam Taggart’s rich vein of form have Socceroos ramifications?


It means Australia is better then Malaysia in under 18 s

Does Adam Taggart’s rich vein of form have Socceroos ramifications?

add bivouac to this list now

Ten horses to watch this spring

If you are still suffering concussion symptoms then maybe you can’t be deemed to be making a accountable decision.

And it only takes one hit to kill.

If Smith hasn’t got a fully functioning brain because of concussion he can’t be facing a bowler of a hard cricket ball who will be bowling bouncers .

His reflexes won’t be one hundred percent

“You’ll thank me later in life”