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Glad to help out, Scott. And great to see Putin put in his place…

Friday Funnies: Kyrgios missing from bad boy contest

Nice analogy. And I don’t think it’s a nasty article at all. It’s a piece that points more to how we build people up too soon and before they’re ready. Let’s hope Agar gets an opportunity to live up to that promise he showed in that first Test.

Ashton Agar is the Macaulay Culkin of cricket

About time.

AFL boss apologises to Goodes

Lleyton’s the Shane Warne of tennis in terms of his grasp of strategy and court craft. Much better commentator though! Will be sorry to see him go but very glad he’s there to steer the new guys through.

Lleyton Hewitt: An underdog story

It’s great to see Hayne clawing his way back into contention.

49ers excited by Hayne's growth: coach

If I had to choose one to play for my life, it’d be Cahill hands down. He’s the Lleyton Hewitt of Australian football.

Harry versus Timmy: Who is our greatest Socceroo?

In her autobiography, Rousey talks about beating up her ex-boyfriend, MMA fighter Timothy DiGorrio after he apparently took nude pictures of her.

She admits: “I punched him in the face with a straight right, then a left hook. He staggered back and fell against the door.” She also “kneed him in the face and tossed him aside on the kitchen floor” and “dragged him onto the sidewalk and left him writhing there as I sped away.”

Any man who wrote that would be signing away their career. No such repercussions for Rousey.

I regularly call out sports-related domestic violence in the Foul Play section of my blog. I focus on men’s violence to women because that’s where most of the problem lies. But Rousey’s violence on the home front is just as inexcusable as Greg Hardy’s and Ray Rice’s. And that’s where I lose all respect for her.

Ronda Rousey and the dangerous glamourisation of UFC

Nice work!

Brendon McCullum thanks armed assailant for ‘polite’ carjacking

Loved Lleyton and his Phar Lap heart from the get go. And I think he’s the perfect person to groom the younger guns, not only in the ways of tennis but on how to manage the pressure of public scrutiny.

How Australia warmed to Lleyton Hewitt

Never take a dare from a media crew.

Melbourne Cup-goer shoves policeman into a bush

You’ll need to explain to me how you reach this conclusion, Balotelli.

Is sport losing its romance?

The thing I like most about this idea is that each year it would determine an overall winner in Test cricket. We have World Cups in the shorter formats of the game every four years but nothing in the Test arena.

Could a Davis Cup-type structure fix Test cricket?

This period is a test for Kyrgios and right now he’s not coping well with the pressure. But I’m hopeful he’ll come through it.

As for the Scud, his performance in the Davis Cup final in Melbourne, when he tore his pec up two sets to love and won in five, screaming in pain with every serve, is about the gutsiest thing I’ve ever seen on a tennis court.

Nick Kyrgios: The corporate athlete

Right on the money, Kaks. Sometimes ridicule cuts through better than anything else. And no one is more deserving than Sepp.

UK comedian Lee Nelson makes it rain for Sepp Blatter

Totally agree, Lee. I’ve paid nowhere near as much attention to the Tour this year because I just don’t know what I’m watching anymore – superhuman feats of endurance or a mobile drug factory.

Zero tolerance? Are you taking the piss?

What will we do without him?

Hewitt's heroics see Australia advance

And let’s not forget David Ferrer, who has mastered the That Was Really Bad Sex Grunt. His grunt always sounds so disappointed and half-hearted but I have to give him points for differentiating himself.

I’d like to see the players extend their capabilities beyond the single grunt and see if we can get a few twisting grunts with pike into the equation. The grunt is crying out for further development but seems to be stuck in a creative cul de sac at the moment.

It's time to praise tennis' grunters

In the past year, Krygios has gone from being a player with no expectations on him to now being a tournament seed. I don’t excuse the ‘dirty scum’ comment or the attempt to suggest he was directing him at himself but I can appreciate he’s going through a big professional transition and may not always handle that pressure in the best way.

Hopefully people like Lleyton Hewitt and Pat Rafter can give him the benefit of their experience and hopefully he can take it on board.

How dare you say that, Nick Kyrgios

Wonderful piece, Eugene.

What I talk about when I talk about rugby

I also loved the way she verbally took down Floyd Mayweather, saying she wouldn’t fight him unless they were dating.

The Ronda Rousey Effect has transformed MMA

And Mayweather’s cut could increase the funding dedicated to domestic violence eight-fold.

Great perspective, Riordan. Thanks for putting the outrageous numbers associated with this fight into context.

Five things the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight could have paid for in the Australian Budget

Great article. Even if they were going for PacMan, I don’t know how all those celebrities ringside tonight justify lining the pockets of a serial abuser.

Floyd Mayweather: Great boxer, terrible human

damo, your response is the best I’ve ever received on The Roar. Thank you.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Don't indulge the Money monster

Hear, hear. He’s a great talent, with a lot of fire in his belly. So he’s still a little immature. What 19-year-old isn’t?

Let Nick Kyrgios run wild

Excellent piece and couldn’t agree more. It astonishes me how so many cyclists past and present continue to indulge Armstrong.

Armstrong's spectre still looms large over cycling