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Thanks KK.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 5

I wouldn’t mock anyone’s tips AJ, the way results have gone so far this season. I’ve gone with the same as most, but, wouldn’t be, at all, surprised for any team to be upset. Have gone with the Storm – big, big danger game, I believe.
Question: why do so many Rosters write Melbourne, for us, while referring to all others by their more familiar name.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 5

Well said, HYs, feel the same about our Paps.

NRL Round 5 teams: Dragons make minimal changes despite horror run

Careful what you say about park footy clubs, Adam.

Paul McGregor survives the axe after emergency board meeting

Very nearly tipped against my Storm. Can’t believe Bellamy will be able to have them up & running well in just 6 days.
Some strange choices there, Scott, but, l reckon, with results so far, you have as much chance as any of us of being right.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 4

We went through all this well before the original season start. Nothing has changed. Did anyone, truthfully, expect a different outcome?

Dragons finances make replacing Paul McGregor difficult

He wasn’t around even before the season began, the 1st time. He is missed – doesn’t feel good. Would be nice to hear any news.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 3

Thanks, again, Nat. My Warriors support membership now sorted.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 3

Enjoy the season, Mate. I hope it cheers you up during lockdown. Keep safe & well.

An open letter to Australia and Aotearoa-New Zealand: Thank you

Thanks Scott & All, it is great to have footy back again. I chosen my winners with my heart, not my head (Warriors) wishing them well for all they have given to enable us to have our game back. Great, too, to see the return of the banter on the Roar – have missed it all. Good luck everyone, enjoy a great season, except when you play my Storm.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 3

Thanks Nat – that’s the membership I had in mind. I’ll give that a shot & hope I have better luck.

V’landys wants NRL crowds back in July

Nat, I too tried to join the Warriors, as a support, couldn’t find any info on how to do so. Could you point me in the right direction, please?

V’landys wants NRL crowds back in July

Just looking forward to my team going out & playing again. One Ref, or two, doesn’t matter; hanging to see some real, live games.

What are you looking forward to about the NRL restart?

100%agree Walter. My blood has boiled, have torn my hair out, screamed & sworn, contacted Ch9 all to no avail. We still lose coverage at the last whistle, no matter how important the game. Apparently, Victorian viewers are not important to them.

NRL reportedly finalises broadcast deal with Fox and Nine

Great article, Dane, I really enjoyed it. Gave me a smile on this dark, wet day. Can’t wait till footy starts again & we can all go back to blaming the Refs ( if indeed we have any officiating) & giving our “expert” opinions on all things Rugby League; leaving the very strange happenings of the enforced break behind.

Dumb NRL rule-change power rankings


When can we go to a game of footy, Scotty?

One of my favourite players, too, Stuart; how sad to have to put money before sentiment. I believe you are right, your future lies in young, talented players. I hope Reynolds is given a life membership, or some other appropriate reward, to show the Club’s regard for him.

Repatriating Reynolds would be a Bulldog blunder

Mitchell is playing the race card strongly, now. It was inevitable – pulls it out whenever something goes against him.

Mitchell, Addo-Carr under police investigation

That would have Mitchell & Addo-Carr playing together, in the same team. What could possibly go wrong?

NRL reveals social distancing sanctions against four players

Thanks Scott, how really refreshing to have an article looking forward instead of all the recent negativity about why the season can’t resume. Living in NRL wilderness, I have only heard about a few of these young players. Now I know their names, I’ll be watching to see how they develop & progress. Progress reports would be nice, if that’s doable.

The top ten players in the NRL’s next generation

Cooper appears to base his opinion on the total trust that every player has stayed in shape & trained as though Bellamy was watching. Humans, being just that, will isolate differently, results will vary & how each one has fared will only be apparent after a couple of games. Personally, I hope he is right – time will tell.

Cooper Cronk says the NRL hiatus might help Storm

Your ideas of a new world order have no place on a forum discussing the return of Rugby League. Try contesting a seat in Parliament – don’t try to bring ideology into this topic, it’s not the place. Stick to your views on football.

We have a date: NRL confirm plans to restart season

While we League & most other sports fans, are suffering withdrawal & wondering if our Clubs, Sports will survive, could someone out there, anyone, tell me how horse racing is allowed to continue. There is definitely not the required distance between jockeys in the starting gate, or when they come out, or when horses come together battling for positions. Add to that strappers, trainer’s, officials, etc., required to run a race meeting – who are they trying to kid? Old saying “racing the sport of Kings”, is this money talking? Personally, I have no other answer.

Rugby league’s greatest fear

I realise that these ideas may be pie in the sky & fantasy, but, at least, they offer some hope to footy starved fans. No matter how it happens, I want games to start again & while ideas like these offer hope, I’m all for it, we need anything to keep spirits up now.

NRL island is here to save the NRL

Good, thought provoking article, Tim, totally agree with your last 3. What about doing a few more, on the same topic, going back into the recent past. Think, like this one, it would provide us with lively debate & bring back memories.

The best of the NRL's underappreciated players