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Thanks Scott, a top effort &, yes, I have enjoyed it. A list like this would be incredibly hard to produce; you’ve done a great job. I don’t agree with some of your choices or positioning, but, it is all opinion, so there is no right or wrong. I, like most of us, haven’t put a list together, I’ll just congratulate you on a great job, well done. Thankyou!

The top 50 NRL players of 2019: 10-1

Great comment, Jamesb, I hadn’t given that a thought.

League dressed to the Nines and ready to dazzle

I hope it is a success. It’s a great concept & a fast, entertaining game to watch. Shame it’s being televised by Fox, a wider audience would, I think, be valuable looking to the future. I question it being played in Sydney, too – they had the money, so, good luck,I hope it goes well.

League dressed to the Nines and ready to dazzle

Love what you’ve written, how you’ve written it & your outrage. What a refreshing change to all of the “disaster” media that has been produced in the past 24 hours. Just a note: don’t think that’s a photo of Nelson. Looks more like Jahrome Hughes.

Enough is enough: Time to ban NRL off-season

That’s the first thing that came to my mind. Plays football well, but, appears to have no common sense.

Melbourne Storm star filmed in alleged Bali brawl

Should have been more specific – talking about the Prime Minister’s team.

The Prime Minister auditions for a new job as a rugby league water boy

Please stop with the Holmes speculation. Wait till there is something definate to comment on, one way or the other. Surely, there are true League stories, that are current, that may be interesting.

Holmes focused on NFL but eyes NRL return

Big news, mate – people can be both!

The Prime Minister auditions for a new job as a rugby league water boy

Agree with most of what you say, Joe, but question “servant” – I think he was probably paid quite well.

Chambers confirms departure to rugby, Smith undecided

I like that he is hands on – the only Prime Minister that ever has been. I think that he is probably sincere, with his interest, given that he is a Sharks tragic.

The Prime Minister auditions for a new job as a rugby league water boy

With respect Matt, I can’t see the point of this story. It simply gives, pretty much, the same people another opportunity to post words, already overused, that they have been using since Sunday night. All hot air now & the result will never change. Can we move on to the 9s, or something fresh, please.

Chooks won. They were better. The end.

Your name is appropriate – it says it all about you.

Craig Bellamy reveals his doubts about Cameron Smith's playing future

Well done, Josh, clever. Please keep going, you haven’t got to Craig Bellamy’s jacket, yet.

2019 NRL Dally M Medal red carpet fashion ratings (by a bloke with no fashion sense)

Damned autocorrect – should read dare

James Tedesco wins 2019 Dally M Medal

Couldn’t agree more re Bellamy’s jacket, Hutcho. Must have been a bet or a date. Thanks, to you, Superspud, I didn’t know the criteria either.

James Tedesco wins 2019 Dally M Medal

I hope there is a sea of green cheering & doing the Viking Clap & that it gets you a well earned win. You have worked hard to get to the GF & it will mean more to you to win, I believe. Go out there, on Sunday & earn your just reward. GO RAIDERS!!

Jarrod Croker wants Green Machine invasion

Keary has now been cleared to play. Why am I not surprised? There does seem to be a huge amount of forgiveness & latitude in the decision.

Luke Keary waits on charge sheet

It’s this sort of conjecture that keeps the Smith hatred alive & firing. No name attached to it, so, we can only believe that those running The Roar have sanctioned it & approve. Like him, or not, this is another human being with feelings. His young family also wear what you, seemingly, so easily throw at him. Do you have any care for the mental health of these people? If something happens, to one of them, will you wear any responsibility? Think before you post.

Did Cameron Smith get caught tugging Boyd Cordner's ear?

If not, he should be!!!

Is Luke Keary in strife for this blatant hair pull on Kaufusi?

Thought it was a great game to watch & whoever lost would be unlucky. Turned out to be South’s as the Raiders produced their best defencive effort, for the season, in the second half. Hodgson, Papalli & Doueihi, I thought were great,for their respective teams, with some big names gone missing. Personally don’t believe South’s season was wasted as long as they have learnt something from it (maybe, Sam play football & stay within the rules). Congrats to both teams, may tonight’s game be just as good.

Six talking points from Canberra Raiders vs South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL preliminary final

Am looking forward to tonight’s game, but, am also on edge & nervous. Have belief that the Storm can do it if playing at their best. Vunivalu isn’t great in defence, but is a good weapon in attack – Chambers will need a blinder. Just hope it’s not a repeat of last year. Go Storm!!!

Sydney Roosters vs Melbourne Storm: NRL preliminary final preview, prediction

Agree with Benji 100%

Benji Marshall questions NRL double standards in Lodge and Folau returns

A lot could depend on the Scott/Mitchell match up. Both have history with the niggle & both fire up very easily. Could be that the first to become unsettled & do something stupid, could decide the Roosters/Storm game. Maybe the one who retaliates will decide it – may be interesting. Should be a good game.

2019 NRL finals series: Preliminary finals preview

Great finish, well done, Tristan. I like him to Papenhuyzen – same build, enthusiasm & can do attitude. I hope he continues to do well. One point though – “Wendel would have been proud of him”, as far as I know, he is still alive. Present tense would be the appropriate one to use.

'Best finish I've ever seen!': Tristan Sailor's freakish, 'miracle' try

Why is it always “news” when some relic from the past says something stupid, apparently, trying to stay relevant today?

'It's a farce': Gus absolutely lashes out at the current state of officiating in the NRL