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Year 12 with an interest in all things football and the thinking behind the game.



I think this is the greatest strength of FIFA.

Sports games are already niche enough as they are, gamers who play these types of games already have some form of interest in the sport. It wouldn’t be too hard to say through competitions having club based rewards to actually promote the A-League more.

The E-League could be the marketing solution for the A-League

It’s great The Roar allows people to criticise others work for nine year without actually putting an opinion forward themselves.

How the Red and Black Bloc's closure could've easily been avoided

I had a great response written up but then found I wasn’t signed in ;-;


I’m not sure if I’d agree if I’d want Football to learn from AFL it may seem like a ridiculous statement but before too long you’d get the so called purists arguing for bigger goals, oval pitches and round balls from football. What I don’t understand is why the author dismisses AFLX, that was a plan to bring afl overseas and how did they do it? By using a more familiar stadium.

Also, can we stop demonising Mourinho’s ManU side? 2nd in the priemer League, highest points tally since Ferguson retired, trophies won. I know the way he plays isn’t the United way but for crying out loud even Pep didn’t have city playing like they are overnight, most of the groundwork was set up before he took the reigns!

Crowds admitidly are frustrating but id wager that comes down to actually marketing the sport too. AFLX wasn’t marketed nearly as much of the AFL and we see this in the crowd figures (roughly 10,000-20,000). For sure other factors play a role here but I wonder what crowds would be like if someone marketed the a-League.

I don’t understand why football should have to learn anything from the AFL, if people wanted AFL they’d watch AFL, football becoming an imitation of it wouldn’t attract more people.

When did anything become popular by copying the establishment? A differentiation strategy is the best way to achieve a better product not a knock off.

Football lovers are living in a glass house. We need to be careful about throwing stones

I guess the author’s intent relates to what used to be England then?

It could be the author assumes Australia may be on the same path then?

What Australia must learn from England

Thought this too 😛 probably just a typo, many United fans didn’t want Moyes to be “The Chosen One”.

Jose Mourinho: The chosen one is still the only one for Manchester United

I for one have more respect for Mourinho following his ‘rant’.

United are rusty in the champions league, to say otherwise would be ridiculous seeing as how the last time they played was in the 2015/16 season. To actually address the critics like this shows some level of leadership and mental fortitude.

I do feel he could be a little more humble at times and actually take responsibility for bad line-ups but then again the Brighton and Sevila line ups hardly indicate a ‘Buschester’ mentality. I feel people are too quick to criticize Mourinho despite him having credentials and a series of successful results behind him, particularly actually bringing silverware to United in the past few years.

Why is it that after every bad game people call for his head? This mentality of instant success is honestly frustrating at times.

The only valid criticism I feel is relevant is the amount of money that has been spent, surely by now United would expect some pay off?

Jose Mourinho: The chosen one is still the only one for Manchester United

Just wanted to through my two cents into this,

I have always, always wanted to play football however I lack the coordination to do so. Whilst many are quick to say just practice the fact of the matter remains the environment is quite competitive and at the end of the day some level of natural talent is necessary.

Has this stopped me from playing football? Of course not, I’ve played with friends of similar ability both IRL and online.

Whilst I don’t agree with EAs practices what they have done with the FIFA license has given people like me a chance to have a greater appreciation for football; the in depth tactics, stats and the like.

Dismissing esports as being ‘sad’ is just a slap in the face towards progress. At no point will this eclipse traditional sport. Why can’t we both exist?

Esports are just as social as traditional sports. Here's why

If that is the problem, how do home performances improve?

It’s not exactly an easy answer.

The A-League isn’t stale, just filled with teams that can’t win at home

Thanks Mike 🙂

Merry Christmas!

AAMI Park is Melbourne Victory's not-so-secret weapon

This is what I was talking about,

Psychologically better atmosphere creates better performances it is the responsibility of the FFA and fans to achieve this.

Great to see what may just be a turning point in the A-League,

AAMI Park is Melbourne Victory's not-so-secret weapon


In all seriousness, Van Gaal’s last managerial stint at united was mixed to say the least.

It seems he does better at an international level playing for draws and penalties but that’s just the impression I got from the Nethlands in 2014.

If Van Gaal does join the Socceroos in 2018 – the jokes will be relentless.

Van Gaal to coach Socceroos?

A noisy crowd would certainly help,

It’s not the be all and end all, this is simply another alternative we could consider moving forward.

Diminishing home crowds are detrimental to the game - and its players


Knowing this information, we can apply it to the a-league and ultimately improve its quality.

Diminishing home crowds are detrimental to the game - and its players


I don’t even watch the BBL, never really enjoyed cricket – my comment regarding the quality of the a-league in comparison to other sports was just something I have heard – not fool-heartedly agreed with.

That being said the quality of the a-league is improving albeit at a slow rate. I have no rank nor title to comment on the quality of Football in Aus but surely you’d think that we as a nation can do better than our current predicament.

I’m not rubbishing the a-league. I think it is a great starting point but there must be a lot more done if we are to truly grow and have a competitive and entertaining game.

Does anyone care about the summer of football?

I’ve had this conversation with many of people and the answer is always the same:

The quality of the a-league is disappointing in comparison to other sports. Whether the a-league’s quality is improving is irrelevant when considering that other Australian sports are considered to be high quality.

I don’t necessarily agree with the above but it is certainly frustrating to watch players fumble crosses repeatedly (see the season opener for instance) and still be expected to give football everything.

It’s a real chicken-egg situation. We can’t improve the league without first attracting more viewers and we can’t attract more viewers if the quality of competition is poor.

This is not a sledge at the quality of the A-league, it’s the best Australian soccer has to offer – unfortunately the rest of the country does not see it

Does anyone care about the summer of football?

Experimental; I like it.

Having said that FFA are notoriously stubborn in recent memory why would they give this idea any light?

Australia need a striker, the question is where and when?

It’s something in the water!!

Australia need a striker, the question is where and when?

But without Ange, and a seemingly new style to be implemented by an unknown coach is the new style going to be based on spreading the goals around?

Even if we create 100s of chances the fact of the matter is that these players aren’t primarily strikers (with the exception of Juric and Leckie) – most of the time they will just miss and it will hurt to watch.

We need a striker or at least someone who is more clinical in finishing without it watching Australia play will just be a series of “ohhh so close”.

Australia need a striker, the question is where and when?

Fair point Nem, as long as goals go in then there is no reason to worry.

But surely having someone up front who can score would put a little bit of pressure off the team and allow them to focus on their job as players in the squad – not necessarily trying to be that missing striker.

Further, by having a stronger up front presence wouldn’t there be more opportunities for the goals to go in? A more clinical presence would also mean we wouldn’t be relying as heavily on set pieces to get through like in Honduruas.

Australia need a striker, the question is where and when?

I think concession would be more likely when playing 3 at the back as we did under Ange Postscogulu, having said that if Ange’s goal was to outscore – hence justifying three at the back – then I don’t think it was that successful.

I guess the argument would then become do the Socceroos focus on defence above all else to pursue through the group stage or do they try and work on a worrying gap up front?

Australia need a striker, the question is where and when?

The future is looking pretty grim right now,

Any ideas?

Australia need a striker, the question is where and when?

Only really noticed this now,

Even at half-time in the a-league we get tiny goals (I’m not expecting huge nets but even so). I definitely agree but it’s easy to say fix it at grassroots without actually proposing any suggestions on how this would work.

Australia need a striker, the question is where and when?


Australian Football shouldn’t necessarily be one or the other but rather a centrist approach. Having said that what Marque would honestly want to play in Australia?

Whilst it’s all well and good to say we should have both how do you go about ensuring this? The process needs to start somewhere and that is the million dollar question.

Australia need a striker, the question is where and when?

Yeah, looking back I probably should have defined the difference – maybe the Socceroos need to look for a good goal scorer? Whether that takes the form of a striker or centre forward is yet to be seen.

Australia need a striker, the question is where and when?

Here’s hoping we can get some change then,

It might have worked 30 years ago in the golden generation but I doubt such a plan would work well in 2018.

Australia need a striker, the question is where and when?